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Uriel Doren Aleah

"Harm shall fall upon any who should try to place it on them"

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a character in “Long Short Story: Before The Day is Done”, as played by whscorbin



Full Name: Uriel Doren Aleah
Nickname: Light ”I’ve never been sure why they called me this, perhaps its because I was often called upon to light the paths or area or maybe it is because Uriel means light of god. Regardless for reason it is part of who I am now.”
Age: 367

”Time has little meaning to those born before its existence and as age is simply a measure of that it holds little sway over me. I would prefer to measure a person’s worth not by the time they have existed but by what they have done during it. After all Lucifer is the eldest of my kin and yet I would not call him the greatest. ”

Gender: Male ”One should not ask questions that can be answered by opening ones eyes”
Role: Logan Lerman

Appearance: When one thinks of a statue carved in marble, of the way each feature is forever engrained and holds a sense of permanence, a balance between ruggedness of the jagged edges and the smoothness that takes decades to create. Uriel is no less than that, a statue given life almost. His eyes are a sharp light blue that resembles the skies above while each of his facial features have a distinction and smoothness to them that blend together well. He has short cut brown hair that always seems to be in a state of controlled chaos. Away from that his body isn’t too large, standing at 5’9 his arms and legs are strong and toned, his body ready to move at the slightest moment. When he does move though it is with a calm and smooth gait, each step seeming to float for a moment before touching the ground.

Personality: Uriel can best be described as the observing warden, a being sitting through a willing vigil. Patience and temperance are key attributes that he possess, basically he doesn’t know what a good time is. Uriel spends much of his time in quiet contemplation, thinking through his actions and possible situations while studying just about everything. Filled with an almost unquenchable curiosity it isn’t odd to find him observing his opponents or even his allies. Most who know him expect his steady and unchanging pace and as such are surprised by those instances when he takes action or calls for action to be taken quickly, this seeming paradox of personality is simply an exemplification of the fact that his observations have taught him that sometimes it is better to take action than risk being caught on the wrong foot.
Uriel once spent an entire week in front of a mirror practicing how to smile, the reason being that he has a hard time grasping emotional expression. That isn’t to say he doesn’t feel anything, just that he doesn’t understand most of it and how to express it to the world around him. His time spent studying people have created a sort of disconnect between himself and most of the world, he keeps himself at a distance for the most part and watches the workings of the world go on. Internally though this is caused by another thing, loneliness. He watches and observes people because it is the only connection to that he is used too, his lack of companionship made it so that he sought out people to watch, people he hoped could end the loneliness that he feels. So far only a few have grown close to him, one being his leader.
Species: Seraph, his power is that of soulfire. He can summon up the energies of creation and project them outwards to some degree, this is where the whole sword of fire idea comes from. He can use this to reinforce his blows or project it outwards to illuminate an area. If used on a person it burns them intensely. Use of soulfire on anything he isn’t in direct contact with requires focus and energy use. The power is fueled by his own soul and as such if he uses too much of it he runs the risk of leaving himself an empty husk. Rest and time are the only ways for him to regain used pieces of soul.

The open sky
Large Crowds
Drugs and Liquor


Fears/Weaknesses: As with any person who studies something, they become emotionally attached to it. Uriel has become attached to humanity as a whole and as such can’t help but fear harm coming to them, their destruction haunts him and so he fights to stop it. Uriels other fear is of the hated vampires and werewolves, he can’t help but fear the corruptive power they hold, the ability to pull others along their dark path. What if he is not as immune to it as so many believe? Uriels’ power is like a drug for him, using it causes to want to use it even more, a risk that could cause him to kill himself from overuse.

History: Uriel has mingled with humans to one degree or another for the last hundred and fifty years. He has learned a lot about them and has done his best to help those he could, to lead them along what he thought of as a good path. He spent a lot of time staying out of sight though, watching from the sidelines and doing his best to not get involved too much. When the war broke out he was the first to call out for intervention, which they could not sit on the sidelines. Before it though he didn’t have much action in his life, now he has more than he ever wished for.


So begins...

Uriel Doren Aleah's Story


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During the days of the war, countless humans were killed, they were slaughtered in their own homes in beds, and they could do nothing to protect them selves, even their highly trained military could do nothing. The supernatural being's had no mercy for children or woman, let alone men. They killed without thinking, wanting revenge for having to hide away for so long. There were people who fought back, but non would make it through a single battle. The Vampires turned out to be the strongest of all the Supernatural, and through they wanted the humans dead and gone, the knew they couldn't live without them, so they formed a court, one being from each race of the supernatural would have a say in their next course of action. They called themselves The S.S.D. which stood for Supernatural Species Divisions. They, together, would rule the world. Vampire's knowing they would need humans to live, decided that they would have to allow some humans to live. The war went on through, for a year humans and monsters clashed. Every single town, city, and house was ruined, destroyed, burnt to the ground and left as a mark that a battle took place here.

When the first snows began to fall the year of 2013, humans were still fighting, but that is when someone chose to intervene. The Seraph, more commonly known as Angels, came to help the humans. The Seraph had been watching the humans and how they hadn't given up, they admired their will to life, and there for thought it would be best to step in now. The Seraph not only appeared to humans who were about to die or be attacked, but also to Vampires and Werewolves and Witch's who they thought deserve a swift death. The Seraph was sending a message to the S.S.D. they were telling them the real battle started now. The only problem was that when they first appeared, all The Seraph put a spell upon all of the humans, knocking them unconscious and healing them all before going on with the war without them.

All of the supernatural being's left the humans were they lay, no longer bothering with them, but instead trying to rid themselves of the Seraph, All of the humans were unconscious for about a month, but they didn't grow hungry or restless until the few hours before they woke, and it was all because of the spell. In face, when the humans woke to the fires starting the vanish and the dust and smoke clearing from the air. The remaining humans ware regaining consciousness and when they wake they will have a choice to make, now the Supernatural are making them a offer, join them and be able to be turned and be able to have a place new world after the war, or join The Seraph and die.

Now as the humans begin to wake up, they have a big choice to make, they can either join the light..or darkness. After all this ins't a child's fairy tale, the light doesn't always win... An this is where our story begins.