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Blaise "Star" Mariette

"You gotta loosen up and enjoy yourself!"

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a character in “Long Lost Brother”, as played by MiraMija


Name~ Blaise Mariette

Codename~ Star

Age~ 19

Personality~ Blaise really lives upto her name. She's never ending ball of energy, but in a more grown up way. She is in now way shape or form childish. Blaise is incredibly irresponsible and relies on Her commander to tell her what to do. She can be a bit of a bitch, but she is never mean so someone who doesn't deserve it. What ever she wants, she will get one way or another. She doesn't need anyone's permission or consent for her actions.

Bio~ Blaise grew up on the streets, so she's was naturally tough. She did what she wanted to only because she could. She loves the life she lived. No parents, no school, no rules, no restrictions. As the years went on, she decided that she might actually learn how to read at least. She bought herself some books, and every so slowly, taught herself to read and write. With her notorious street reputation, she attracted the attention of some prettey bad people. Blaise was too young to care for the warnings that she got.

One night, she was attacked, or ambushed, and one of the people from Alphas was there, saving her. They took her in, and trained her. She learned quickly in a matter of two years before she was named second in command.

Special Skills~ She can be very forceful in her orders, but is also very flexible and nimble. She's more of a gun kind of girl, but will use a knife if absolutely required.

Arm Blade
Regular Pistol
Dragon Dagger

Other~ She's the Second in Command

Theme Song~ Starlight - Tonight Alive

So begins...

Blaise "Star" Mariette's Story


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Blaise pulled up to the house in her sports car and saw the helicopter on the ground with Greaser inside. She smirked, exiting the car, seeing Connor having difficulties gathering all the kids. Blaise quickly adjusted herself to the situation and grabbed Skyler the kid who seemed a little confused and ran to the helicopter. "Come on. I promise that it's safe where we're going." She said to the other girl with a smile. Blaise put Skyler down in the chopper and ran back to help Connor.
"GREASER GET THE FUCKING CHOPPER READY" She laughed hearing him struggle. It was always so amusing to her. She pushed by him and ran out through the back door to hold back anyone that would be there. A man came at her, but she quickly tensed her right arm, and though it seemed she was going to punch him, a blade slide out as if an extension of her arm, and stabbed the man through the heart. She turned to Connor with a smile and said, "God. You really know how to get yourself in trouble.
Skyler sat in the chopper with the same expression as before. He didn't know what to feel anymore. He was lost. He didn't understand the world anymore. He watched as the two new figures entered the scene with smooth transition from whatever they were doing to their hostile actions.


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Character Portrait: Skyler Haytham Character Portrait: Robyn Character Portrait: Blaise "Star" Mariette Character Portrait: Markus "Greaser" Flemming Character Portrait: Connor "Bayonet" Jugtro Character Portrait: Nora
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Nora was still trying to get used to the blood around her as Connor got shot in the leg and then he sliced someone in half. She gave her best to help him walk. It was harder and harder for her to keep helping him. Despite of everything, she continued. The girl felt massive pain in her shoulder. She almost fell down, but continued. Her heart was pounding, she was breathing rapidly and heavily, her whole sleeve was soaked in blood. Nora could barely continue helping. She couldn't hear anything but the helicopter and the gun shots. She didn't even bother reacting at the deaths around her any more, because the pain obsessed her completely.

Nora and Connor finally reached the chopper and got in. The girl was holding her shoulder, which was shot. "Where's Skyler? Where's Robin?" The girl knew that she, her brothers and her father were involved in everything, but wasn't really sure about her step family members. Were they in danger too? "Skyler! You're ok! Thank God..." The girl moaned in pain.


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Character Portrait: Skyler Haytham Character Portrait: Blaise "Star" Mariette Character Portrait: Nora
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Robyn watched as the new strange girl pulled up in her sports car. Wow, nice car... Robyn looked back down to her brother but he was gone. She had a mini heart attack until she seen the girl placing him in the chopper. She exhaled and followed the girls orders until she seen her murder someone. Okay.. That is not normal. Robyn knew she had no other choice, even if getting in a chopper with strangers and her younger siblings long lost brother wasn't the greatest idea. But it was either that or get killed by these guys. She ran into the chopper and seen her younger sister with a bullet wound in her shoulder and gasped loudly. "N-Nora, what happened?! Robyn felt her eyes beginning to burn as she pulled both of her siblings into her embrace. "I was so worried... I never should've left the house, this is all my fault. You never would've gotten shot if only I was here for you..!" Tears began to roll down Robyn's face as she hugged her soaking wet siblings close to her body.