Loraine Irene Thomas

"A woman's heart is such a complex problem--the owner thereof is often most incompetent to find the solution of this puzzle. " -Baroness Orzy

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Loraine Irene Thomas

Superhero Name / Alias: (due to the fact I am indecisive this may change however for now this was [unfortunately] the best I could come up with – definitely opened to suggestions) –the- Watcher

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Physical Description: Clothing, etc.

Everyday: On a regular basis Loraine (Lori) wears denim: denim shorts, denim jeans, and denim skirts make up practically all of the bottom half of her wardrobe. However, she never wears light coloured denim since she feels it doesn’t quite suit her pale complexion, nor does she think it highlights her dark hair and bright eyes. For those who need the rest spelled out, obviously this means she wears dark denim. When it comes to tops and most other similar things like perhaps a long dress, she does wear colours, however never dark blues, after all that would be a complete fashion disaster paired with the dark blue denim she always has on. Usually she wears normal singular coloured tank-tops. On occasion, however, when she is feeling particularly pleased with herself, or if she simply feels like flaunting her simple beauty, she will layer vests with blouses, or perhaps even a couple of polka-dot spaghetti strap shirts. All of them still remain within her simple yet effective sense of style, which means they are all tastefully colourful. When it comes to her hair she will either let it curl on its own or straighten it, of course that depends on what she’s wearing. If the outfit is somewhat frilly she straightens it as to not look bigger that she is, however if the outfit is simple to a point of extremity she expresses her femininity through her curls. Her make-up stays pretty much the same, brown eyeliner, a hint of eye-shadow –usually golden brown-, thickening mascara, some cover-up to hide her flaws, and a small dab of lip-gloss. Hence completing her everyday wardrobe.

Superhero / Costume: Because of her particular super-hero profession, she doesn’t have to go out very much, however when she does she wears a pair of black leather pants, a black tank-top, a black hoody-always pulled over her head, and last but not least she wears sunglasses. Underneath those sunglasses, though she doesn’t take them off so this is really of no importance, she uses a heavy and black eyeliner. Altogether her outfit is simple and at night highly unnoticeable.

Personality: Lori is often mistaken for having emotional disorders, stemming from being around so many fluctuating emotions of people in society. Obviously her ability to ‘shield’ herself is how she protects herself, and a way she will appear at least somewhat normal in her emotional capacity. She has a severe dislike to being vulnerable, emotionally speaking – in other words she doesn’t like have her emotions played with or read, however she does not like being vulnerable in the physical sense either. Lori also tends to have a walk on eggshells attitude towards others, this comes from her ability to sense the emotions of others. On the plus side, she has a unique understanding of every living creature she surrounds herself with. Towards those who Lori does actually trust she is very loving, compassionate, loyal, honest, and playful. With those who are not trusted, she is reluctant to reveal anything, or let psychological walls down, and she tends to be angsty and suspicious, for good reason. She can typically perceive immediately, or soon enough, who can be trusted, and who can't. Ironically enough Lori loves to spy on people whom she likes and dislikes. Sometimes just for the sake of checking in, other times to dig up information that could possibly be used to blackmail the victim. As an aspiring photographer and journalist she has a natural knack for being in the wrong (or under her idealism of situations and the outcome for her career, the right) place at the wrong, or right again depending on her current interpretation of the situation, time. Secondary, and probably the cause of the previously mentioned reoccurring situations she finds herself in, she is extremely curious and loves to solve mysteries which usually requires her to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong. In this way she a detective-like mentality. Ironically enough she is not very vain, she isn’t modest either. Rather she is somewhere in-between but don’t be surprised if she starts bragging.

Superhero or Supervillain?: Undecided

Powers: Clairvoyant Empath – this is rather hard to explain in one paragraph so I will split her abilities into three sections. Empathic, Clairvoyance, and The Effect on the Other. If a word is marked with a star* than that means that it will be further explained in the last section.
Empathic- This means she can feel the emotions of others. Her ability in this area is both un-trainable but well-controlled. This simply means she cannot make it better but nor can she make it worse, however she can turn it ‘off’ or ‘on’, although that is not truly the case. It is better described as her forming a blockade between her empathic abilities and the rest of her being, so she is still feeling the emotions of others however only in one, ignored, part of her brain. This is only effectual as long as she is not having skin-to-skin contact with the person. When she is the blockade is over-run with the emotions and memories* of that person. Through the feeling of the emotions and the ‘seeing’ of their memories she is able to completely understand that persons emotion. Contrary to popular belief, however, she cannot make someone feel an emotion of her choosing whenever she wishes. First of all, she must have be touching them to do anything at all. That and her ability is limited to transferring emotions, and increasing current emotions. Simply put she can only make some feel happy by giving them her emotion of happiness, she can only make them sad by giving them her emotion of sadness, etc. Also, she may not change an emotion but she can significantly increase that emotion, so she can make someone who is feeling a little down completely depressed to the point of suicide, or drive someone who is mad into a completely blind rage, or push a scared person to the point of hopeless paranoia.
-Of course the emotions around her can cause an overflow and overpower her psychic block thus causing paranoia of her own, and a severely sensitive emotional state.
-Feeling every emotion around her can also lead to a severe and sensitive mental state.
-Even more simply it wears he out.

Clairvoyance- The psychic power to discern distant places/people with one’s mind. Also known as Remote Viewing. Though this is not a form of Psychic Navigation (P.N.), she can use PN *. Clairvoyance, allows Lori the ability to think of a place or person, and observe with her mind what they are presently doing. She may view a persons present actions or may see landmarks. This ability can be trained and can be increased in power, however it is very hard to control. She uses many techniques when using clairvoyance and they are veridical dreaming: to dream actual ongoing far-off events; scrying: to use objects to view distant events or persons; and sight sharing: to view another user of claivoyance's sight.
- Users usually have to imagine their targets, no actual images shown
-Requires deep concentration
-May happen unexpectedly

The Effect on the Other- Whenever Lori touches someone, in order to completely understand their emotions her clairvoyant ability almost combines with her empathic ability as to show her the memories related to that emotion. Again this is only done through touch. Likewise with her Clairvoyant power her empathy will merge with her Clairvoyance so that she can find that person with PN which is the power to track people/objects with one’s mind. Lori can trace where targeted objects/subjects are located, and can tell if target is progressing.
- She can suffer from headeaches if used either incorrectly, too much or if the she is untrained. (Which she is.)
-To keep off the side-effects, she must limit herself.
-She could kill herself and possibly (she could at least harm them) the other person if she focuses on them too hard. (Though the reason has yet to have been discovered.)
-Users with unconventional forms of travel could evade this form of detection.

Abilities: Ironically enough though she hates it passionately she might as well be a professional knitter, though she never actually knits. She does, however, cook and she is extremely good at it. Accompanying her knitting abilities is her knack as a seamstress; there is nothing she can’t make look brand new. Writing and photography is also one of her many talents. She makes her living off of her photography.

Strengths: Lori is a very intelligent person and she has many times outsmarted someone. Her ability to know who to trust and who not to (most of the time) keeps her from getting into too much trouble. Ironically enough she is very talented at disguising her own emotions so it can appear to be nearly impossible to upset her. She is extremely flexible due to long years of experimenting with dance (curiosity brought her to do almost everything in existence).

Weaknesses: Lori does not have very good eyesight, she isn’t blind but she can very easily miss small details and she wears reading glasses on a regular basis since she does a lot of reading. Fortunately she uses a classic camera with a magnifying lens so glasses aren’t necessary. Lori also is only as strong as a normal human woman who jogs every morning. She isn’t particularly fast either. Not slow necessarily, but not super-human fast.

Likes: Most foods especially Asian cuisine, weddings and wedding dresses, photography and writing, people watching, laughing, the idea of super-heroes and villains, and visiting her brother’s grave. Colour-wise she loves blues, greens, and royal purples.

Dislikes/fears: Law enforcement. Dying, becoming crippled, seeing her father (her greatest fear), meeting her mother again (mainly a dislike), finding out something happened to either of her parent, her step-father, headaches, black and white, pink, and amethyst.

History: Lori is the child of a police officer and a very special seamstress. Benjamin Thomas was a lieutenant at a local police station during the rise of crime, he was one of the few left; at least that was the case in comparison to the number crime that happened in the city. While he was still young, and had yet to be promoted to lieutenant he met a young beautiful dark haired seamstress named Celaya Ffoulkes. She had come to the police station to share some information she had gathered through her ‘psychic’ ability. Which of course was not the true case, actually she was young untrained ‘mutant’ as they have been called. Her ability, a far more advanced and powerful mutation, which was psychometrics or the psychic power to perceive to the residual information of an object by touching it. In other words she could do everything Lori can do plus more all through touch. About a year and a half after the marriage of the two they had a son which they name Joshua, he was never gifted with any abilities, or so they thought. However in actuality she had the same yet more limited ability that his mother had. In his case he could only see certain moments in time for any objects or living person, this includes the future. He actually saw Lori before she was even conceived, and because he was technically the first to see her he felt a special attachment to her when she was actually born five years later. He practically helped raise her. When she was about six her mother divorced her father and left with another mutant who had telepathic powers. Lori never forgave her mom for it and refused to see her from then on. Her father was very badly effected and though he tried to hide it he couldn’t hid it from Lori thus making her rage towards her mom worse. At first both her father and her brother thought that she was simply perceptive of small actions, words, and tones however her brother felt that there was a chance that she had gained some sort of mutation from her mother. One day Lori had just come home from middle school, at this time she was approximately thirteen and being extremely tired she fell asleep. An hour later she woke screaming and crying. Her brother touched her and saw her using an ability to see someone. At first he dismissed it being that it was clear evidence. However, when she told him what the dream was about, her father getting shot in the head, two hours later he received a phone call saying that their father was in critical condition after receiving bullet to the head. Shocked and terrified he researched in order to keep himself busy while their father ‘recovered’. Benjamin was never truly the same, he is slowing losing the memories he does hold and is not able to gain any more. His motor functions have slowed drastically some to the point where there is no function. He is now unable to remember his daughter and only his son and beautiful wife, so she can’t stand to see him. Back to her brother however, he did research and discovered details about Empathy and Clairvoyance and thus realized that his little sister had abilities like him. He taught her about them over time and when she turned fifteen she was able to control parts of it. Her brother now twenty-three was a police officer or rather a detective. Anyways, he was caught in the middle of an exchange in gunfire and was shot through the heart via another officer, a tainted officer. Hence her mistrust in law enforcement. She went to foster care for three years before leaving and entering the journalism and photography fields. A little more about her actual history, she’s always been intelligent, taking advanced classes in school and surpassing many students, however she refused to skip grades. She’s also always been a people watcher. When she was small she used sit on bench in the park and watch people go by, she recognized most of them could name their schedule tell when they would be there and why, and she loved ‘meeting’, as she called it, new people.

Other: She is allergic to peanuts and bees. However, she isn’t allergic to anything else. She has a huge crush on a particular villain, however she refuses to admit who and it is more a version of admiration. LOL!

Theme Song:* Secret Weapon by Ke$ha

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