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18 || Heterosexual || Apprentice

Filinian is a thin man, with very little muscle on him to add to his physique. He is average in height, standing around five feet, seven inches in height, and could best be described as a bony individual. While he is not malnourished, he just as has little on his body to hide the bones beneath his skin, which is why he tends to wear loose fitting clothing such as robes and cloaks to mask his appearance. He considers himself lucky that his face does not have this issue and that his hair being black with a tint of dark purple to it and his red eyes tends to draw attention to his face.


Many would refer to Filinian as a prodigy in the arts of magic and sorcery. Despite his young age, he is very adept at manipulating the energies of the world around him and within him to cast a variety of spells. He is still learning, which is why he is a student of the great mage, Tharak the Red. His personal repertoire of spells are pretty basic, from energy blasts, barriers, healing spells, spells to manipulate the elements around him, as well as other small or mundane things. However, he is quickly expanding his arsenal under the direction of his master.

He is a very quick learner, is what also makes him such a great student of Tharak. His ability to learn though is not limited to just magic, as he is able to learn from the mistakes of others and his own very quickly. He would much prefer to learn from the mistakes of others, but he is not one to let his ego get the best of him and he will analyze his own faults to fix them, as he knows he is not perfect.

Lastly, he is determined to succeed in saving Reimrand from the weakness he sees in the Yustri family line. He will do anything and everything to save his home, even if it means giving his own life to do so.

His two biggest faults are that, for one, he is not physically skilled or in shape. He has little training in physical combat, to the point that most anybody could defeat him in such a fight. He relies exclusively on his magical abilities to carry him through a fight, though he'd rather avoid a fight all together if possible.

His second is that he is still young and inexperienced. Though he is very intelligent, he has little to no knowledge on what it takes to accomplish what it is he is trying to do. It is why he has devoted himself to Tharak, as The Red Mage is the one showing him how to accomplish the goals he so desperately desires. In some ways, he could be considered desperate in that he is so dependent on Tharak's guidance.


Filinian considers himself to be a crusader for Reimrand's recovery and safety. He is on the goal of removing the Yustri family, which he sees as a weak and rotten foundation on which Reimrand is barely standing on. He is determined to remove them so that new, stronger leaders can step in to guide Reimrand back to it former prosperity. He will do whatever he can to save his home and ally himself with whomever he needs to if he believes they can help him accomplish that goal.


So begins...

Filinian Rethimara's Story


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#, as written by Siryn
The young man’s eyes were closed, though his face was wrinkled due to his intense concentration. He sat cross legged on a cushion, a book lying open in front of him and the room was lit by four braziers that hung from the ceilings, burning with a fire that did not feed off of any visible fuel. The fire seemed to burn off of the metal beneath it, yet the metal showed no scorch marks of any kind on it, no soot building up where the flames licked it. The light the four provided showed a decently sized room, where one wall was covered in bookshelves and tables, the tables covered in various alchemical tools and ingredients. Another wall had a circular table with one leg beneath its center, and the top of the table was carved with runes and symbols.

The man’s body was covered in long, loose robes, so much that they hid his legs from view entirely as the loose cloth came down over them. Even his torso and arms were difficult to tell apart as his arms rested calmly along his side and his hands in his lap. Just behind the book, a metal bowl had incense burning within it, giving off a very pleasant aroma throughout the room as the smoke slowly filtered throughout, swirling about the air when it floated by the braziers above and were dragged along by the current of the heated air.

Finally, the man seemed to relax, his eyes opening as he looked out from beneath his black hair, looking through the locks that also had a slight tint of purple to them as he stared down at the book. His mouth curled into a scowl as he sat there, hands curling into fists as he then slammed them against his legs. “Dammit! He’s still alive!” he said, growling through gritted teeth as he eyed the book in front of him. “The damned things didn’t work.”

A voice behind him made him jump, though he only turned his head slightly as he already knew who it was. “This was not about killing him, Filinian. I had already told you that, didn’t I?” the firm voice spoke, though it did not sound condescending in its words.

The young man, Filinian, turned his head to look as the man walked by in front of him before he looked back down to the book. “No, but it was still a chance that failed. How can I
not be upset by that?”
He asked, looking up at the man in front of him. The man stopped, turning to face Filinian and looking down at him. His outfit was more protective than Filinian’s was, as the man wore a mix between leather, dyed red, and plate armor over his form. Up to his shins and his entire arms were covered in metal, and a cuirass covered his torso. Around his neck hung a red scarf, and between his legs hung a red sash trimmed in silver. His hair too was short and black in color, most of his brow exposed as his bangs were cut far back.

The man smiled down at Filinian, bending at the knees and resting on the balls of his feet, his arms coming to rest on his thighs as he looked at the younger man in front of him. “Filinian, this was to see if you had taken the next step in your studies. Do not be upset that The Prince was not slain, instead cherish the fact that you were able to successfully enchant those items and have them function exactly as you intended.” The man reached out, resting a gauntleted hand on the mage’s shoulder, “You are at an age where you should still be flinging nothing but fire-balls and making lights, and yet here you are, performing magic that people twice your age are learning to do. You are an adept and fast learner, and you should cherish the fact you were able to accomplish such an act.”

Filinian watched the man before him, before looking back down, this time to the burning incense that sat before him. The material was almost used up by this point, but now that he was done it was hardly an issue. He really only had it because it helped him to concentrate, and the spell he had been using just a moment ago to look into the Reimrand palace and see his work firsthand was not an easy one to accomplish. It was also why he had chosen his workshop to do it within, as that way he could lock the door and prevent possible interruptions. Sadly the spell he had used only allowed him to see, and not hear, what had occurred. It was also a bit slow to move to a new location, as it took a few moments of concentration to move the view point.

He looked back up to the man before him, managing a smile as he did so. “You are right, Master Tharak. I guess I should be happy I was able to enchant them as such.”

Tharak smiled, squeezing the young man’s shoulder before patting it as he stood up. “Good, good. Now then you should go eat and drink some water. That spell can be a bit taxing the first few times you use it so you need to recover from it. You’ll get used to it soon enough, but not this time around. Now go.” He said before standing to the side, watching as Filinian stood up, then bowed his head to the senior mage before turning and heading out of the room. Tharak simply gave him a smile as he left, Filinian shutting the door behind himself as he walked out.

Deio’s huge weapon swung in arcs. The ax head sharply clanging with several of the heavy training obstacles in the yard. The blade recoiled, pulling back just as he turned into another half circle to strike a second dummy, then a third, and so he continued. Pivoting on his foot and making half circles in the dirt as he lashed out to each metal training post. He was doing it not only as a way to keep his skills honed, but also to pass the time. The cursed weapons had been sent already, in fact they should have reached their destination by now. He was trying to keep his excitement at hearing the news of the Prince’s horrid death to a minimum.

Also in the field with him, but not training, was a woman. Seated far enough away from him so that he couldn’t reach her with his weapon, she had her sword across her lap with a cloth rubbing up and down it’s length as she cleaned it. Her long pale blonde locks were pulled back from her face with a simple tie as she bent over the blade. For the most part she’d ignored the man entirely, like she did most every day.

Despite his attempts to get her to speak more than a few words to him, she was pretty good at ignoring him and getting around him without having to say more than what was necessary. She, of course, knew that he was looking for a good time with her and in all honesty, she’d much rather put her blade through his eye than end up in bed with the brute. It was thoughts like those that made her scowl. She had a hard time remembering why she was even in Reimrand to begin with.

Whatever led her there, though, landed her in with the group she was currently employed with. Tharak’s reasons sounded well enough to her. He wanted to save a dying land. She could see why. It was his home. If her’s was dying as his was… She might be inclined to do the same. In fact… She was pretty sure she would. Her cloth paused for a moment along the edge of the sword. Memories of fire, smoke, screams and blood took over for a moment before she pushed it all aside.

Who was she kidding? Her home had already been destroyed. Which was why she was out to destroy those that had done it. And she would stop at nothing to get it done. Perhaps this was just her first step in that direction. Maybe she would get lucky and find one of them. She shook her head. No. She wouldn’t find them here. What she would find, however, was the strength and ability to defeat them when the time came. As it stood right then, they would kill her in a heartbeat should she lift a blade against them.

“Are you going to sit there all day rubbing one spot, or do you plan to actually do something with that weapon, Lukina?”

In her trance of thought, Lukina hadn’t noticed Deio stopping in his training and making his way over to her. He stood a good two feet away from her then, leaning on his heavy weapon, his upper body glistening with sweat from his training session. He gave her a grin as his one eye gazed at her with that same disgusting look of lust as he’d always given her.

Standing, Lukina sheathed the weapon with a scowl on her lips, “Don’t you have something you wish to know about?” she shot back as she nimbly stepped around him and headed towards the building where Tharak resided.

Deio laughed as he trailed after her, lifting the ax and letting it hang off the top of his shoulder, “I do, but Filinian will let me know when he’s ready. After all, that kind of magic takes time.”

Lukina continued walking toward the building at a rapid pace, her scowl still in place, “I find it hard to hear you of all people have patience,” she muttered to herself as she shoved the door open and strode inside.

Filinian walked through the hallways of the rather small building, munching quietly on some pieces of bread he had scrounged up from where they stored their food. He’d eaten mostly rations and such, which had consisted of bread, cheese, and some simple walnuts. It had been quick to finish, and his master had been right about the spell taking a bit of a toll. The young man hadn’t noticed at first, but when he had gotten up and began walking he began to feel the effects of fatigue on his body, though now it had been staved off by his small meal.

What would their next step be, he wondered. Tharak had given no details so far, and now the young apprentice was left to wander and wonder. It looked like he’d be left to study more of his art before they were given another set of directions to follow by Tharak.

He brought his eyes up when the doors in front of him were suddenly shoved open somewhat forcefully, Filinian stopping mid-stride, a piece of bread sticking out of his mouth as he watched the blonde locks of the Dhaemaran mercenary sway back and forth as she strode into the building. Recovering from his momentary confusion, he pushed the piece of bread into his mouth, nodding his head to her as she walked by. ”Hello, miss Aymidor.” he said, though his words were somewhat muffled by the bread in his mouth.

He moved to the side some to give her room to pass before his eyes then turned to settle on the much larger figure that was Deio, Filinian just watching him as he swallowed the food within in his mouth. He frowned a little as the man walked in, as honestly Filinian wasn’t too much a fan of the man. He was simply too violent for the young man’s taste; he was hardly the kind of person Tharak needed to try and help Reimrand. Still, Filinian wasn’t one to be rude to those who helped his and his master’s cause, “Deio.” he said, nodding his head in greeting before he turned his head to watch Lukina continue on down the hallway.

Lukina’s gaze shifted to Filinian as she strode past him. It was a brief look, but she met his gaze none the less. Out of most of the men she’d found herself surrounded by, Filinian was one of the few she liked, that and Tharak, though even he tended to give her chills every now and then. So, when he spoke to her in greeting, she gave him a very warm smile as she passed, “Hello, Filinian,” she answered and though she would have liked to talk and speak to him, the brute was still chasing after her, so she continued on her way. Lukina would have a chance to talk to the young mage at a later time, and preferably when she wasn’t fending off the horrid attempts of a desperate man.

Deio, on the other hand, stopped his forward momentum as he caught sight of the small mage. He gave Lukina’s fleeing form one last, longing look, before he turned to Filinian who addressed him with simply calling his name. Deio frowned just a little before he let his ax drop off to the side and lean against it. Even if Filinian didn’t really care for him, Deio wasn’t going to treat him with any disrespect. After all, the man served Tharak, whom Deio utterly respected and would do anything for. If the young mage was to be the man’s apprentice, then so be it.

“Tell me, did your wonderfully crafted swords kill the wretched man?” Deio asked, giving the young man due credit for the hard work as well as the perfectly executed spell crafted into those blades. He leaned forward, a wicked smile on his lips as he eagerly awaited the good news.

Filinian watched Lukina walk off before he turned his eyes to Deio’s large form, shifting away slightly when the man leaned in towards him. His frown deepened at the mention of the blades, the mage turning his eyes to look back down the hallway as he brought his arms together, sliding his arms into the opposite sleeve so that they were now hidden from view.

“Thank you, Deio, but I only enchanted the swords. It was Reller who crafted them. Which reminds me, we may have an angry craftsman to contend with soon if he learns what we did with his weapons.” he pursed his lips together for a moment before sighing, turning to look at the man next to him. “And no, they did not kill Valrien. Though he was injured, he managed to survive the attack.” again disappointment slid its way into his tone. Now things would only get more difficult, as The Yustri would be watching his back now.

“Hell, they failed to even kill off his royal guard. Instead we only have a few dead guards to make up for it. The Yustri also has visitors from Dhaemar as well. The kings he has made friends with. I can only wonder at this point where we intend to go next....”

“That… Is a pity,” Deio said slowly. Though he was disappointed in the fact that Filinian had failed in killing the Prince, he couldn’t help but to feel a bit of excitement boiling through his blood. He could only hope that Tharak would let him do as he wanted next.

“Well then. That is rather interesting news. Kings are they? How… Intriguing. Well, I think it’s my turn, now isn’t it,” Deio asked, his voice taking on a wicked sounding tone while his single eye seemed to dance with all of the vile thoughts that swarmed through his mind. The things that he could do, that he planned to do… Deio was willing to bet his life that he could make that wretched, wimpy little Prince kneel and beg, even over his own life in return for a couple of Kings.

“Where is Tharak? I wish to discuss some… Ideals with him. You say there are Kings here… Let’s use them as they should be used. Bringing someone else to the brink of death is sure to have that little Prince offering his own head to us on a silver platter. Not to mention more than one Deio said, his grin never slipping from his lips as he started down the hall in search of his beloved leader.

Filinian narrowed his eyes as Deio walked past him, the young mage walking after the man as he moved. “And how is it you hope to get close to the Yustri without being cut down first of all? Or to the kings without being cut down by any of them? They aren’t just...it is not as simple as them being royalty. One of those kings fought off the possessed soldiers easily, and bare handed too.” He quickened his pace to keep up with the larger man, lowering his arms as he had to jog slightly to catch up.

“Second, that particular king has his own one-eyed swordsman accompanying him, and frankly that fella worries me too. Then the white haired king has that...foreign fella following him around with a bow. You won’t be able to just nab them and do whatever you want with them, Deio.” He said, now walking next to the larger man.

“You have no imagination, Filinian,” Deio countered as he continued down the hall. His mind was already reeling with plan after plan, most of them ending in lots of death, none of them his own of course, “I don’t have to be right in front of one of them to kill them,” he stretched out his hand, allowing his dark magic to manifest there and wrap around his fingers.

With a grin, he glanced over to Filinian as he slowed his stride just a little, “I can take away their power, their energy bit by bit, kill them nice and slow for the idiot Prince to watch helplessly. Or I can overwhelm them with so much power they’d die simply from the pressure of it. Not quite as slow and pleasing, but effective none the less,” Deio continued as he let the power curl for a while longer before he snuffed it out by crushing his fingers into a tight fist.

“And who said I would just nab them? I can easily kill those two Kings from a distance, perhaps if I convince Tharak, I could just kill the Prince while I’m at it. Though it would be much more fun to watch him squirm instead,” Deio’s voice lowered to a sadistic growl as he turned back to look down the hall in search of his leader, “If they so happen to stray from that castle.. Well then, more luck for us. I’ll be in the area anyway. Only then will I… ‘nab’ them, dear little Filinian.”

“Oh no, no imagination at all…” Filinian said sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he said it. He slipped his hands back into his sleeves, turning to look ahead as his face scrunched in thought. It was a fair point, though it just didn’t feel so simple. “And your plan for not being seen while you drain them? Perhaps you missed the part where I mentioned the archer and the fact he appears to be a rather good shot?”

Once again, Filinian couldn’t stop himself from jumping slightly when the voice of his master came from behind the two of them. It was just something he couldn’t help, as he’d always been prone to flinching from most things. “Yes, the one who shares similar blood with our dear miss Aymidor actually. Not family of course, but countrymen none-the-less.” Filinian turned around to see The Red Mage standing there, looking between the two of them.

Tharak turned his head to Deio, “So, what is your answer to the young apprentice’s question, Deio?”

Deio turned around to face the man who had spoken. Letting his weapon down off his shoulder, he gave Tharak a short bow to him, “Lord Tharak…” he addressed him first before listening to the question, or rather statement given to him. To that, he gave a grin, “My Lord, the palace is rather large, is it not? I doubt even an archer could shoot through solid marble. Even so, i do not have to target just the two Kings,” he said as he glanced over to Filinian.

“From what you’ve seen, is the idiot Prince close to those other two men? The one eyed one and the archer?” if the answer was yes, or even a maybe, then Deio would have his answer to any other questions. Killing the archer or the one eyed warriror -or both even- would be just as good as killing the pair of Kings. Hell, Deio would be happy to kill even just one of them. Perhaps he would start with the archer just to spite Filinian.

As Deio stood, waiting for the answer, his grin seemingly grew larger as his plans solidified on what he wanted to do. He could almost hear the archers screams already. The taste of blood wasn’t too far off either.

Filinian looked away a bit, muttering a quiet “No.” to the first question. From what he’d seen, the one-eyed fella clung strictly to either a blonde haired gentleman or to the fist-fighting king. As for the archer, he exclusively choose to stay near the white haired king. In fact, from what he’d seen it almost seemed as if the The Yustri was a bit apprehensive of the archer. “I suppose to you are correct in the archer being unable to fire through walls.”

A thought came to his mind though. Before he had cut off the spell, there had been a new arrival, one he had seen a couple times before. Yet based on how she, The Yustri, and even the royal guard had looked and expressed to one another, there was some kind of connection there. Whatever it might be.

“Say what it is you are thinking about, Filinian.” Tharak’s calm voice said, the man watching the young apprentice.

Filinian looked to Tharak, clearing his throat before glancing at Deio and speaking, “There was also a woman you could possibly target. White haired, seems to prefer rather...revealing clothing, she’d be hard to miss. What the relationship between her and Valrien are, I am not sure. Judging on how they reacted to one another, and even the royal guard seemed content to see her, well there is a possible angle to work from.” He then shrugged, glancing to Tharak before back to Deio, “It is something to consider, Deio.” Filinian said

Deio’s grin couldn’t have gotten any wider as he listened to Filinian. As he stood there, leaning against his weapon, he chanced a glance over to Tharak as he spoke, “Well then, it looks like I have quite the opportunities then don’t I? Quite a few to choose from. Perhaps more than one if I get lucky. It seems this woman though is very promising in the least. Now, what a pity, for the young idiot Prince to lose to something as simple as a woman.”

Deio kept the fact that he was averse to killing her himself. Oh, he would take her away from the Prince, that much was for certain. How badly would The Yustri want her back? Enough to offer his life in return for the chastity of his woman? Maybe. Deio crossed one arm over his chest as he rested against his huge weapon. He still desired to kill someone. Maybe he’d get that chance, he would just have to see.

All that he needed then was for Tharak to allow him to go through with it, “Well then. I’ll plan for the woman. If I get lucky, I’ll grab her and another, maybe kill one of them, and I promise by the time I’m through with it, the Prince will be on his knees before you, my Lord,” Deio said, finalizing the plans that ran rampant through his head in a brief description to his one and only King.

Tharak watched Deio for a few moments, glancing over to his apprentice who simply glanced between the two older men. After a period of silence, Tharak then looked back to Deio. “Well, if you have a plan then feel free to do so. Assuming of course you think that it’ll help.” He then stepped past Deio, placing a hand on Filinian’s shoulder to usher the young man along. “I will take Filinian and miss Aymidor with me, as I need to grab something for my apprentice.”

Filinian did not resist the pressure on his shoulder, moving along as his master moved him along. He looked back at Deio for a moment before he looked at Tharak, [color=007bff] “There is? What is it? Also, wouldn’t you want us to assist Deio in catching the Kings or this woman?”[/color]

Tharak lowered his hand as he began walking, looking over to Filinian with a smile. “Deio does not require assistance, Filinian. Besides, this will allow us to kill two birds with one stone, as we will be heading into the lion’s den to retrieve this item and Deio will provide a magnificent distraction for us.” he did not lower his voice to hide the words from Deio, mostly because he figured that it would not stop Deio from doing the task or enjoying it any less. If anything, it’d probably make him happy to know he was helping. “As for what it is, all you need to know young one is that it will help you and us, alright?”

Filinian watched him for a moment before nodding his head. “Alright then, Master Tharak. Do you want me to retrieve miss Aymidor then?” Tharak simply nodded to the young man, Filinian not waiting a moment before he began walking down the hallway in the direction Lukina had gone, Tharak stopping and watching him go. He then turned to glance back at Deio before he then turned and walked down another hallway.

“My Lord,” Deio all but purred the words. No, he did not need any help. Not that Filinian wasn’t capable or good at what he did, but Deio prefered doing some things on his own. To make it even more appealing, the fact that he would be providing a distraction gave Deio even more cause for his plans, and even adding to what he was going to do.

Oh he couldn’t wait to get his hands on those Kings, and their bodyguards. A cruel grin spread across his lips as he turned to watch Tharak lead Filinian away. As the young mage left the hall in search of Lukina, Tharak’s gaze met Deio’s. The large warrior simply gave him a short bow and turned on his heel.

The sooner he left, the sooner he would be able to hear those screams he was looking forward to.


Valrien sat at the head of his table, a map spread out across the length of it. It was an old map, one of which had just started to map out the regions of decay when it had started to happen. It was one of the few that Valrien could find that would be relatively close to what the land was like right then. All the others were before the decay thus he knew they would be of no help at all. Even so, it was going to be one hell of a guessing game.

However, what was at the forefront of his mind was not the Durak’s, but those wretched swords that had killed a good portion of his soldiers and left him wounded. His fingers traced down the bandages absently as he sat there. After sleeping for quite a few hours -unintentionally, he’d only meant to sleep for an hour at the least- he had woken with plenty of energy to use to heal Siya, which he did immediately just as he’d promised to do.

So, with a completely healed and lively looking Fire King to his right, Damiano next to him, Lutchka, Harlan, Amon as well as Kanan and Minnow to his left, Valrien planned what he wanted to say and what they needed to do silently for a while as he stared at that damned map.

“We’ll start with those swords. Then figure out what to do next. Where did they come from? Who made them?” he asked, fairly certain that Harlan had told him at one point, but he couldn’t remember for the life of him what the name was or if the young guard had even said so in the first place. Everything had been such a blur after all.