Firo De Sanias

"I got a Jack up my sleeve..."

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a character in “Loaded Deck”, as played by Hells13



Name: Firo De Sanias

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Eye color: Light brown

Hair color: Sandy blonde

Height: 6'1

Weight: 155

Appearance: Firo wears a green suit, which is meant to be formal but is strangely casual, made by profesionals for it's bulletproof capability. The green fedora hat is just something Firo wears for style.

Weapons: Five different semi-automatic pistols concealed within the insides of his green suit.
In one arm he carries his signature weapon - A giant drill in which he places his forearm inside of, which is quite heavy but packs the punch.


Pets: Firo is an animal trainer who keeps a variety of trained animals with him. Among these animals are Crows, Falcons, Mockbirds, Vultures, Tigers, Snakes, Horses, Scorpians, Monkeys, Parrots and et cetera. The smaller animals are used for surveilance (due to his power) and the larger ones are used for firepower.

Personality: Calculating. As a general for the Spades, he regards it his duty to know everything on the battlefield and has many times gone on the battle field with the troops. In a way he is peacefull and calm, even under pressure, especially combat for he regards panic as "the death of soldiers". At times it is surprising that he is a talker, though this can be because his ability or the fact that he finds you interesting or a combination of both. Firo is good at analyzing people and their behavior, something that he had used in order to tell the mood of his animals, and communicate well with them as well as he does people.

Suit: Jack of Spades

Power: Sight-Jacking

Now, now, hold on this isn't something sick. This is basically Firo having the ability to look through the eyes of animals and humans. This ability works for humans in a 15 metre radius. It works for animals in a 30 metre radius. The way this ability works is that one eye (at least but two can be used as well) has to be closed and the closest person would be sightjacked, then extend outward from there to people farther away. This ability can be improved with the knowing of human and or animal. If Firo has befriended a human to do two crucial things:
1)Give their name (First and Last for full effectiveness)
2)Chat with them for more then two minutes.
He can then easily track them down or rather, sight-jack them instantly, since he already knows the person and all he needs to do is know their name. For animals if they are trained by him, or socialized with him work by the same principle. This gives Jack an advantage in the battlefield before a fight, to know the surroundings beforehand. If anyone comes with one foot of him he instantly sight-jacks them.

Bio: There's not much to say really. Firo's family was part of the travelling circus, entertaining people with feats of flexibilty and coordination, no more but a mere child who played with the lions, fascinating crowds who wanted to see. At the age of 16 was when he discovered his power, and was recruited by the Hiearchy, quickly rising up the ranks. Perhaps it was years within the circus, where he developed a strong core from tightrope acts and flips. It was obvious that Firo was going to be the Jack of Spades then even, for his ability to plan, and all it was then was just waiting for the other Jack of Spades to die. At the age of 25, Firo became the Jack of Spades.



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