Erin Fayth Browne

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a character in “Locked In!: Walmart”, as played by pooka_x


Photograph :
Full name:
Erin Fayth Browne
Date of Birth & Age:
March 27th; 18
Appearance description:
Erin is a small girl with shoulder length brown hair and rich brown eyes. She has a petite build with slightly broad shoulders. She tends to wear bright red lipstick to accent her lips. Other than that, she wears very little makeup. Her hair is usually down but every once in a while, or when she is thinking, she pulls it up into a ponytail.
Personality description:
Erin is a spunky girl who loves attention. She loves to be in the spotlight, but hates if anyone tries to take it away. She also hates fighting which is her downside. If a fight breaks out she will walk away as opposed to fighting it.
Romantic interest(*):
Family members(*):
Erin is an only child who lives with her Father. Her father calls her Fayth for he picked her middle name. Her father also works a lot so she usually finds herself home alone with a book or watching tv.
Why were they locked in?:
Erin had heard some of her friends were going to the movies for the night. She decided to stop by WalMart and buy some candy and soda to put in her huge purse. While in the store she went into the bathroom to check her hair before she left for the movies. When she walked out the lights were off.

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Erin Fayth Browne's Story