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Julia Cat Le'Rouge

"Don't touch me!"

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a character in “Long Short Story: Before The Day is Done”, as played by The_Fallen_Ones




Nickname: Her family used to call her Cat, because of her middle name.
Age: 22
Gender: "Do you really have to ask??" Female.
Role: Lily Collins
Appearance: Julia looks a lot like her Mother, she has long natural dark brown wavey hair and bright blue eyes, through her skin is more pale then tan. She only stands at 5'4 through, but she dosen't mind, sometimes when your shorter you have the better advantage.
Of course no matter how much Cat looks like her mother, she looks more like well.. herself.. She has a delicate looking face, with full light pink lips and rosey cheeks. Her bright blue eyes are brought out by her dark hair that falls down the the middle of her back in large natural waves, through she dose tend to like her hair straight and when it's straight it seems longer.. Julia often wears tank tops, skinny jeans and high heels to make her seem taller, She also tends to wear darker colors like black, purple and blue rather then orange, yellow and pink.

Personality: Julia is really smart, and she tends to speak her mind freely and if she offends someone by what she says she always points out that its only offending because they know it's true.
She dosen't like to be pushed about or bossed so she stands up for herself but it's never a really good thing when she dose because that tends to get her into more trouble then she was in before. She jokes around a lot and uses a lot of sarcasm. She knowns she's smart, so who wouldn't expect her to show off?
She is very imaginative, creative, and extremely crafty. She likes to think out of the box, no matter how ridiculous her ideas are. She hates being told how to do anything, when she should do it, or that she is wrong. She's very blunt, in your face, and can border on rude because she will not hold anything back, she likes to show off sometimes so she tends to do just that and prove to eveyone just how smart she is.

She often gets that sarcastic and witty look like she's about to mess with you. She is extremely good at lying and fibbing and shes mostly and extremely, painfully, stubborn. However, if you should ever, ever get past that side of her, you see the true happy young woman. When she helps someone, she helps them in a natural way, making it seem like she did it cause she had to. When angered, she'll simply glare or just walk away. She hates to be around crowded areas and prefers to be alone most of the time.. Sometimes, Julia tends to say harsh things, when she doesnt mean to. She knows it would probably hurt someone's feelings, but that's just one way she shows that she cares and she thinks if she cold and rough to one person it'll make them stronger aswell.


Species: "Guess." Human of course

Her Nicknames
The Moon
Ice Cream


Small Spaces
Loud people
Rude people
Bright lights


Julia hates small spaces, she tends to freak out and have a full out panic attack when she is put into small spaces.

She has this problem with..large bodys of water, ever since she was little she felt like if she fell into one she would drown. Now i'm not saying she never went to the beach, i'm just saying she has a problem of being out in the open water and falling in, or someone holding her down in the water, even in a tub or pool. She never wants to drown.

History: WIP

Other: She Loves Animals, she used to have a pet cat.

So begins...

Julia Cat Le'Rouge's Story


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During the days of the war, countless humans were killed, they were slaughtered in their own homes in beds, and they could do nothing to protect them selves, even their highly trained military could do nothing. The supernatural being's had no mercy for children or woman, let alone men. They killed without thinking, wanting revenge for having to hide away for so long. There were people who fought back, but non would make it through a single battle. The Vampires turned out to be the strongest of all the Supernatural, and through they wanted the humans dead and gone, the knew they couldn't live without them, so they formed a court, one being from each race of the supernatural would have a say in their next course of action. They called themselves The S.S.D. which stood for Supernatural Species Divisions. They, together, would rule the world. Vampire's knowing they would need humans to live, decided that they would have to allow some humans to live. The war went on through, for a year humans and monsters clashed. Every single town, city, and house was ruined, destroyed, burnt to the ground and left as a mark that a battle took place here.

When the first snows began to fall the year of 2013, humans were still fighting, but that is when someone chose to intervene. The Seraph, more commonly known as Angels, came to help the humans. The Seraph had been watching the humans and how they hadn't given up, they admired their will to life, and there for thought it would be best to step in now. The Seraph not only appeared to humans who were about to die or be attacked, but also to Vampires and Werewolves and Witch's who they thought deserve a swift death. The Seraph was sending a message to the S.S.D. they were telling them the real battle started now. The only problem was that when they first appeared, all The Seraph put a spell upon all of the humans, knocking them unconscious and healing them all before going on with the war without them.

All of the supernatural being's left the humans were they lay, no longer bothering with them, but instead trying to rid themselves of the Seraph, All of the humans were unconscious for about a month, but they didn't grow hungry or restless until the few hours before they woke, and it was all because of the spell. In face, when the humans woke to the fires starting the vanish and the dust and smoke clearing from the air. The remaining humans ware regaining consciousness and when they wake they will have a choice to make, now the Supernatural are making them a offer, join them and be able to be turned and be able to have a place new world after the war, or join The Seraph and die.

Now as the humans begin to wake up, they have a big choice to make, they can either join the light..or darkness. After all this ins't a child's fairy tale, the light doesn't always win... An this is where our story begins.