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Full Name: Daichi Nagasaki
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Faction: The Independent Kingdoms

Physical Description
Daichi's skin is a ghostly white, it has little to no pigmentation and is almost see through.
His pupils are medium sized and he has long eyelashes. He is of average height at around 6'1.
He has black, unkempt and goes down to his shoulders.
Strangely enough his jaw is permanently scarred and most of the time he wears a black, cloth face-mask over his nose in order to cover the scars.
He is unusually tall, with arms that go down to his knees and long, thin fingers. He is also quite skinny.
His facial structure is extremely feminine, with a pointy chin and small nose. He could probably pass for a female if he desired to.

Daichi is quite carefree, he speaks his mind and doesn't care about what other people think about him.
However he is also quite insane, usually going on long rants with himself and other people who aren't actually there.
He is almost always unusually happy, jumping around a laughing hysterically
Although when his life or other peoples lives are in imminent danger, Daichi's personality will completely change, going from happily jumping around like a madman to being quite, methodical and serious.

Daichi was born on a small farm, he grew up tending to the various crops and occasionally going out to do errands for his father.
His family didn't have much money but they where happy, eating only what they caught and grew. As Daichi began to mature his father would often take him out on hunting trips, teaching him how to fire a gun and live off the land. As he grew older Daichi would go out hunting on his own, bringing back various animals. Daichi was on his way back from one of these hunting trips when he noticed a large smoke cloud rising from the farm, he quickly dropped whatever he was caring and took off in a full on spring out of the forest and back towards the farm. When he finally made it out of the forest and was able to get a good clear view of the farm he was horrified, completely frozen in fear. The main house was completely up in flames and there where groups of bandits ransacking the rest of the farm, Daichi quickly scanned the area and his eyes where quickly drawn to a large stack of objects, or at least he thought they where objects. As his eyes focused his quickly began to realize that those where defiantly not objects lying on the ground. They where body's, his brother, his father, his sister and his mother. So Daichi did what any fifteen year old boy would do, he turned around and ran. He ran as far as he could, tears pouring from his eyes and the images of his family burned into his brain. Daichi ran and ran and ran until he couldn't run any longer, falling over in agony as sharp pains ran through his legs. He let out one bloodcurdling scream before everything faded to black.

Then there was whiteness. Daichi wasn't sure where he was as his eyes began to focus on the room around him but his gaze was quickly drawn to the man behind him. He had a large black beard and dark brown eyes, he was wearing a bullet proof vest and had a large rifle slung around his back there were also several other men gathered around a table cracking jokes and playing cards. The man by beds name was Jean and he was a mercenary.

It took a long time for Daichi to recover and move on. But Jean helped with that, he was like a father and was a pretty nice guy for a mercenary. Over a two year period Jean began to teach Daichi the art of war and Daichi figured there was no where else to go so he just went along with it, and after two years Jean thought it was time to let experience some combat. So, here Daichi was, 17 years old and part of mercenary group full of rapists and killers and it was time to go kick some ass. Small villages would often hire the Mercenary group to take care of various problems such as bandits, or leaders of small towns would hire us and use us as regular soldiers. This first was just a simple Bandit take down. They where to go and found where the Bandits where camped out and kill them. So that's what they did, except there where just Bandits here. There where woman and children too. It was here where Daichi learned his first lesson, there are no good guys in war. Just the people who survive and the ones who don't. Daichi quietly followed the mercenary group as the snuck into the camp and killed all of the armed men. Then they started pulling the woman and children out of their tents as they kicked, screamed and cried, lining them up infront of the still lit fireplace. Daichi tried to ask Jean what was going on but all he did is hand Daichi a large pistol, told him to use it and then pointed at the boy lined up in front of him. The pistol was incredible and like nothing Daichi had ever seen before, it had an extremely large barrel and equally large bullets. Daichi slowly gripped the gun with two hands and pointed it towards the boy who immediately began to cry, his mother who was next to him attempting to comfort him with words, but she was scared to. Daichi lined up the shot, closed both eyes and began to slowly squeeze the trigger. He knew what was going on. He knew how fucked up it was. But yet he did it anyway, he pulled the trigger, the bullet exited the chamber and the boy breathed his last breath. The kick on the gun was incredible, it flew upwards and slapped Daichi in the face, breaking his nose and causing him to open his eyes a catch a glimpse of the boys corpse. The rest of the men in the mercenary group quickly began to fire, it was a massacre. All Jean did was pat Daichi on the back, walk towards the line of corpses and begin searching through their pockets. That was it. They just took all of their stuff and left like nothing ever happened and then got paid and rewarded by the village. Oh and the gun, it was a gift, so Daichi would remember that day.

After that day Daichi was different. What he saw changed him. He wasn't normal anymore. He wasn't right in the head. But he was in it for the long run now. Fighting various battles and moving through the ranks of the group as other members died off. Years went by and soon Daichi was second in command, succeeded only by Jean. Daichi came to love that gun, he called it Trigger. Jean kept telling it was a JTL-E .500 S&W Magnum with a 12" barrel and to stop calling it Trigger. But Trigger was easier to say then JTL-E .500 S&M Magnum with a 12" barrel so Daichi kept calling it Trigger. Daichi brought the gun to every battle and every job there was. He even got a custom holster built for the huge thing. One day during a routine job Jean didn't make it. Daichi didn't cry, he never cried when anyone died in anymore. That was just how things went. People die, life goes on. Unless your the one who died of course. The bigger problem was that Daichi was now in charge of a large group of assholes with guns.

So here it was. The first job that Daichi would be in charge of of, but also the job where everything went wrong. It was a large scale battle and Daichi and his group where given an order to flank an MG gunner that was putting supressive fire on the guys where on our side. The only problem was that the only way to "safely" get behind the MG gunner was to go through a small forest and come out the other side. So Daichi and his group went into the forest the only problem was that there was another MG gunner waiting for them and shit immediately hit the fan. The MG gunner let loose a hail of bullets and immediately dropped several mercenary's. So naturally Everyone dropped to the ground and started laying down surpressive fire, but that tactic wasn't working and people where dying left and right. If Daichi and his group just sat there then there wouldn't be anyone left. These where Daichi's only friends and they where all dying, he had to draw the fire of the MG gunner and get his group out of there. Daichi quickly drew his Magnum "Trigger" with his left hand, and looked around. They had no smoke grenades, but what did have was regular grenades. Daichi quickly issued all of his Mercenaries to throw any grenades they had and turn around and run, the idea being if there was enough grenades going off it would kick up enough dirt for a short period in order to let his men turn around and run. It worked, Daichi quickly stood up and ran through the large dirt cloud, firing his Magnum three shots out of his magnum towards the gunner in order to draw his fire or possibly hit him. Two bullets quickly hit Daichi in the chest and he fell to the floor, taking a few shallow deep breaths and aiming his magnum towards the MG gunner who was now reloading. He had a clear shot and took it, pulling the trigger and hearing a loud bang then there was blackness. That bang was a grenade.

There was whiteness again, followed by a strange metallic taste filling Daichi's mouth. Daichi eyes quickly began to go in and out of focus, the first thing he saw was blood. Lots of blood, his blood. Daichi immediately attempted to spit out whatever the metallic taste was but all that came out of his mouth was blood. Daichi then tried to stand up, but he could hardly move. There was pain, so much pain. He was dying, dying slowly and in agony. But he had to reach his gun. He had to end it quickly. He couldn't stand anymore pain. Daichi quickly reached out and began to fumble around for his gun, eventually grasping it and bring it up towards his head, his hands shaking. This was it. All of it was over. He didn't have to kill anyone else. Peace. There was peace. Then everything was clear, Daichi took a deep breath in and quickly reached under his shirt, no wounds. He then stood up and scanned the are around him. So here he was. In a battle field, surrounded by dead friends. He was a gunslinger.

Born again.

((Hope this history wasn't too long. I kind ended up writing a novel here.))

Signature Weapon(s) & Equipment
He wears a black Duster over his shirt with white stitching on the back. The stitching has a skull on it with missing jaw, above the skull are the words "And out of the ashes he crawled" and under the skull are the words "Born again"

He wears a black leather cartridge belt with a custom quick draw holster attached to it.

A Karambit knife

Signature Gun: Trigger
Creator: Daichi Nagasaki ((Battleborn))
Attributes & Powers: Bullet Curving ((As seen in wanted
Base Weapon: JTL-E .500 S&W Magnum 12"
Caliber & Ammunition: Explosive tipped .500 S&W Magnum
Action: Double Action
Magazine: 5-shot cylinder
History: ((I cover the history of Trigger in my characters history.))

So begins...

Daichi Nagasaki ((Resubmit))'s Story


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#, as written by Falron

Gritting her teeth the Sheriff continued to fire through the broken window through which the man claiming the others would arriving soon had crashed through. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out what was going on, Memphis had no fortune that would warrant an attack of this scale. The only thing being the amount of Gunslingers that seemed to have found themselves in the town today, but there was no way for the bandits to predict this, was there? Shaking her head to rid herself of useless thoughts Cena focused on taking out the bandits closest to her office. She agreed with the other man, a plan had to be formed, something, anything that might reduce further civilian casualties and to drive these bandits out of her town.

Her eyes widened with shock as the airship started firing, the flashing of cannons and guns accompanied by the deafening roar. Buildings were shattered, glass, bricks and wood flying as deadly debris as structures caved in on themselves. She ducked, covering her head as a shower of bullets came crashing through the walls of her office, shards of glass falling to the ground. What did they want?!

She raised herself back up, resting Prometheus on what remained on the window sill only to be greeted by silence. The canon's sudden stop stunned her motionless, even the bandits seemed frozen. The eerie silence pressed down on her ears as her eyes scanned the ruined main street, trying to make sense of the situation. Finally, finding nothing on the ground, Cena looked up at the airship in time to see a black shape drop from it. The man landed easily, the earth shattering beneath the force of his landing. The cloud of dust kicked up by the man slowly wafted away, leaving the man standing there in the middle of the street. Completely at ease.

Cena stared in wonder, the massive aura that came off this man making her knees shake slightly. This wasn't good. Cursing under her breath Cena watched as someone was stupid enough to confront the man in the black duster. A gun shot rang out, the sound almost hollow in the otherwise silent surroundings. The man didn't so much as flinch as he was struck by the bullet, Cena half expected him to yawn as he raised his hand. In an instant the man was dead, the sound of his spine cracking making Cena's stomach turn. The body dropped with a heavy thump as the man in black strode forth, undeterred towards them.

Cena watched with horror as he came closer, there was no way she could ever hope to beat this man, it just wasn't possible. Her eyes fell momentarily on the Marshall and the man they were arresting before all this started. The Marshall lay motionless, whether he was dead or not, she couldn't tell. Shakily getting to her feet she raised Prometheus. She probably would make about as much difference as the man now dead with his head facing the wrong way. But as the Sheriff of Memphis, she had to do something.

"Stop right there!" Her jaw clamped shut the moment the words left her mouth, hoping that somehow he hadn't heard the fear in her voice.