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Parker Rivera

Who's ready for a good time?

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a character in “Locked Out Of Heaven”, as played by hxcdreamer


Parker Rivera
18 years old


Parker was born and then left with his father immediately after. He knows very little about who his mother is but does have the information he would need to find her. He doesn't want to. Being raised with only a sports-obsessed semi-alcoholic father, he was never really taught how to treat women. He's very good with kids. Just not women. He doesn't know the meaning of chivalry or what it consists of, nor actions or speech to avoid to be polite around them. He's grown up using them to fulfill his needs whether it be sex or comfort or getting his mind off something. He never plans on falling in love. Throughout high school he partied a lot and lived wherever he could find a place to crash; usually at various friends' houses. He's from New Orleans, but moved to Easthaven after receiving the first job offer that actually had potential for him to move forward: the bass player in a rock band that was actually getting somewhere with their music. They're still only playing local joints, but he's grown attached and dreams of making it big.


Parker was bitten and infected as a werewolf only recently, about 28 days ago. He was at a bonfire party with one of the band members and took a walk after almost getting into a fight with a random. He startled a werewolf feeding on a black bear corpse on accident during his walk. Obviously protecting its food from him, the werewolf lunged and bit into Parker's shoulder. He's got a large bite scar, and a couple of thick claw scars in various places. His thigh, his hip, and his other bicep. Since then he hasn't come into contact with silver (causes him intense pain and to change into werewolf form for 6 hours since contact) nor has the full moon passed. He has noticed changes within his human form, though, like enhanced hearing and smell. His first change will be documented in the story.
The wolf is a second mind and voice within him. They are two souls in the same body. The only way to cure lycanthropy is to be properly exorcised by someone who's willing. If they aren't willing, they'll transform and kill the one trying to exorcise them. If the human soul is willing, then the two souls are exorcised out of the body to fight each other. The winner takes over the body, and either a regular wolf or cured human is left.


Parker is a handsome young man with brown hair and green-hazel eyes. His pictures generally show his body type and appearance, aside from the bite and claw scars.


He's a bit untrusting. He doesn't like doing anything where he gets emotionally invested. That's why he's so good at sports and parties and other such events, and not so good at holidays. He thinks and dreams big and has an open mind to any and every thing. He's a go-getter when he wants something, and one track minded most of the time. He's playful, and good with money when he wants to be. He only cares about the present, the here-and-now. He firmly believes that one's past doesn't matter, only who they are in the present. Many people feel like they can go to him to talk when they feel like they're a terrible person or something. He's good at giving advice, just not with asking for it.

So begins...

Parker Rivera's Story


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That morning was a bit, well it got a bit crazy. At that moment her father was screaming at her for what she planned to wear to her friends Sweet Sixteen, and she was sort of just staring at him with a blank expression, waiting for his temper tantrum to end. Though first things first, let's go back to the first thing that got her in trouble. When she'd woken up, Eira had dressed for riding, which was what she planned to do after she got some breakfast. But no, the step-wench wanted Eira to dress nice, so they could go out and get her a, and she quotes, "better and more appropriate dress" for Helena's party. That was happening, not if she had a say in it. So of course they fought, getting loud enough that they woke her father. That probably wasn't the brightest thing to do. The man was not pleasant, at all, in the mornings.

Without giving it another thought, Eira had exited through the glass doors and scaled down the balcony before either of them could say or do anything about it. The next mistake was going to ride Caber. First she had to retrieve him from the fields, which meant she got thoroughly covered in mud(which she later trailed through the house, another thing for the wench to be upset about). Then she rode without a saddle or reins. Caber decided to try and be cute and tossed her right into the pond, which had momentarily cleared her of mud. Though as the chestnut stallion ran away from her, she was forced to walk soaking wet back to the house, obviously collecting more mud.

To her luck, the parents were nowhere to be found as she entered the house and went up to her room, effectively dirtying every place she stepped. Stripping off her clothes, she taken a quick shower and then proceeded to slip into her dress. If you could call the blue and black corset and skirt a dress at all. After slipped on a pair of black wedges, and checking to make sure her blue hair was fully dried, she returned downstairs.

Apparently her luck had run out. Back to the present, her father finally calmed down when she said that she would wear a pair of black stockings with the dress. And she did, unfortunately. Fortunately her "date"(more like her ride) was already outside so she didn't have to sit with the dictators any longer.

Elliot was probably shaking from excitement. Or he might have been shaking from the cold. It was likely both. Royce had informed him that they were to be crashing a party later that night, and he couldn't deny that he was excited to be going to a party. Especially at a famous country club. Honestly, who wouldn't be excited? Not to mention that if it was at a country club, the party was more than likely for a girl. Which meant that there would be a lot of other little stuck up rich snobs there. They were obviously headed for a night of fun.

Though that wasn't the only reason he was excited. Until a year or two ago, Elliot had lived in heaven. Yeah, heaven. There obviously was not a lot of parties going on up there. And any time Royce provided them a chance to arrive at a party, Eli jumped on it. This would be no different. The boys still had a lot to teach him about being a crazed teenager though, that was for sure.

Pulling his black wings tighter around him, he tried to cease his shivering. When he fell, from heaven of course, he landed in hell. He wasn't there for more than a second when he appeared on earth, but the extreme heat he experienced in hell... Well now, any time it was even somewhat cold he was freezing. Most the time the others found him huddling under a blanket with his wings around him, like now. Well, until Royce announced they were leaving and Eli was forced to stand and follow him outside. "You really shouldn't smoke, it's bad for you."