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"This world will be mine" WIP

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a character in “LORE: The Heroes Legacy”, as played by TheUnnamedOne


Shiki Vathrian


"This world will be mine. Starting with you"


Name: Shikiren (Shiki) Vathrian
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Race Traits: Unknown at this point in time
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class: Necromancer; Summoner; Death Mage



"Contrary to popular opinion, looks do not define a person - their thoughts do."

Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: aprox. 90-100 kg
Body type: Somewhat Muscular and tall
His hair is Brown/Black with tints of blue and sometimes red depending on the light. Or maybe magic. No one knows for sure. He also is able to change his eye color to suit his mood.

As he uses more magic at a time, colour drains from his hair. When he uses less magic the colour returns to his hair.

His tattoo that marks his blood contract with the current king of demons completely covers his chest. This tattoo prevents him from dying but causes him physical pain the more magic he uses.




Mind control


Telepathy over a long distance

Immortality (immune to old age)

consuming souls of witches




Weapons: Armor:
~A Longsword that can extend its ~Black cloak with healing magic
reach using shadows ~Armored boots
~Vials containing various poison
~Spell book of unknown content

Other Equipment:

Unknown at this point in time

Strengths: Weaknesses:
Huge amount of magic power Physical pain caused the more magic is used
Moderate pain threshold Unstable magic, a lot of spells don't go as planned
Immune to old age and poisons Terrified of the current King of Demons
Immune to Mind abilities (If I put more weaknesses the story wouldn't be very interesting :P)
Ability to fly a short distance
Immunity to light magic



"Every time I kill I get stronger. How do you hope to compete with that?"


Raise dead: Raises a (or multiple) dead bodies. The weak the creature and soul, the more he can raise at a time.
Mind control: Can control weaker creatures with his mind, only a few at a time.
Telepathy: Extremely strong version of the usual ability. Can "Broadcast" to a large group of people; send different messages to different people at the same time; communicate over large distances; Look into an unguarded or lightly guarded mind without being noticed.
Summing: Can summon demons from the old world as well as creatures he creates contracts with to control.

Known summons:

Jynx - Snow tiger demon that he uses as a mount and battle companion

Levishan - Sea creature he uses to patrol the seas and to sink ships if he wishes it.

Pheonix: A swordswoman he summons to use as an assassin. Whenever she dies she is reborn as a baby with all her memories and skills but she ages three times as fast as a human. Immortal unless killed.




So begins...

Shiki's Story


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Through her sleep Kael could smell blood. And hear a crashing like someone was running quickly. In the back of her subconscious she realized she should probably wake up, but her body was so tired that her mind didn't make the connection between 'wake up' and opening her eyes. She danced halfway between awake and asleep, memories and dreams flickering behind her eyelids. Everything was so vivid and yet gone in an instant.

First she was a child, running through the cabin she shared with her mother, watching her mother laugh and the woman's blonde hair shake. It was one of the only times she saw her mother happy. The only time she had not looked at her own daughter like she was a monster to be exterminated.

The image changed quickly to a clearing, covered in fire and green acid; bodies littered the ground and Kael was a young child still. She was frightened of the bodies, of the fire, of everything. A giant Dragon lay on the ground to the side, sadness rolled off his nearly dead form and Kael knew his name was Tanis.

Again the image changed to a training session with Screthin. He was teaching her about Myths and Legends throughout the land, of Witches and Dragons, of Ogres and men, of animals and Elves. He was teaching her old stories and new ones he had heard. This was the only time where she had felt welcome, and accepted. Screthin had been like a father to her in the place of her murdered one. He had taught her everything, had taken care of her, called her a fool for the stupidity she brought on herself, and had praised her when she made progress. There were times when she thought Screthin was simply ordered to do these things by the High Dragons. Maybe he was being punished for something as well and his punishment was taking care of a brat of a Dragon kid. But then there were times when his eyes weren't guarded and she could see unexplained guilt and loneliness and she thought that maybe he was just a cast out like her.

Another image, she was swimming in the ocean and everyone was there, they were like fish. They cut through the water and everyone was alive and happy, this made no sense but before she could question it the scene changed.

She was in a large and old castle. Everything was grey or red, and there were cobwebs everywhere. She knew if the place had been cleaned up it would've been beautiful. Just as she knew outside the castle was a swamp that used to be a beautiful green forest full of life. She could tell someone was there behind her.

"Why do you hide? Why do you run from your power? Even when it was available to you, you never fully activated it. Why?"

When she spun around she could see a man, with dark hair and dark eyes, eyes that were guarded like Screthins had been. She knew who he was but .... she didn't. It didn't make sense, none of it made sense. He felt so real and she walked forward, to touch his cheek. He was ice cold, nearly frozen. He felt and smelled like death and power. When she spoke her voice was just a breath.

"Who are you? Why is your voice so familiar?"

He chuckled and it terrified her. His eyes turned bright red and black feathered wings shot from his back. She tried to jerk her hand away but he held in place against his cheek. When he smiled a cruel smile she could feel her heart drop through the floor. His fangs were incredibly sharp and stained with fresh blood.

"All your friends are going to fail, I will make sure of it. I will torture them in front of you, and then when you are broken your true power will activate and I will finally be free from this debt. Goodbye little Dragon."

She screamed and her eyes shot open. Confused she looked around and saw that she had been sleep walking. She found herself in a field, looking at Malik and Blue. Malik looked like he was in pain and Blue looked confused. There was a dead animal next to her winged friend. She was suddenly very scared.



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Kael didn't say anything as everyone went to bed, she was too busy reading her spell book. So many spells in here that she didn't even know about! There was one in here about making someone believe they were living their most dearest fantasy while the caster slowly sucked the soul out of them. Granted, something like that would take ages for her to learn... she had only just recently worked out how to cast a fire spell properly. Man did that hurt her hands. And the shield that she had used to protect her and Blue was in here too, but she noticed it was slightly different. Though how it was different she couldn't be sure.

She looked through the book for a long while, scanning the pages for who knows what. There were legends about werewolves, wtiches, angels, vampires and their relationships with Dragons. There were famous Dragon Slayers in here. Kael frowned at she read that page before gasping and jerking a little. Her mother was in here. Kael had known that she was supposedly very successful as killing Dragons but.... she was right there in the book. And her most famous kill was Kaels father. Her eyes turned to red and a few tears formed before she swiped them away angrily.

There was another name in here too, two names above her mothers and sitting a few names below the top of the list... Ridger Adavahr... Kael frowned thinking where she heard the name before. As she scanned the list, trying to remember she saw that there were a few people with that surname. It... looked like a whole family was successful in the act... a whole family. Kael stared wide-eyed at the page. Was that Blues family?! Relief filled her when she saw that his name was nowhere on the page. Maybe she was wrong and that wasn't them. Near the bottom of the list was a name that was underlined in red and under the word TRAITOR. Keal frowned as she read the name. Shikiren. There were no other words written near the name, and she wondered what it was supposed to mean.

Figuring she should head off to sleep to get her energy back she nodded to the ones still awake and walked to the edge of the clearing. She didn't want to sleep in a tent right now, she wanted to feel the cold and to smell the wind. Leaning against a tree and clutching her spell book to her chest she leaned back and fell asleep nearly instantly, questions still running through her mind.


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She was asleep. She knew that much. She was also in the castle from before, with a voice speaking her to full of cruelty and fondness. Vaguely she noticed that she had heard his words but her exhaustion had prevented her from registering any of them until now. This man was like her apparently, half Dragon. Half something else. Thinking back she realised that the groups suspicions of Witch blood running through him was correct. He was half Witch. The rest was something about his mother and her mother and their fathers and...his name. His name was.....Shiki. that was it. So she had a name for him now. He had started this whole conversation why? Oh. Right. She had asked him how he was capable of latching onto her mind so easily.

"--ine continued long after yours ended. I was quite entertained to see you slaughtering so many people, by the way. I felt complete agony when you were forced to stop and caged in this....husk you are now. You were glorious once, magnific-"

"I don't care."

He blinked and frowned at her, silently demanding she explain. "All I care about is killing you, even if it destroys me you will be dragged through the seven hells. Slowly and painfully if I have anything to say about it."

By the time she finished speaking, Shiki was glaring with red eyes. His jaw was clenched and his breathing short and quick. It looked as though he mind lunge at her and while their physical bodies weren't present, Kael knew it would still hurt like hell. All at once the emotion left his eyes and he relaxed, putting his hands in the air with a smirk.

"You are very welcome to try, of course. But should you fail in killing me, know that I will cage you and make you watch everything you love slowly rot. And then when you have nothing left again, I will force that magnificent creature into existence again." He bent forwar a little to stand eye to eye and grinned at her before turning and waking away while waving.


The dream shifted and she was relieved to find she was no longer in the castle. However now she was surrounded by shadowy figures whispering around her. Kael walked forward, uneasy but thankful that the man was no longer seen. Slowly bits and pieces of the whispers reached her ears.

"She didn't do much, let the beasts eat so many of us."

"Well she does hate humans. I think there isn't a single she does love actually."

"And now she's content to watch the world suffer around her. What a disgusting creature."

She stopped walking and looked around at the fluid forms. "What? That's not tr-"

"Saved one but somehow couldn't save the poor dwarf girl? Excuses I think."

"I think she was being selfish. She just didn't want to die."

"Exactly. She could have saved them, if she had pushed harder."

Kael placed her hands over her ears and shook her head, trying to block them out. "Stop it. I won't listen. I won't!"

"Broke the poor guys heart too! Ran away first chance she got"

"I always told her she would never be any good in a group. She is only good at letting people die. She couldn't even save me."

Wait...Screthin??!?! Kael searched but all the shadows looks the same. "Screthin I ... Wait, I've changed I can protect people now! I WANT to protect people! Pleas--"

"Give it up Kael, you will only disappear on us when we need you. You have a habit of doing that."

She shook her head and started breathing faster. "Dante? I-"

"Yeah I mean, I'm not sure why I didn't just leave you in that field. How do we even know that you aren't working with the necromancer?" Malik? But Malik was her closest friend.

"Come to think of it, you have an awful lot of information Miss Kael."

"Thalin please don't susp-" Kael choked off a sob. These were her friends voices.

"And why have you abandoned me? You've barely spoken a word to me since we got to this damn town."

"I-" she couldn't argue with that, Blue had a point. Something had been bothering him and she knew it and yet...she had been way too focused on finding out why Dante was hiding something. Some friend she was.

"Why did you let me die?"

"No!" Kael fell to the ground with both fisted clenched. Tears were streamed down her face and she shook her head. "No. No I couldn't save you, I couldn't save anyone ok?! I'm weak because of this curse and instead of doing something about it I'm letting myself be tormented! You aren't real! Any of you!" Red eyes caused the shadows to shrink away slightly. "I can't believe such a simple spell caught me. Leave me be!"

With her angry words the shadows skittered away and the whispered dimmed to a low buzz around her. After they were gone Kael was bombarded with a sense of trouble. It was time to wake up.