Duncan Dunlop

"Sure, I'm a villai- wait, no I changed my mind. Now I'm one of the good guys. Whoops, I lied. I am a villain.. or am I?"

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a character in “Long Live the New Las Vegas”, as played by TheCreepyCanadian


Duncan Dunlop

The Changeling:

Gender: Male.. sometimes.

Age: 25.. sometimes.

Physical Description: Duncan's wardrobe changes frequently, since the only thing he has left from before the flood is a large suitcase filled with clothes and props which he used in his theater troupe. Although, his favourite outfit is a dark blue suit. It may have a lot of stitches, but it's still wearable.

Superhero Costume: Whatever he decides to wear at the time. But he always wears shades.

Personality: Duncan has a massive ego, often toying with and scaring his victims. He brags to them often, too. However, like many villains, he likes money more than anything. He's not exactly the smartest apple on the tree, though. He's quite reckless, indeed.

Superhero or Supervillain?: He's a Villain.. most of the time. (which basically means he'll play on both sides.)

The ability to shapeshift. That means he can take the form of anyone or anything he wants. If his form is human, then he can only take on their voice if he listens to it for at least five minutes. Also, depending on how different the shape he is taking to his own body, and the longer he stays in that form, the more painful it will be for him after he reverts back to his normal self. The more frequently he changes also contributes to this pain.

Abilities: Great actor, but a little over-exaggerated. And he CAN sew. Can also change his clothing quite quickly. Effective streetfighter.

Strengths: Can pass off as another person, stealthy, strong in hand-to-hand combat, fast runner

Weaknesses: Weak in his natural state after shapeshifting, his eyes and sunglasses give him away, his power causes him great pain to his natural state, clothes don't change with his body, his pride and his ego, his love for money, his intelligence

Likes: Tricking people, money, scaring people, stealing, fighting, seeing people in pain

Dislikes: Being found out, being caught, having his stuff stolen, being outsmarted (which is quite easy)

History: Duncan used to be apart of a theater troupe called The Dunlop Brothers, even though him and the seven others in the troupe were not related by blood at all. When the flood hit, his troupe got separated, and Duncan assumed that they all drowned. After murdering a mugger that tried to take his suitcase, Duncan decided to mug people more frequently then he did before. Somewhere along the way, he fell into a pool of murky water. He paid no attention to it, but when he got home to change, he sustained massive pains within his body, and before he knew it, he had transformed into one of the victims he had stolen from. As quickly as the transformation happened, he changed back. Intrigued, Duncan transformed back into that victim, with the process being easier and less painful. After many weeks of training, Duncan had mastered the power to shapeshift. However, he's still only able to transform into living things at the moment, as well as take the form of certain statues.

Other: He collects clothes and scraps of clothing.

Theme Song:* The Changeling by The Doors.

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