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A soldier who lives for Cobran.

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a character in “Lords of Rock”, as played by Kiyokojordie


"Ah, a good view and a juice."

ImageName: Seru "Ru"
Sex: Female
Age: 24

Physical Description: Seru has many of her mothers features; dark hair, round cheeks, a small nose and full lips. Yet she seems to take after her father - wild unkempt hair that reaches her lower back, narrowed eyes framed by thick eyebrows and lines that touch her eyes in a way that makes her look older than she is. She has a muscular build and thick body hair, and dark tattoos that sweep across her back and arms. On her right arm is an ugly scar that covers her entire upper arm, most of her shoulder and some of her back. Purplish veins traverse from the scar across her skin.
Clothing: Light leather and cloth Skylander wear, with additions of a green Nomad style cloak and various metal amulets hanging from her person.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 75kg
Skin Colour: Dark Tan
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Sex Appeal: Uhhh shes pretty I guess? Other than the gross scar on her arm.

Home Town: Cobran Caverns
Occupation: Soldier
Culture: Nomad/Skylander
History/Bio: Daughter of Neda of the Nomads and Mohan the Skylander, Seru was born and raised in the Gecko clan alongside her brother for much of her childhood. Their father was absent for the majority of their young lives and it was their mother who raised them until her untimely death a year before the Rock was abandoned by Sor and left in the brink of absolute anarchy. When the wars started the Gecko clan decided to move west past the Kajo Narrows, however they were intercepted by a budding warlord where some of her clan were slaughtered. The rest of the Gecko were left to scatter, including Seru and her brother, who met their father Mohan shortly after. Apparently he had been searching for them for years, so the two children joined him and lived together for a few somewhat peaceful months. They moved from place to place and she began to learn the ways of the Rock outside of their previously Nomadic life. Once the wars began to worsen Mohan took his people and began to travel south toward the mountainous ranges of the Bright. Mohan was involved in a sudden conflict and was killed by Guardian Tera Roth before they got there.

The group of fleeing individuals continued on to the Bright, where they found a cave complex in one of it's towering mountains and made what was meant to be a temporary home. However, the soon-to-be people of Cobran found that the caverns were a safe place, secluded from the rest of the Rock and it's dangers. After finding a hidden, invaluable treasure within the caves they decided to stay. It has been 12 years since, and Cobran is thriving.

Seru grew up as a Nomadic child and then was introduced to a Skylander life. She helped build Cobran from nothing and watched it grow, all the while exposed to various cultures that make up the Rock. Most of her life has been spent around an assortment of traditions, people and experiences. When Seru was old enough she joined the Cobran army as a scout and later a soldier.

Equipment and Weapons: A pistol, a rifle, a dagger and a bottle of unknown liquid.
Styles, Powers, and Abilities: Seru is a skilled ant rider and has excellent aim. Due to her Nomad heritage she has a special connection with animals and wildlife of the Rock.

So begins...

Seru's Story


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Character Portrait: Captain Ash Character Portrait: Qunith Character Portrait: Seru Character Portrait: Talideth Character Portrait: Horik
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As the sun hovered precariously over the horizon of dune crests, the water glowed with a brilliant, orange and pink hue. Captain Ash sat at the back of a boat, filled with strange cultists who he really had no capacity to trust. Still, they could prove useful, and so far as he and the other Lords of Rock had seen, they were much less of a threat than Theory. His mind still dwelt on the Gun, his family, the warlords of The Rock, the Galaxy as a whole...

Ash's attention was quickly turned to the boat running along across from his, with Seru, Horik, Qunith, and Talideth aboard. It appeared a fight had broken out, and it seemed liked Qunith was trying to choke out Horik.

The Captain sighed as be blew out a puff of smoke, dumping the contents of his pipe into the river as he placed it back in a pocket of his jacket. He looked around the boat to to see what he could do to resolve the situation as he pulled his jacket off, revealing the shoulder holsters that were hidden underneath, and the two pistols that were sheathed in them. How he managed to wear that kind of gear comfortably was a mystery, and would likely remain one. Ash laid the jacket on a nearby crate, then pointed at the cultists menacingly. "Touch anything, especially my pipe, and you'll have signed your own death warrants." Finally, his gaze landed on a long line of rope, and the thing that was attached at its end...


As Seru leveled the gun at Qunith, a small bump rocked the boat gently. The other boat, which Ash was on, was now pressed up against their boat, a metal grappling hook held onto the side explaining how he closed the gap so quickly.

The Captain gave an appreciative look to Seru as he approached Qunith, shoving them back and away from Horik. They stumbled only slightly, but maintained their balance and avoided the embarrassment of falling. Ash held his ear near to Horik's mouth, and after a few moments nodded with a soft smile.

"Still breathing, so hopefully that means she's fine. You, however Qunith, have truly worn my patience down to its last strand. As I recall it, you owe a debt of life, and attacking Horik like this certainly doesn't help you pay it off. And might I add, I've been quite gracious in not 'collecting it early', so perhaps you should show some gratitude by showing even more restraint."

His words had a bitter bite to them, but mainly he was concerned for Horik, Seru, and the rest of the Lords of Rock. The last thing they needed was more infighting, especially while they sought out allies.

Ash took a seat on a crate, pulling the rope along with him as the other boat slowly drifted back a distance. "This trek has been rather dreary wouldn't you say? Perhaps we can try to fight the beasts of boredom, perhaps one of you has an interesting story to regale us with?" He looked to the other, conscious, members of the group.