Lord of Chaos,Evil,and Change

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a character in “Lords of Zarconia”, as played by phaloxian


He has pale skin, and shock silver hair, that has a red stripe down the middle of his haircut, which falls over his eys and ends at his cheek, covering his purple eye, and leaving his pitchblack one visible. He wears a Black trench coat, with a tight black T-shirt,that fits snuggly over his lean muscles, and shows them off(he does have an ego, just so you remember.). He wears a black utility belt, and black cargo pants, that are tucked neatly into black combat boots.

Height: 6 Feet 10 Inches
Hair: Shock Silver Hair,
Eyes: Shock Silver
Body: Thin, with lean muscles


Being the Lord of Chaos, and Darkness, he is bound to be insane, you just don't notice it, until he gets angry. Khaoes has always seemed slightly off, one he named himself Khaoes, and he is the God of Chaos, and supposed to be the Lord of Ingenuity as well, two, he switches between helping and destroying, except for current time, when he just wants to destroy the gods. He is said to be a great tactician and inventor, and the bringer of death, and chaos. He has a great ego, but refuses to underestimate opponents, despite his great ego. This is why he is the God of Chaos, he is all over the place.


Multiple Relics
No Other information Avalible


With the beginning of the Universe came Chaos. Within 3,000 years of the universes chaotic creation, things had calmed, life had sprung up, and all was quiet, and peaceful, for the immortals, then Chaos brought Death into the realm, and poisoned the first three worlds, that they could find, he had brought something terrible. In an attempt to save the other worlds, and themselves, the other immortals locked chaos and his allies away, with him went the now immortal beings he had said would be granted power, they still gave them their loyalty, despite their loss.

After going into a 10,000,000 long sleep, the escaped, and found that the universe had changed, the worlds, even the ones that had not been affected by death, had collided, and mixed together, creating one huge world, they saw this as something to take advantage of. The Gods, not ready for their return, were defeated the first night, the events following the following month are unknown, but currently the world has broken into hundreds of factions. Now things are different, the whole universe is at war, gods are being brought down by mere dragons, which have suddenly become incredibly powerful, having finally ascended to god-hood, and the gods were warring with each-other, this may very well be the fall of the gods, and rise of the drakes, possibly the rise of chaos, but it is up to you so what will you choose....chaos or order, darkness or light, good or evil, cures or the blight, unity or power?

So begins...

Khaoes's Story