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Miles Tropht

There's no way out of hell because it's inside of us.

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a character in “Locked Destinies”, as played by Chandz



{ "And there were moments that I wish I could breathe you in again but you stole my breath and left me gasping your name," }

{ Name }
Miles Cole Tropth
{ Nickname }
{ Birthday }
August 10th; 23
{ Sexuality }
{ Occupation }
{ Face Claim }
Drew Roy

{ "For the sake of your own life, just keep moving." }

{ Abilities }
The ability to create anything from the mind
The ability to make anything appear with thought
SpawnH: **
The ability to spawn humans
The ability to generate the wildest ideas to life
The ability to recreate an already active thing and project the ‘blueprints’
**SpawnH is still an untested theory. This ability is unstable and unsure of its functionality. It is still unclear whether humans are original or flawed clone. Requires a lot of energy and practice.

{ Likes }
Rainy nights Heavy storms CoffeeReading long books Writing Designing new creations Longboarding NappingJogging Turtles Long drives Road trips

{ Dislikes }
Traffic Bad drivers Snow Heavy music Tea Sushi Taking pictures Cats Liars

{ Strengths/Talents }
Creating/Creativity Imagination Punctuality Somewhat charming qualities

{ Weaknesses }
Aggressive towards Authority Womanizer Red-Heads Writers block (which can also pertain to creative block where his mind sort of just stops and he is unable to produce creativity) Fatigue (energy is required for Miles to be able to produce something)

{ Personality }
Miles is generally a good hearted guy. He tries to respect everyone as long as they are respectful towards him. He finds, however, that he is always having a run in with the police due to his past and their abuse of power. He is very arrogant and overly confident in himself. Miles believes the world owes him a favor just for existing. He’s a narcissistic asshole who thinks very high and mighty of himself but he’s good at showing that side of him very subtlety. For example, his relationship with women, or lack thereof. Miles has slept with more women in his entire lifetime than he has had jobs, and that says a lot of the aspiring and well known architect.

Although he at times be an insensitive prick that everyone despises, there is a sort of charm about Miles. It might be his smile or his way with words, but that’s exactly the thing that gets him so many dates with women. He is a charming and good looking guy, which some people seem to be blinded by when it comes to his arrogance. He’s not a bad guy overall, just a guy with a lot of unresolved issues lying deep within that needs to be worked on.

{ "There isn’t anything you can say that will hurt me. I’ve got no heart left to break." }

{ Hair Color }
{ Eye Color }
{ Skin Color }
{ Height and Weight }
5’11; 167lbs
{ Build }
{ Scars, Tattoos, Piercings? }
A scar that runs across the right side of his ribcage that he got from a brawl with a cop.
{ General Clothing Style }
Casual Outfit #1
Casual Outfit #2
Summer Casual
Work Attire #1
Work Attire #2
Work Attire #3
Cocktail/Business Formal #1
Cocktail/Business Formal #2
Black Tie Formal

{ "She’s gone. And I let her go." }

{ Family }
Victor Mikels (maternal grandfather) *deceased*
Hans Tropht (paternal grandfather) *deceased*
Henrietta Mikels-Tropht (mother) *deceased*
Cristoff Vladimir Tropht (father)
Mikael Vincent Tropht, 29 (brother)
Calla Lillian Tropht, 17 (sister)

{ Family History/Origin }
Victor Mikels and Hans Tropht. Two of the wealthiest and most known of men in Highwater. These men, royalty, not to Highwater but to Caulben Isle (Victor) and Enderlin (Hans), two islands offshore of Highwater where these two names gained their wealth and their legendary status.

Tropht, a man of intelligence that grew of a poor family but gained his riches and success through study and hard work. He left a name in the town after creating solar panels to cover the entire island, homed the homeless and ended poverty on the island on which he was born and bred. He became a legend to the townsfolk of Enderlin and thus became the President of small island, Enerlin.

Mikels, a man of intelligence that unlike Tropht grew into an already wealthy and well-established name and family. The Mikels name had been around for centuries, ruling over the democratic village of Caulben Isle. Victor was no stranger to power.

Henrietta and Cristoff met whilst both in Highwater. They soon wed and had three children. Mikael, Miles and Calla. Upon the death of both Victor and Hans, the inheritance was split between familes siblings. Henrietta received half of her fathers' since after her mother’s death, there was only her sister, Amelie and her. Cristoff received a third of his father’s inheritance, the other parts were split between bothers Michelangelo and Arthur.

The story of the current generation of the Trophts is a tragic one. Cristoff established a name for himself in as a creator. He holds the same power that Miles has. He was able to create anything from the mind and then he’d be able to generate it right in front of his very own eyes; it was almost as though his body had become a 3D printer of real sorts. He became a mogul, a genius, an inventor. Henrietta, an intelligent woman of wits and charm had become well known for her Human Rights Activist group called C.U.D.S; Calvary for the Unfortunate Dying Souls that battled against the government’s spending on leisure acts rather than helping those in need. The Trophts were marching a walk as a family with Activist mother when the police attacked back and Henrietta died. Her fortune was left for her three children.

{ Place of Origin }
Highwater Home

{ Current location/home }
New York
New York Loft

New York City life is the life for Miles. As a big hot shot Architect, he makes quite a living to allow for his luxury NYC loft. He hits the street every night with a group of guy friends and usually doesn’t make it back home in time for the alarm. But none of that matters when I’m
{ Happiest Memory }
Hidden away with all of his secrets and hurts (the day he met Nicolette, a forbidden love.)
{ Saddest Memory }
Watching his mother be bludgeoned to death by Police.


So begins...

Miles Tropht's Story


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Della Decanay

Della strode over to her family, and plopped down in the chair by the fireplace, the same one she had been sitting in since she was six. She talked and laughed with her family for a few hours, truly enjoying the company. After eating an entire bag of marshmallows, Della excused herself and went to bed, falling into her giant mattress without bothering to change into her pajamas.

Della awoke what seemed like a few minutes later, but she knew it had been at least eight hours. She stretched out, and suddenly stopped. She put her hands on the bed, and pushed down. She couldn't feel the ground, like she could in her bed. She slowly got up, and turned around, preparing to fight with whatever she could get her hands on. She turned around to find something, and looked down to see that she definitely wasn't wearing her clothes. She was wearing a giant sweater, and polka-dot printed shorts. Even more frightened, she climbed out of bed and crept around a corner. Not seeing anybody, she relaxed against a counter, breathing heavily. Suddenly, memories of another life, another her, came rushing into her mind. She stayed in a shocked position for what seemed like hours. Once her mental refresh was finished, she went over to what she now knew was her closet, and grabbed a random dress and some shoes. She stopped in front of the floor-length mirror to look at her outfit, and then rushed into the hallway, convincing herself that she wasn't alone. She couldn't be alone. That would mean that she had to navigate this city all alone. I have to get back. I need to find somebody to get me back, Della thought, desperation slowly taking over.


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Jamie liked her job. It got her lots of money, which could then help her afford this amazing apartment. And when you got down to it, it was fun. Jamie loved to plead for cases and please the judge or even just talk with clients. It gave her of sense power that pleased her to no end. But of course even a perfect job had its days were all you wanted to do was curl up in bed with a tub of ice cream and a book. While Jamie rarely had those days when they came they came hard. Just a few hours into her normal work day Jamie found her eyes slipping. She yawned and rubbed at an uncomfortable crick in her neck. It had been a while since Jamie had gotten a decent amount of sleep and as her vision began to blur as she stared at an document she decided it would be best to take a nap. She barely mad it to the bed before falling asleep.

What seemed like minutes but could only be hours passed by and Jamie woke with a start. She groaned but sat up, ready to finish the work she had started only to let out a yelp of surprise when she was in fact, not in her room. Panicking she could only sit back as a flash of memories her memories hit her. It felt her, but it couldn't...right? Heart beating fast she stood to gather her courage, only to topple over a sleeping figure. She yelped and glared back at the man.

'Hey!' She said nudging him in the side, 'Wake up!'


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ImageWhile the man struggled to wake a horrid thought crossed Jamie's mind. Was she drugged and brought here? This man could be a murder out to get her. She took a large step back, gripping the satin of her robe -when did she put on a robe?- and glared warily at him. 'Don't ask me! I haven't the foggiest idea where we are. Or why for that matter. And as for who I am...well it's rather confusing.' The quickened pace of her heart slowed and she finally glanced around the room.

"Did I...did I sleep with you?" Jamie's eyes widened and she crossed her arms protectively over her chest. 'Of course not! I'm not some tramp!' Feeling slightly less imposed she let a questioning tone enter her voice. 'Do you sleep with random women offen?'