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A Sudean Divine now in the servitude of the sinister Waste Witch.

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a character in “Lords of Rock”, as played by Nulix


"I can show you a miracle."

Name: QunithImage
Sex: Genderless
Age: 28

Physical Description:
There is something serpentine in Qunith's features. Narrow slanted green eyes rest with heavy bags, all beneath a downward brow. A soft lipped, wide mouth with laugh lines imprinted on each side. A curved oval face, tanned from the sun, covered in small scars and freckles. Qunith's face can both look soft and carnivorous, though there's something in the eyes that seem untrustworthy. Something in the eyes that seem as though they are staring you down like prey. Curly grey hairs run down Qunith's head, the colour a result of many alchemical baths given by the Waste Witch. An incredibly lean figure, Qunith is thin and nimble but with a wide shouldered frame, making them look deceptively larger than they are.
Clothing: Qunith's garbs are designed by the Witch of the Wastes, the Great Smith, and are in uniform with their sister servant Talideth. Qunith's outfit consists of leather boots built for the desert terrain, a near indestructible gold and metal weaved tabard over a mostly bare body, and a long, black fur cloak. Their body is adorned by golden jewellery with magical properties crafted by the Waste Witch. They are connected to Talideth by a neck collar of indestructible metal.
Height: 179cm / 5'ft 10"in
Weight: 68kg / 150lbs
Skin Colour: Olive
Hair Colour: Grey
Eye Colour: Green
Sex Appeal: 8.5 - Great Butt

Home Town: Athaja
Occupation: Thrall of the Waste Witch
Culture: Sudean
History/Bio: Born in the former Sudean capital of Athaja during the reign of Ajab Abaj, Qunith was sorted into the Divine Caste at a young age. The Divine priests were raised genderless and trained to help Sudeans of other castes communicate with the gods both spiritually and physically, and learned to act as human vessels for their wills. When the Sorillians invaded Qunith was nine and well into their studies. Along with forty other priests they were selected to visit the Sorillian governor and bless the invading force.

The Sorillian's at first claimed that Abaj was still ruling from aboard the Devil's Trident, a lie designed to give them time as they figured out the balance of power in their new colony. During this time the capital began to grow more violent, as it became clearer to the Sudean people that Abaj was no longer in control. Sorillian legionnaires came in to set up martial laws. It was at the end of the Sorillian occupation that Qunith's life was set to change. With word that the Sorillian capital planet had fallen the legionnaires grew restless and in an act of rebellion the warrior caste revolted. The city was set alight as the warrior Phoenix reclaimed their home and drove the Sorillians out of Athaja. The holy quarter burnt, fighting engulfing every inch of the district. An explosive iron grenade exploded into Qunith's body as they fled with the other priests. Worryingly to the other priests, Qunith hadn't noticed the shrapnel embedded until it had already bled for several minutes. They could not feel the pain, and the next day a doctor from the Healer Caste diagnosed Qunith as a leper. As a result they were banished from the Divine Caste- only the healthy and without ailment worthy of being vessels for the gods.

Casteless, on the street, and alone for the first time in their life Qunith struggled to survive. They spent their teenage years in the politically unstable Athaja, doing low work in order to make coin. It was during this time Qunith took up the fighting staff, the streets hardening them to how cruel the world could be- and what an advantage not feeling pain could be in combat. Around them society was collapsing, factions rising left and right as Abaj was declared a false Emperor. The castes became less and less material as the people broke apart. A feeling came over all Sudeans that the gods had abandoned them. But for Qunith, the collapse of the castes presented an opportunity.

Qunith promptly left Athaja to travel the rest of the Sudean world. They hide their leprosy under black robes, illegitimately reclaiming their title as a divine and working as a rogue priest. Occasionally they would be ousted as a casteless, usually when crossing paths with another priest from the capitol. But the chaos in the land of the Sudeans meant such incidents were of little consequence. If they were ousted in one village there was always another. Eventually Qunith fell into the company of a merchant caste trader who travelled the Kajo Narrows by river-boat. The merchant, a mere teenager, traded throughout the region and managed to maintain a small crew from different castes. Qunith became the ship priest, a role they’d fulfill in the little lord’s life for nearly two years.

But the Rock in the age of warlords had become a dangerous place, and the Kajo Narrows were no different. Danger lurked around each corner for the crew, and each voyage was becoming a grimmer and grimmer adventure. As Qunith’s disease grew worse they became concerned their sickness would reveal itself. A fellow shipmate, a bodyguard and member of the warrior caste was the first to learn Qunith’s secret, using the information for blackmail. Their life aboard the vessel grew precarious but in the end it was the leprosy itself that did Qunith in. Whilst the crew fought pirates in the Floe Qunith’s weakness overtook them, and they were thrown overboard into the frozen waters.

Qunith washed up in a cave, barely alive and with death fast approaching. It was in that damp darkness that a figure approached, a one-eyed galactic woman. The woman introduced herself as the Great Smith, a Witch from the Wastes. The witch made them an offer and a promise. Their soul in exchange for new health, and a promise that they would be closer to the gods than any other Sudean had ever been before. Faced with death as an alternative, Qunith agreed.

Nursed back to health in the witch's cave in the mountains Qunith began to heal. Amazingly, it was not only their injuries that healed, but their leprosy too faded. For the first time since they were a child Qunith could feel. Qunith felt they had finally seen the power of the gods. And that power was real.

In the cave the witch had a great forge, and from it made them a staff of rare metals. It was during this time that Qunith met the witch's other thrall, another Sudean named Talideth. Talideth & Qunith were both assistants and subjects to the witch's experiments, and she eventually bound the two with a magical steel collar so that they could not separate. After several years Qunith remains one of the witch's servants, and they aid her as she continues her magical experiments in the wastes of the Rock...

Equipment and Weapons: Qunith wears a chain-weaved tabard and has a staff encrusted with stones from alien worlds, all crafted by the Witch of the Wastes.
Styles, Powers, and Abilities: Qunith has a breadth of knowledge in Sudean religious studies. In addition Qunith has skills from their time adventuring and on the streets of Athaja, such as lock picking and combat with staffs and other blunt weapons.

So begins...

Qunith's Story


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As the sun hovered precariously over the horizon of dune crests, the water glowed with a brilliant, orange and pink hue. Captain Ash sat at the back of a boat, filled with strange cultists who he really had no capacity to trust. Still, they could prove useful, and so far as he and the other Lords of Rock had seen, they were much less of a threat than Theory. His mind still dwelt on the Gun, his family, the warlords of The Rock, the Galaxy as a whole...

Ash's attention was quickly turned to the boat running along across from his, with Seru, Horik, Qunith, and Talideth aboard. It appeared a fight had broken out, and it seemed liked Qunith was trying to choke out Horik.

The Captain sighed as be blew out a puff of smoke, dumping the contents of his pipe into the river as he placed it back in a pocket of his jacket. He looked around the boat to to see what he could do to resolve the situation as he pulled his jacket off, revealing the shoulder holsters that were hidden underneath, and the two pistols that were sheathed in them. How he managed to wear that kind of gear comfortably was a mystery, and would likely remain one. Ash laid the jacket on a nearby crate, then pointed at the cultists menacingly. "Touch anything, especially my pipe, and you'll have signed your own death warrants." Finally, his gaze landed on a long line of rope, and the thing that was attached at its end...


As Seru leveled the gun at Qunith, a small bump rocked the boat gently. The other boat, which Ash was on, was now pressed up against their boat, a metal grappling hook held onto the side explaining how he closed the gap so quickly.

The Captain gave an appreciative look to Seru as he approached Qunith, shoving them back and away from Horik. They stumbled only slightly, but maintained their balance and avoided the embarrassment of falling. Ash held his ear near to Horik's mouth, and after a few moments nodded with a soft smile.

"Still breathing, so hopefully that means she's fine. You, however Qunith, have truly worn my patience down to its last strand. As I recall it, you owe a debt of life, and attacking Horik like this certainly doesn't help you pay it off. And might I add, I've been quite gracious in not 'collecting it early', so perhaps you should show some gratitude by showing even more restraint."

His words had a bitter bite to them, but mainly he was concerned for Horik, Seru, and the rest of the Lords of Rock. The last thing they needed was more infighting, especially while they sought out allies.

Ash took a seat on a crate, pulling the rope along with him as the other boat slowly drifted back a distance. "This trek has been rather dreary wouldn't you say? Perhaps we can try to fight the beasts of boredom, perhaps one of you has an interesting story to regale us with?" He looked to the other, conscious, members of the group.


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"This.. This world's been rotten," Horik spat as she slowly sat up, a hand gently holding her throat. She coughed and cleared her throat, her voice hoarse as she threw words at Qunith. A low rumble could be heard from the worm that now swam alongside them. Horik's gaze went up to Talideth's face, scowling but making no move again to lunge.

"This place was no damn sanctuary to begin with," she continued with a snarl. "The Skylanders just made this damn pussridden sack of a place burst when they upset the pissing contest between Alarisset and Ajab."


"Certainly hasn't changed much," Argent said with a small smile as he eyed the young girl who had ridiculed him. He then hunkered on down next to the kids and sat cross-legged, looking up at the old man with interest. "Tell me, old man. What else do you know of the Baons? Of what is beyond this here lawless space now? Of who that man is smoking his pipe?"

Argent turned to face the man who had been blowing rings with his pipe.