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Cain Nikolai Stonem

"Don't test me. I bite."

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a character in “Long Short Story: Before The Day is Done”, as played by LittleMissGeorgia




Full Name: “You better not be wasting my time...” Cain Nikolai Stonem

Nickname: “Nicknames are for people I like, and I don’t like you.” Cain doesn’t do nicknames. Hundreds of years ago, his close family used to call him Nik, but Cain has made certain that nickname is long since buried.

Age: “Old enough to know that I’m far too good for you.” 356, but appears in his late 20’s. He’s very proud of his ageless immortality and looks down on those who continue to age around him.

Gender: “Now I know you’re wasting my time…” Male.

Species: “Far beyond the likes of you…” Blood Vampire.

As for powers, Cain can tell what a person’s greatest fear is. But he has to touch them for it to work.

He also has a greatly enhanced memory and can memorise huge amounts of information in great deal for a long time. This greatly enhances his intelligence and success of his schemes.

Cain can turn a person to dust at will by touching them, but for it to work he must know their name and they must be sleeping.

Role: “You can call me Boss, or Leader, or Master. Anything that shows, even to the particularly stupid ones among you, that I’m far better than you.” Vampire, Leader of the Bad; Alexander Skarsgard.

ImageAppearance: “There’s only one word that could even come close to describing how I look: Perfect.”

The first thing anyone who meets Cain notices is his height. Standing at 6”4, he towers over most he meets, creating a daunting first opinion. People who get to know Cain are aware he takes great pleasure in using his height to intimidate people. Weighing 85 kg, Cain is of a slim but muscular build and is exceptionally proud of his toned physique. Driven by vanity, he pours hours, every day, into maintaining his perfect body. He gets a high off the admiration of women and jealous of men at his appearance. His skin is smooth and very lightly tanned.

He has an oval shaped face with angular features. Short stubble dapples his jaw and above his upper lip. He has short hair that he usually keeps neatly combed back, although he has had it a little longer in the past. His hair is a mixture of light blonde through the upper layers, darkening underneath to a dusty blonde. He has striking, ice blue eyes. Being fixed with one of his gazes is mesmerising and Cain frequently uses this to his advantage when seducing someone or trying to gain the upper hand. His lips are thin and light pink.

He prefers to wear darker colours; for casual occasions he can be seen in a black t-shirt and smart, dark jeans and in more formal circumstances he often wears a smart, dark suit. In addition, particular favourite item of Cain’s clothing is his black leather jacket.

Personality: “If I told you, I’m not sure your little brain could quite cope.”

The first thing someone would notice about Cain if they were to meet him in the street is his hostility. He assumes himself to be better than anyone he meets and acts accordingly, he rarely gives them a chance to prove otherwise either. He is particularly hostile to humans, believing them to be worthless. He believes they simply exist as blood bags and have no value of their own. Even the humans under his control he doesn’t value, he simply keeps them around as they can be useful and good at blending in. He is almost always cold, bitter and unfriendly on a first meeting unless he wants something from someone. Most view Cain as heartless and cruel. He loves to demean others and make certain they know they are less important than him. He enjoys torturing people and finds pleasure in his pain. He has a short temper and is easy to get on the wrong side of. He comes across as generally nasty and unpleasant.

However, when the situation calls for it, Cain can be very charming. He is able to flick on the charm like a light switch. He is charismatic and uses it to his advantage to manipulate others to his will. He has a velvet smooth voice and can be very persuasive when he wants. He likes to feel in control of people and often uses them, just because he can. He is also very seductive. Having had centuries to perfect his allure, he is near irresistible and takes great pleasure in seducing beautiful women into his bed.

Despite all his bad qualities, he is, however, admired for his intelligence. He is very cunning and sly and enjoys constructing elaborate, clever plans to achieve what he wants. However, there is a downside to his intelligence. He is easily bored and enjoys playing power games and making sure he always has the upper hand. Also, if any of his schemes go wrong he becomes very angry. He is determined to always be on the winning side.

Cain is incredibly arrogant. He honestly believes he is truly the greatest creature on the earth and finds it outrageous that it could be any other way. His narcissism and self-obsession consumes much of his time. He is very vain, spending hours on his appearance and any criticism of his looks he takes very badly, often meaning the critic ends up dead. He is conceited and proud, particularly of his intelligence and cunning.
However, he does care for some. He is very protective of his coven, believing it is his personal responsibility to look out for each and every one of them. He sees it as a personal failure if anything were to happen to any one of them. Being betrayed by his coven is one of Cain’s worst fears.

ImageLikes: “Well it’s sure as hell not you.”

+ Being in control
+ Winning
+ Power
+ Hurting others
+ His looks
+ Sex
+ Exercise
+ Compliments
+ Playing with and using others
+ Admiration
+ Blood

Dislikes: “I’ll give you the short list, or we’ll be here all night…”

- Being disobeyed
- Cats
- Children
- Criticism
- Being told what to do
- Humans
- Being challenged

Fears: “Please.”

- Being betrayed by his coven
- Someone finding him unattractive
- Losing
- Not having control
- Losing his memory
- Something happening to a member of his coven
- Rejection

Weaknesses: “I hope you’re joking… This shirt is new and I’d hate to have to return it with blood stains...”

- His arrogance
- His cruelty
- His sensitivity to criticism
- His short temper
- His impatience

History: "As if I'd ever tell you that..."

Cain was born on the 6th of June, 1656 into a very wealthy family. They lived in the affluent West of London in a grand house. His father, Jonathon, was a wealthy merchant and his mother, Maria, looked after the family estate and her children. Cain also had an elder brother, Noah, who was 5 years his senior. Growing up, Cain was always the favourite son. He showed intelligence and potential while Noah avoided family activities, preferring to spend his time alone. However, whenever given the chance, Noah would belittle Cain and hit him.

When Cain was thirteen, the family travelled out of the city for Noah’s eighteenth birthday to a holiday home they owned. While there, the house mysteriously burnt to the ground, killing their parents while Cain and Noah were outside. Noah inherited their parent’s money and took Cain back to the city as his legal guardian.

As he grew up, constantly bullied and lorded over by his elder brother, Cain became bitter and lonely. When he met Lillian at 26 he had become heartless and arrogant, the sweeter qualities of his youth all gone. Lillian, a beautiful woman with a European accent and an apparent grudge against Noah, seduced Cain. After spending a few weeks together, Cain naively convinced himself that he was in love with Lillian. So that was why, when she offered him eternal youth in exchange for killing his brother he even listed to her proposal. But, despite all Cain had gone through, his now cruel personality and his infatuation with Lillian, he couldn’t bring himself to kill his final remaining family member when all he had against his brother was childish bullying, and turned down Lillian’s offer. But Lillian revealed to Cain, with proof, that it was Noah who purposely started the house fire that killed their parents to get his hands on their money to pay off debts he had run up and escape his parent’s favouritism. Cain’s short temper and bitterness got the better of him and he killed his brother as Lillian had requested. In exchange, Lillian changed him into a vampire. They left England together. It was a mistake Cain regretted for the rest of his long life.

Years later, after lots of time spent travelling round the world and doing exactly as they pleased, Cain and Lillian ended up in America. They both rose up through the ranks of the bad, both maintaining the steady belief that humans were no more than slaves to them; or so Cain thought. When he received news that Lillian had been killed in the war they’d both been involved in fighting, by a human no less, he was devastated. But something didn’t ring true to Cain about what happened. Lillian was older, faster and stronger than Cain. Anyone would’ve thought she would be the last person at risk of death from a human. As Cain looked into her death, he discovered she had been sleeping with a human male, who’d only been interested in getting close enough to her to kill her. But, as Cain discovered, Lillian had really believed they’d been in love. This betrayal came as a shock to Cain, who thought they both maintained the firm view that they hated humans. Her betrayal and subsequent death only helped to make Cain even bitterer, and truly heartless. He quickly became the leader of the bad, burying what had happened in the past.


Theme Song(s): “You couldn’t fit this kind of perfection into a novel, let alone a song.”

Holy water cannot help you now
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn
Your kingdom down

Holy water cannot help you now
See I've come to burn your kingdom down
And no rivers and no lakes, can put the fire out
I'm gonna raise the stakes; I'm gonna smoke you out

Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in my house
See they were there when I woke up this morning
You’ll be dead before the day is done

And it's an even sum
It's a melody
It's a battle cry
It's a symphony

Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in my house
See, they were there when I woke up this morning
And you’ll be dead before the day is done

Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine

So begins...

Cain Nikolai Stonem's Story


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During the days of the war, countless humans were killed, they were slaughtered in their own homes in beds, and they could do nothing to protect them selves, even their highly trained military could do nothing. The supernatural being's had no mercy for children or woman, let alone men. They killed without thinking, wanting revenge for having to hide away for so long. There were people who fought back, but non would make it through a single battle. The Vampires turned out to be the strongest of all the Supernatural, and through they wanted the humans dead and gone, the knew they couldn't live without them, so they formed a court, one being from each race of the supernatural would have a say in their next course of action. They called themselves The S.S.D. which stood for Supernatural Species Divisions. They, together, would rule the world. Vampire's knowing they would need humans to live, decided that they would have to allow some humans to live. The war went on through, for a year humans and monsters clashed. Every single town, city, and house was ruined, destroyed, burnt to the ground and left as a mark that a battle took place here.

When the first snows began to fall the year of 2013, humans were still fighting, but that is when someone chose to intervene. The Seraph, more commonly known as Angels, came to help the humans. The Seraph had been watching the humans and how they hadn't given up, they admired their will to life, and there for thought it would be best to step in now. The Seraph not only appeared to humans who were about to die or be attacked, but also to Vampires and Werewolves and Witch's who they thought deserve a swift death. The Seraph was sending a message to the S.S.D. they were telling them the real battle started now. The only problem was that when they first appeared, all The Seraph put a spell upon all of the humans, knocking them unconscious and healing them all before going on with the war without them.

All of the supernatural being's left the humans were they lay, no longer bothering with them, but instead trying to rid themselves of the Seraph, All of the humans were unconscious for about a month, but they didn't grow hungry or restless until the few hours before they woke, and it was all because of the spell. In face, when the humans woke to the fires starting the vanish and the dust and smoke clearing from the air. The remaining humans ware regaining consciousness and when they wake they will have a choice to make, now the Supernatural are making them a offer, join them and be able to be turned and be able to have a place new world after the war, or join The Seraph and die.

Now as the humans begin to wake up, they have a big choice to make, they can either join the light..or darkness. After all this ins't a child's fairy tale, the light doesn't always win... An this is where our story begins.