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Gabrielle Roberts

0 · 188 views · located in America, the year 2200

a character in “Locked & Loaded”, as played by Saint Crash


THIS IS ME, Gabrielle Roberts, known to most as Ghost.

HANGING OUT WITH Sinners for as long as I care to remember.



I MEET YOUR EYES... Dark Green


IF THE SUN COMES UP, WILL IT TEAR THE SKIN RIGHT OFF OUR BONES... Slender, slight athletic build, with extremely fair, pale skin.

HERE'S TO THE HEARTS YOU'LL BREAK... Gabrielle stands tall and graceful at five eleven in height. Her skin is extremely pale in pallor, but is otherwise clear and healthy in appearance. Her hair reaches past her shoulders when loose, but is generally either tied back or braided to keep it out of her way. Both of her ears are pierced several times, and she has several tattoos on her back, arms, feet, behind her ears and on her chest. She wears little to no make-up, typically only wearing eyeliner and occasionally eyeshadow or lip stains. Ghost typically wears form-fitting clothing along with flat boots or sneakers, all of which tend to be in dark colors, usually black or grey. She is not widely known to be a member of the Choir, and as she doesn't actively participate in the physical gang wars, she rarely carries a firearm, instead carrying a modified stun gun and several concealed knives to use in self-defense.


I'LL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN'T TRADE ME FOR AN APPARITION... Gabrielle is usually unassuming and quiet, and can be typically found with a laptop on her knees, or behind a computer somewhere. Despite not being a typical Sinner, she is incredibly loyal to the Choir, as they are both her family and friends, and firmly believes that the Jokers were the ones behind the Red Mob massacre, despite also beginning to uncover evidence that says otherwise. She is incredibly tenacious, to the point of often being accused of being pig-headed about things.
Catch her alone, and you might just see her true feelings about the brewing gangland war; she's still in mourning for the loss of family members and friends, and doesn't want to lose any more. She was a close friend of Emilie Beauclerc, and was devastated when she died.





So begins...

Gabrielle Roberts's Story