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Kathryn Adelais Caedis

"If I have to fight, I will - But only for what's right."

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a character in “Long Short Story: Before The Day is Done”, as played by MissBrightside_




Full Name: Kathryn Adelais Caedis
Nickname: Kathy - Given to her when she was a child, her father would always call it and therefore she hates it if anyone else does.
Age: 372 || Appears in her 20's.
Gender: Female
Role: Lucy Hale


Kathryn has incredibly bright forest green eyes which, if you look close enough, have small golden flecks - This makes her already pale porcelain skin even more pallid and yet not exactly sickly, contrasting greatly with her deep red lips.
Her face is usually placed him a 'determined' look and despite her gorgeous looks (mainly due to the fact she's a vampire, this instantly makes her more attractive as she seems very mysterious and sexy.), she's more about brains rather than brawn or beauty.
She has many scars all over her body because of the many fights she's been in, the worst are on her back; they are deep and large, it almost looks as if her back had been ripped apart.

Personality: Kathryn is an independent woman she fights for not just what she believes in but what she knows is right.
Her heart is always in the right place, even if she isn't helping and the fact that she actually cares about everyone can come as a surprise to many as they are used to just being used.
Although, she is definitely one to hold a grudge and if someone has done something truly unspeakable in the past she just cannot let it go and be as accepting as she wants to be.
Kathryn hates fighting but again will do it if it means that good with triumph over the evil that is spreading throughout the world.
Despite her tenderness she is a very serious woman and doesn't tend to joke around.

Species: Vampire - She has the power to control someones mind which includes taking their thoughts and memories, although this has large drawbacks as it leaves only part of her left in her own body so she is easily attacked and she also can only do it for a maximum of fifteen minutes but the good thing is she doesn't have to touch or even have talked to the person before to take them over and there's not really a limit to the distance they have to be to each other, she only has to be looking at them to take them.

✔Good people.
✔Being a vampire.
✔The thought of the 'good' winning.

✘Sexism or just discrimination of any kind.
✘Drinking people's blood.
✘Fighting, but she has to do it if the good are to prosper.

~The thought that Evil may win: Kathryn has had many, many nightmares about this and all of them have ended with her waking up either in tears or screaming, the darkness that those people possess will always terrify her, even if they've been destroyed, what they've done and she's seen will haunt her forever.

~Her old 'friend' Cain: Out of everyone she's ever met, Cain makes her the most afraid and the thought that she used to be so close to him confuses her, she often wonders that if she had stayed so close to him, would she also have become like him?

Kathryn grew up with fairly well off parents, she went to a posh Grammar school and never thought anything like this would happen.
She was a very happy child and beloved by almost everyone who met her - Cain in particular.
Kathryn met Cain when Kathryn's mother held a dinner party to celebrate the birth of Lillian, Kathryn's little sister. Cain was one of the only other children there so naturally they banded together, even though she was three years his senior.
As the years went on they become ever so close, Kathryn did have many friends at her school but none were like Cain, he was and - she thought - always would be her best friend.

However these things would never last and when both Cain's parents died, his brother took charge - Kathryn had also befriended Noah and had once been caught kissing him, she has never been sure who by but all she knows was that she could see someone, standing there - and forbade him from visiting her, Kathryn knew not why - They were all friends weren't they? Why was Cain not allowed to see her? This caused her much hurt and so, whenever Noah would come around to her home she would always make Lillian send him away.
Yet he persisted, Kathryn should have known he would have a trick up his sleeve - Every time he came to visit he would leave Lillian with a love token in hopes of seducing her as she was the only thing standing in between the two; Kathryn's mother having died, her father was out of the country almost all the time since he plunged himself into work.

So, naturally, Lillian had started a blossoming infatuation with Noah and vowed to always stay faithful to the wicked man.
That was, until she found out that he had been sleeping with many other women in the Village, Lillian grew deeply bitter and resentful - Eventually she decided to take action and called upon a friend of hers whom sister was a vampire to turn her and then seduced Cain into making him kill his brother as to not get the blame.

Kathryn knows not who seduced and then killed her sister but she vows to get revenge.
By this time, Kathryn was a grown woman and therefore figured the time was right, she met with a the very same vampire that gave Lillian the curse at a rundown Tavern that nobody would go to.

But on that night, the vampire told Kathryn everything, including her sisters vicious plan and then asked her again whether she wanted to be turned - Whether it was worth it.
Kathryn still went through with it but not with her earlier intentions of killing her sister's murderer but so she could fight against the vampire who seek to kill humans and innocent vampires alike.

She also searched and searched for Cain after that day but alas couldn't find him, and yet one day when she was fighting in possibly the largest battle of her life and Kathryn was searching for the leader as if you kill him, then you render almost all the others useless as they cannot control a battle alone.
Once she had located him, she was about to engage him in battle when she saw that familiar face.
"Cain?" She whispered and sure enough it was him, although, he was different cold and bitterness had stolen him away from her.
He left her with her life, on the grounds that she never tell anyone they knew of eachother. To this day she doesn't know why, if he could kill his own brother, why wouldn't he kill her?
She was nothing to him anymore...

Wasn't she?

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So begins...

Kathryn Adelais Caedis's Story


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During the days of the war, countless humans were killed, they were slaughtered in their own homes in beds, and they could do nothing to protect them selves, even their highly trained military could do nothing. The supernatural being's had no mercy for children or woman, let alone men. They killed without thinking, wanting revenge for having to hide away for so long. There were people who fought back, but non would make it through a single battle. The Vampires turned out to be the strongest of all the Supernatural, and through they wanted the humans dead and gone, the knew they couldn't live without them, so they formed a court, one being from each race of the supernatural would have a say in their next course of action. They called themselves The S.S.D. which stood for Supernatural Species Divisions. They, together, would rule the world. Vampire's knowing they would need humans to live, decided that they would have to allow some humans to live. The war went on through, for a year humans and monsters clashed. Every single town, city, and house was ruined, destroyed, burnt to the ground and left as a mark that a battle took place here.

When the first snows began to fall the year of 2013, humans were still fighting, but that is when someone chose to intervene. The Seraph, more commonly known as Angels, came to help the humans. The Seraph had been watching the humans and how they hadn't given up, they admired their will to life, and there for thought it would be best to step in now. The Seraph not only appeared to humans who were about to die or be attacked, but also to Vampires and Werewolves and Witch's who they thought deserve a swift death. The Seraph was sending a message to the S.S.D. they were telling them the real battle started now. The only problem was that when they first appeared, all The Seraph put a spell upon all of the humans, knocking them unconscious and healing them all before going on with the war without them.

All of the supernatural being's left the humans were they lay, no longer bothering with them, but instead trying to rid themselves of the Seraph, All of the humans were unconscious for about a month, but they didn't grow hungry or restless until the few hours before they woke, and it was all because of the spell. In face, when the humans woke to the fires starting the vanish and the dust and smoke clearing from the air. The remaining humans ware regaining consciousness and when they wake they will have a choice to make, now the Supernatural are making them a offer, join them and be able to be turned and be able to have a place new world after the war, or join The Seraph and die.

Now as the humans begin to wake up, they have a big choice to make, they can either join the light..or darkness. After all this ins't a child's fairy tale, the light doesn't always win... An this is where our story begins.