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Lords of Rock

The Rockaverse

545 INK

a part of Lords of Rock, by Nulix.

The Land of Plenty

Nulix holds sovereignty over The Rockaverse, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

16,711 readers have been here.


A Rock Hard Land for Rock Hard Men.
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The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


The Rockaverse is a part of Lords of Rock.

11 Characters Here

Syra Onnet [118] A thrall who seeks more from life.
Captain Ash [23] A man gone wild, either by lust, by wars, or by the desert sun. Or maybe he's just clinically insane.
M'Kama [14] Life and death, two sides of the same coin. With that in mind, he crafts his own luck.
Horik [4] The desperate desolate explorer
Talideth [2] A devout believer, an empty vessel.
Qunith [2] A Sudean Divine now in the servitude of the sinister Waste Witch.
Seru [1] A soldier who lives for Cobran.
Tackel [0] An oasis of justice in a lawless land.
Frey [0] A violent child in a violent world.
Otis Lariat [0] A young Guardian with boundless optimism.

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#, as written by Nulix
The old man glared at Argent, hatred and prejudice deep in his blood. "Whose askin', shitto?" He huffed, looking the man up and down. The man was at least one hundred years old. "You one of them... city boys... comin' out east lookin' for... gold, fortune?" The frail, elderly man grinned. "I could BREAK you like a TWIG."

The children began to laugh at Argent.


Syra was awoken by an arrow nailing into the wood of the boat beside her thick skull, catching her hairs in it's stone head. Suddenly from the dunes surround river a party rose, equalling the number of cultists who had accompanied them down river. They were all equipped with rifles or bows, aimed squarely at the boats. They had dark, tanned skin and wore leather armours of hide- clearly Sudeans from the Kajo Narrows. "Group of destruction! Return to your shit-hull! We have no want of your gods here!" A sudean man called. "Emissary of Ravi! Go back!"

Qunith frowned, glaring at Caressa. "Friends of yours?" They inquired.