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One of the four Krawl generals that serve(d) under Krux; known as the High Krawl of Fire.

0 · 170 views · located in The Kaio System

a character in “Lluradium”, as played by FieryKrawls


NOTE: My iteration of this character is fairly foul-mouthed. If you are not okay with this or the prospect of your character being sworn at, I would advise against picking this character to interact with.

Basic Information

» Name: Gelberus
» Alias(es): Gelberus of the Flame
» Gender: Sounds and appears distinctly Male
» Species: High Krawl [Formerly Human and then a Leader-type Krawl*]
» Height: 9’10″ [300cm; in Humanoid Form]
» Property: Corona/Fire

Gelberus (ゲルベルス Geruberusu) is one of four highly intelligent, parasitic, amoebic-like creatures that are capable of taking on and retaining human-like appearances/mannerisms and is the last to be given some manner of authority over the Krawl forces.

During the events of Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, he is tasked with locating and destroying the tower that resided within the far reaches of a large, desert-like planet in the Nanairo System called Nessa. After Rallen fails to stop him, a blue portal opens, leading to the Fubuki System. From there, he planned to free the Krawl that were frozen within the ice of a long since lifeless planet called Hyoga by using his flames and then sending them through the newly opened portal to the Nanairo System, where they would then go on to destroy the aforementioned desert-like planet. However, he ends up having his plans foiled by Rallen and his Spectrobes, never to be seen or heard from again.

Incidentally, he makes a brief appearance in the opening cutscene of the third game (along with Maja and Gronos.)


Gelberus was once a skilled, but aloof weapons maker who specialized in Spectrobe-based weaponry. Unlike most places that knew of and/or lived alongside these creatures of light, Spectrobes were generally seen as pests to the inhabitants of Talgromut and were often hunted down and brought in to be made in to weapons within one of the various cities dotted throughout this planet, until the curt craftsman closed down his shop with little explanation or fanfare and left to pursue a different line of work (be it on or off planet.)

Eventually, he finds himself back on Talgromut, where he joins his local planetary patrol organization. Initially hired for his talent as a weapons smith, he finds himself reassigned as a field agent due to his intrepid manner of acquiring materials and restless nature (among other things.) Though the man was a hardworking and zealous agent, he was not an easy person to work with and was quite unpopular with his peers. One day, a threat unlike anything that Phomiri had ever seen before establishes itself on Zaenov, a neighboring planet within the aforementioned star system - It is here that Gelberus has the bright idea to confront the threat directly while out on a reconnaissance mission and doesn’t report back or return to base.

After some time, Gelberus is declared MIA and life goes on, albeit uneasily due to the imminent threat waiting on their doorstep. …That is, until he shows up again at a later point in time as something entirely different. Now a Krawl, Gelberus and his entourage of mooks lay siege to his former home, destroying it and the star system that it once resided in, putting the final nail in the coffin of his former existence.


Humanoid Form:

Gelberus is an exceptionally tall humanoid-looking life form with a naturally muscular/body builder-like physique. His skin is a vivid yellow while the markings scattered across his face, body and long, unruly ‘hair’ (which is literally just fire) are a brilliant shade of red with little bits of vermilion here and there, ending in the form of a gaping, fiendish-looking creature. Only the top half of his Humanoid Form is ever visible, as the rest is nothing more than formless flames. Wears a dark blue cape and light grey pauldrons.

[Full Art Here]

Krawl Form:

His Krawl Form (which can be considered somewhat ‘Golem-like’ in appearance) consists of a large flame with a single eye near the bottom that seems to be nestled between a slightly jagged, black, igneous rock-like armor encasing with various red and yellow markings etched into it (the red markings being the more prominent of the two colors and the yellow mainly being towards the middle) which is supported by a constant stream of fire that flows downward and spreads upward and out in a circular motion. Two large, grotesque, fiendish-looking appendages jut out from both sides of this armor-like encasing, each with a seemingly thin outgrowth that protrude from the bottom of the two appendages and extend outward and end in two rather large, jagged, meteor-like protuberances (both of which are partially covered by two moderately-sized guards.)

[Krawl Form Here]

Things to Note/Abilities


Fire Manipulation [Attacks are more powerful in his Krawl Form]
A few Earth Attacks [Limited to Krawl Form]
Portal Creation [Mainly for moving from one place to another but is sometimes used to summon mook Krawl from other star systems, etc.]
Krawl Summoning [Usually limited to combat but will sometimes attempt to summon them outside of combat]
Supernatural Strength [Mostly used in his Humanoid Form]

Things to Note

1. Gelberus’ flames are hot enough to cut through most things (and dent others.) However, they can be overpowered by flames that are more powerful than his own or any other element of the same caliber.

2. Gelberus is both a being of fire and darkness. While he can gain power from either (or both) of these things, he also retains their weaknesses. On a similar note, he is unable to hide amongst shadows and/or darkness or use them to his advantage (such as how Maja uses them to make something or herself nigh undetectable) and more or less sticks out like a sore thumb.

3. Due to his excitability and surliness, it is not very difficult to annoy and/or make Gelberus angry. It is speculated that this excitability/short fuse is the cause of his impetuousness and the lack of strategic prowess (in the long-term sense)- Although, that is not to say that he is unintelligent as a whole; has a tendency to regress back into his more Krawl-like nature the angrier he gets.

4. Gelberus enjoys the thrill of a good fight and will respect those who are powerful. If you look weak or if he perceives you to be so, he will snub you and/or won’t take the fight seriously if you do manage to get him to fight you. That being said, Gelberus can be quite ruthless when fighting seriously and will use what he has to win; has a sense of honor, even if it isn’t much of one.

5. ‘Gelberus’ is not the name he went by as a Human. Although he doesn’t recall anything from his former life, some things will seem familiar to him (even if he won’t know why that is.) Incidentally, the backstory section is supplementary rather than crucial to his development.

6. There are only three things which Gelberus fears: The Ultimate Form Spectrobes, water and Krux. Ultimate Forms are like the gods of the Spectrobes Universe, the second one only really becomes a fear if he ever finds himself submerged in it and the last one has more to do with the potential consequence(s) of failing to carry out an order given by Krux rather than the man himself.

7. While Gelberus is immoral, he is not without morals. There are some things (such as laying claims to the power(s) of a deceased or weakened foe and waiting until said foe has been weakened before attacking/killing them) that he will not do simply because he sees them as insulting. Whereas some other things (such as killing an enemy he clearly outclasses) are more of a grey area.


So begins...

Gelberus's Story