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Lyla Radeon

"Bonjour! Paris is so in right now..."

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a character in “Lockington Town”, as played by WrittenInScars


Lyla Radeon




Human or Vampire:
Ly, Lee or Lee-Lee
Love Interest:


110 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Type of Clothes:
Anything fashionable


She plays with her hair when nervous or feeling shy
Movies - Romance - Fairness - Children - Fun - Work - Optimism - Reality - Common Sense
Hatred - Bullying - Death - Drama - Fantasy - Lies - Idiocy - Pessimism
Ice dancing - Babysitting - Shopping
Lyla is your average human girl. She's nice, fair and adores clothes. She doesn't read much, but you'd often find her watching a chic-flick. She hates crime, and would love to have a family one day. Aside from her normality, she is fiercely protective and would do anything to protect someone she loves. However, like most woman these days, she's also quite the gossiper. She loves to hear how her high school enemies are failing in the things that are close enough to perfection in her life. Lyla isn't spiteful or anything, but she does like the satisfaction of upping the people who she now realises did in fact bully her when she was younger.


Relationship Status:
Personal History/Background:
Lyla Radeon was born to Rose Radeon and Marcus Radeon on the 4th July. Ever since, her parents have said that her birth date represents just how independent their little princess is. They've always adored their only child, and the rich family spoilt her like rotten. As she grew older, she began to get boyfriends and her father wasn't too impressed by the boys she brought home. But then she met her husband, and the entire family were instantly smitten. They were soon married and Lyla wants to start a family more than anything but she knows they need to both get stable careers before that can happen.
As she wants to be a housewife, she only works part time as a daycare assistant. Over all, Lyla is a kind-hearted girl with the right intentions but sometimes she makes mistakes just like everyone else. She'd never been in any serious trouble and is the average student in school. She lives her life and deals with the bad situations as best as she can. She's a pretty decent girl, but there seems to always be someone who can top her.

So begins...

Lyla Radeon's Story


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The first bell of the school year has started, kids were rushing in to get their things for class. Others stayed behind making out or talking to their friends. Everyone was kind of stirred up about the new folks in town, mostly because no one has seen what they look like, the only thing they know is that, these people have moved up to the Oakland hill.

Okland Hill is well known for all it's hauntings. No one likes going up there for anything, because when they do, someone always seems to get hurt or killed. Last years quarterback from the football team went up there and came back with claw marks and a bite mark on his side. After he recovered in the hospital, he mysteriously disappeared shortly after. No one has ever seen him since then. The parents though, are still around, waiting for their son to ever come back.


The sound of the intercom was loud and horrid. An annoying sound to make students listen, seems to always work in this case.

"Students of Lockington high, please remember that making out in the school's courtyard, or anywhere in school is an automatic detention! And please, would the football team stop stuffing the younger students in the trash cans. Also, don't be late for class on your first day of the new year, students! That will be all." The intercom screeched again as it shut off.