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Saraf Vasiki

A quiet but determined agent for the rebellion

0 · 146 views · located in the Kingdom of Magna

a character in “Long Live the King”, as played by Jacopo


Full name: Saraf Vasiki (pronounced sha-RAFF vah-SEE-kee)

Nicknames/Aliases: He is referred to by the others in the rebellion as the Black Prince

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Occupation: Marketplace flute player by day, rebellion agent by night

Appearance: Saraf's mother was an exotic dancer from a faraway land; as a result, he looks significantly different from most in Magna. Lean and lanky, Saraf inherited his mother's height and build. His dark brown skin is deeply tanned the color of coffee, yet his eyes are bright green. His eyelashes are impossibly long and thick for a boy. He has a mop of black hair, which hasn't been cut for a while, and often flops into his eyes. In his mother's tradition, Saraf has a gold ring pierced in his lower lip, his left eyebrow, and both ears. Saraf has an odd, exotic grin that leads people to immediately trust him.

Saraf usually wears a brown cloak with a hood shadowing his face and a grey tunic underneath- nothing exquisite, everything carefully chosen to attract the least attention as possible. One interesting thing about Saraf is that he never wears shoes- he goes everywhere barefoot. Some have attributed it to his heritage, but Saraf believes going barefoot makes less noise.

Personality: Little is known about the quiet, slightly eccentric rebel commander. New rebellion members are usually surprised to see how young he is, but throughout the group, Saraf is highly respected for his wisdom, compassion, and extremely strong sense of justice; he is revered as the dark-skinned Black Prince. He prefers to go by Saraf, always disliking attention and praise. Saraf is hesitant to give people his trust, but fully supports and is loyal to Sir Gar Locke. Saraf speaks in low tones, but they are words heard by everyone. Around those who he trusts, Saraf- believe it or not- knows how to have a good time. He proves to be a funny, kind, vibrant person; he simply doesn't show it often. Most of the time he's tight and withdrawn; Saraf holds many secrets. He has an odd habit of being able to guess a person's thoughts with frightening accuracy; Saraf is extremely observational, if not always willing to share his observations.

Strengths: Saraf has the uncanny ability to seem like he's appeared out of nowhere; in reality, he's just very good at being silent and unnoticed. He's strong and fast for a 19-year-old boy, and can throw knives like someone out of a fable. In hand-to-hand combat, Saraf wields a single-handed scimitar.

Weaknesses: For the past two years, Saraf has been privately struggling with an genetic illness that only started to manifest itself recently. His mother died of it, and Saraf inherited it. The disease is a slow-spreading, non-contagious, fatal one with no known cure, but Saraf is still able to function for the time being. He sometimes breaks into fits of coughing, or will become tired easily on certain days. Only the members of the rebellion that Saraf trusts the most know of this.

Equipment: Saraf stores many hidden throwing knives on him. He also carries a scimitar in his belt, and a hidden money pouch. Other than that, he travels light.

Abilities: Saraf is no magician, having had no training, but he is very quick, fast, and skilled at fighting. Moreover, he has a certain oriental wisdom, having had heard the opinions of two countries throughout his childhood. He plays an enchanted flute that can calm and lull those who hear the melody, but it's not strong magic and can easily be resisted.

Brief history: Saraf was born the child of an oriental dancer and a well-traveled merchant. When he was eight, his mother died of an illness; his father took Saraf with him on constant business trips, where Saraf met many different people and made many connections. Everyone he met was impressed by the boy's exotic charm, and he found many confidants. His father met an untimely death, however, during a sailing trip gone wrong. Saraf survived for two years on his own, which wasn't too difficult as he was a teenager by that time. When King Aelthen's rule was corrupted, Saraf's strong sense of justice forced him away from not taking action. Calling upon his previous acquaintances, he learned of the rebellion and quickly became one of its most prominent members due to his many connections, fighting prowess, and quiet determination. Never fond of attention, he is content to work the secret delegations and covert operations behind the scenes while Sir Gar Locke is the flagstaff of the rebellion.

So begins...

Saraf Vasiki's Story