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What do I do here? Uhhh, nothing. Well nothing of importance.

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a character in “Lockhart Academy”, as played by chevin11


Name: Andros

Nickname/Spy Name: Andros

Age: 24

Ability: Reactive body mechanics (Speed, reaction time)

His body reacts extremely quickly to outside stimuli, making him nearly impossible to fight against, as well as aiding him in free-running, stealth, and precise movements.

Sexuality: Heterosexual (has never been involved with a woman)

Hometown: Karyes, Greece

Birthday: Feb 28th, 1992

Relationship Status: Single (Virgin)

Appearance : Image

Skin Tone: Mildly Tanned

Scars: One, below his right eye, running down towards his jaw, approx 4.5 inches long and the width of a pencil.

Eye Color: Bright green.

Hair Color/Style: Brown, military cut.

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None

Body Type: 6'3", 235lbs. Built like a brick house, having a total body fat of approx 6.5%

Clothing Style: Tactical gear, or workout clothing.

Personality: In the field, Andros is a machine. Full confidence in himself and his squadmates occasionally leads him to walk the line, but he has never crossed any lines. Bruital in combat, he rarely leaves anyone alive.

Outside, he is shy, nervous, and quiet. He lacks self confidence in any sort of social situation, and very often, hides his abilities and achievements from anyone. He doesn't enjoy talking about his past, it is the only thing anyone could say to piss him off. He respects his surroundings as best as he can.

Strengths: Brave, Loyal, Fearless, Smart,
Weaknesses: Temperamental, Socially inept, blunt, emotionally detached
Quirks: Literally has no idea about anything happening in society, and doesn't care to find out.
Desires: Nothing more than to serve.

Likes: Solitude, training, eating, a good game of darts

Dislikes: Large groups, drinking, conspiracy theories

Fears: Not being good enough

Strengths: Combat

Weaknesses: Diplomacy, phones, technology, dealing with feelings.


Childhood Summary:Was chosen by a blacklist government medical agency at the age of 4 for The Universal Human Augmentation Program, Along with 9 others. Four died during the rigorous combat, wilderness, and strength training over the next 14 years. These kids were trained as a last resort in the event of global war. Once it came time, His unit was shipped to West Africa, to assist in the overthrowing of a dictatorship. Of all things to end his squad mates, their airplane crashed. He was the only survivor. He continued, and finished his mission, and was immediately drafted into a covert operations squad, known as the Intrajectory Task Force for two years, and then advanced to serving with NATO team Ghost, comprised of the five best soldiers on the world. Two canadians, one American, one Russian, and Andros. He served in this squad for another two years, before their disbandment. He was then drafted into JTF2, a Canadian NATO based black ops force, with approx 250 soldiers. He was there for a year, before being assigned to a mandatory 6 month leave. His integration back into society after having nothing to do with any of it for his entire teen and adult life, did not go well. One week, and they had to ship him here. They labelled it as a "Human Interaction Course" He was originally very dissapointed, until he discovered their field unit. He's the next in line to be squad leader, and, without a doubt, the most experienced.

So begins...

Andros's Story