Laike Winter Queens

I am the most passive and Happy-Go-Lucky of them all. But NEVER make me angry.

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a character in “Lone Kings”, as played by Laike


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    Physical description: Image

    Status: Lone King

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Backstory: He mostly hides everything about his past but he was born to a family who knew the Continent's existence.

    Personality: Passive, a weirdo and a joker. But never get to his bad side.

    Talents/Skills: Shadow manipulation

    Weaknesses: He has a fondness for doll-faced individuals. He cannot use his power in dark areas since there must be even a speck of light for his skill to be useful.

    Servant: Still Searching

So begins...

Laike Winter Queens's Story

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#, as written by Laike
"The earth itself trembled as the The Pacific revealed one of its secrets. No man expected the appearance of such vast land suddenly emerging from its depths. Researchers said that it was impossible yet everyone is puzzled by this new Continent." The reporter continued on the screen started to static.

A boy sighed and scratched the back of his head. "I really need to find a servant now.". He looked down from his private jet and looked outside. "Good thing I already owned a castle before the other Kings come here.... Hey Fred! I'm gonna jump! Go back home fast after I jump!" he heard the pilot agree then fixed his goggles and jumped from the sky.

The setting changes from castle-continent to The Seashore


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River gave the young man a slight nod. She briefly closed her eyes to allow herself to focus on the shape her bones and muscles needed to take. The fur on her skin began to recede as her bones and muscles shifted. It still felt a little uncomfortable to River, but she was trying to get herself as used to it as possible. The sooner she was used to the feeling of shifting, the sooner she would be better at it and more powerful as a shifter. It wasn't long before she was her human self again. She looked at the young man who had introduced himself as Laike Queens. 'What an interesting name.' She offered a small, polite smile. "My name is River Jensen."