Colette 'Coco' Benoit

Daughter of Aphrodite

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a character in “Lord Griffin University for DemiGods”, as played by WheresWally



Name: Coco Benoit

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Caucasian (French)

Child of: Aphrodite

Appearance: Coco is tall and slender, with a waspish waist which a grown man could almost (and many have tried) clasp his hands around. She's the archetypal redhead, with pale skin and big, green eyes.

Personality: More like her mother than she'll ever know, Coco is passionate, volatile and dynamic; she's comfortable being the centre of attention. She's charming and provocative so she makes friends - mostly male friends, admittedly - easily. She doesn't much care for academia, or other such boring things, she'd far rather be sipping cocktails or dancing with handsome strangers.

Hobbies: She appreciates fashion, and beautiful art.

Powers: She can make mortals fall in love with her with a look, make mundane things seem beautiful or special in a particular person's eyes, and when she kisses someone, it leaves a mark - like a permanent lipstick stain - on their skin forever.

Likes: - Fahion
- Art
- Men
- Parties
- Champagne
- Black and white movies

Dislikes: - Boring people
- Bad hair days

Weaknesses: - Inevitably, given her parentage, Coco has a weakness for men.
- Her vanity and ego are easily bruised
- She's a terrible fighter
- Lightning

Bio: The product of a wild and short-lived relationship between the Goddess Aphrodite and a French student, Coco was left on her young father's doorstep as an infant and he raised her alone. She had a fairly normal childhood and adolescence until shortly after her sixteenth birthday, when her father explained who her mother was. After finding out about her Demigod status, she met and befriended Akira - Zues's son - and he is the reason she was persuaded to attend Lord Griffin's.

So begins...

Colette 'Coco' Benoit's Story