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Juno, or June.

DOB 03/18/1999.xxxxxxGENDER Female.xxxxxxSEXUALITY Bisexual.

ZODIAC SIGN Pisces, the fish.xxxxxxOCCUPATION Record store clerk, aspiring singer & songwriter.

QUOTE "At some point we all look up and realize we are lost in a maze."- John Green

HEX CODE #7C1820 xxxxxxSONG INSPIRATION Six Feet Under, Fly Away With Me.

CODENAME Junie B. Jones

In appearance, Juno is a fairly attractive young girl with intense eyes, like the endless seas of gunmetal blue are known to be suspects to drowning victims who stare a little longer than usual. Once she blinks, the long lashes of hers open to a massive tsunami. For a girl who speaks nothing, her eyes seem to do most of the talking for her in most ways with the aid of her iconic eyebrows. Juno's hair is a natural platinum blonde color, almost giving the impression of being silver, of course she has dyed the soft waves a pastel blue in her past. As far as style goes, Juno tends to distance herself from the trendy sorts often finding inspiration from the early 90s, mid 80s. Most of her clothing come from thrift stores at a reasonable price. She enjoys loose fitted clothing, a quirk of hers to buy a pair of overalls a size or two bigger; however, she isn't one to waste money if a clothing piece becomes worn infact she is skilled enough to craft a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans to her liking with a pair of old converse, or vans to go along. In addition, she has a tattoo.

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Juno is a lisztomania at fault. Music, preferably
indie-folk is something that she cannot live without.
She always has her headphones in her ears to obscure
herself from reality & into the world much unknown.
A fan of mysteries, Juno is skilled in deciphering any
riddle others may have trouble with mostly because she
has well-developed from playing chess w/ her brother
at a young age. Juno has a love for bonfires, gathering
around friends & drinking long neck A & W Root beers
while watching as the flames flicker under the cool November
night. What very little may know about the 17 year old is she
has an unhealthy obsession for Marlboro cigarettes. Mason
was usually the one to calm the habit. Lastly, Juno has a keen
eye for reckless adventures, like hanging out at junkyards,
tagging street walls. She enjoys watching independent films &
chewing gum, and stargazing on her rooftop during her free time.
Meat. She absolutely hates the thought of anyone wanting to harm a defenseless animal to satisfy hunger. That's what fruit, vegetables, and nuts are for. Politically, Juno is not one to favor the Conservatives and their outlook. She enjoys innovation and free-spirits willing to revolutionize the world. Juno has a loud voice when it comes to activism and will most likely speak up against authority abusing their power. Juno hates conflict, especially when it involves her friends. She's quiet, but if she notices her friends arguing she doesn't hesitate when it comes to breaking up a fight. Juno is not an early riser. She hates waking up early, and alarm clocks for that matter. If she could, the heavy sleeper would sleep in the entire day. People who underestimate her silence for stupidity and liars are on the list of things Juno hates. Lastly, Juno hates licorice. It usually leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.





Quiet, honest, impractical, curious, brave, observant, independent, calm

To say that Juno is shy would be much of an understatement. The young girl prefers to stay silent during most circumstances often thinking what she would never say out loud. Taught at a young age to keep her nose from sniffing into other people's business, she remains on the sidelines until something critical enough happens giving her a reason to step in. Otherwise, Juno is an honest individual. Never to be caught in a lie as she is to never give one. She sticks true to her words almost independently, and if something were to rub her the wrong way she isn't hesitant to give her opinion on the subject whether it hurts others or not. The girl is not easy to be gullible.

Nevertheless, Juno is a curious george to an instinct. When it comes to finding an answer to a question, the girl never settles for less. Like, why is the sky blue yet the galaxy remains dark & obscured? Why are we here? And when we die, where do we go & do we get a second chance at life? She believes that the answer is out there, all she has to do is find it. She remains dauntless to venture on an exploit through most circumstances. She isn't afraid of heights, nor at a young age she wasn't afraid of insects that other girls' were squeamish about. Because fear often leads to anxiety, so Juno would rather live feverishly until the end of time.

Quiet, Juno is mostly existing in a fantastical world where unicorns are real and leprechauns continue to collect missing gold at the end of a rainbow. Some may say it is childish of her to believe in such fairy tales, but Juno vouch to live each day without regrets. Every wild adventure thought of has guaranteed to have been done by her, skinny dipping, walking along train tracks, & cliff jumping into restricted waters. She has a bucket list she lives by.

Often calm & collected, Juno tends to not act on impulse. She was trained by her brother to allow herself to take baby steps & not to stress when something doesn't go the way she half expects it to, but to get up & try again. Although, a little danger here & there never hurt anyone. Living in the segregated part of Los Angeles has taught her to be street smart. All in all, Juno is loyal to both her group and her family. She is trusted to scratch their back long before they scratch hers.

Juniper and Mason met at a young age through their father's who were great friends and coworkers alongside each other, and ever since the two became significantly close. If their mothers weren't assigning them to a play date, they met at barbecues, picnics, and sometimes the Bass' would invite the Bronwyns' to go camping with them. To put it simply, Juno grew up with Mason. They both gone through puberty together and shared embarrassing stories longed to oneday tell their grandchildren. Of course, Juno had always been a quiet girl, but with Mason opening up became natural almost instinctively. She was there when he came up with the idea to started the Los Angeles Neighbors' Club with the other kids next door in fact she was the one who had praised him for it. But, that was years ago before Mason's disappearance ended up on the front cover page of the LA Weekly newspaper. Without Mason around, Juno feels a bit lost. He was the one she was closest to. Still, something about his disappearance doesn't add up and Juno is the first who insist to find its missing pieces.

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          Growing up in the projects of Los Angeles, California life has been a constant struggle for the young blonde. Sometimes unable to walk to the corner store for a pack of gum without half expecting to get mugged or gun down, & when she does make it safely the store clerk has a tendency to closely speculate all who enters, expecting an item to go missing in the hands of a thief. That's how it always has been. Sirens sounding at midnight, chasing down whatever criminal broke the law, or the authority just wanting to pick on the weak. In the ghettos, it's "eat or be eaten" at least that's what life has taught Juniper Bronwyn. She was smart enough to keep her mouth shut from the drug deal happening down the street, or obnoxious neighbors waking up the city with their arguing, and their parties. She mostly sat on her windowsill watching all the madness unfold. With her parents working late night shifts, Juno was always left in the care of her older brother, Finneas. That's how they got to be so close within the years. Six years older than her, he watched her back, singing lullabies in the wake of their parents return.

          At the age of 8, luck struck the Bronwyn family. Juno's father got a new job, a higher paying job, just a few minutes outside the outskirts from where they lived; working alongside a nice man, Mr. Bass. And that's when she got to meet Mason Bass. The kid was respectable and well liked in the community, much of a surprise to Juno why he wanted to be her friend in the first place. But, they were great friends at least that's what their parents wanted to be. Their mothers always set up a play date for them in advance, birthday parties weren't planned without inviting the other firsthand. Sometimes the Bronwyns' were invited to any & all family gatherings the Bass' held because the Bronwyns' were like a close family to them. Mason & Juno grew up together, gone to the same Elementary school, Junior High, & High school thereafter. She was there when Mason had an idea to start a Los Angeles Neighbors' Club with the kids next door. He was always the one to come up with brilliant ideas before anyone else had the chance to. That's how he got to be Valedictorian, topping the rest of their class. So, Juno wasn't surprise when he got accepted to Stanford.

          It was his disappearance that was shocking, of course the Bronwyns' were upset when they heard the news. Immediately, they left to take a home cooked platter to the Bass' for reassurance. They never hesitated to comfort them; however, it was Juniper who felt that something was off. Knowing Mason, he just wouldn't up & leave without a warning. She was the first to notice the suspicions, & of course the first to insist that the Los Angeles Neighbors' Club find out what was going on.

          Today, as everyone prepare themselves for the next chapter of their lives, Juniper is unsure where the road may lead her whether dead or alive there isn't a clear picture what route she wants to take. Having been already accepted into Oberlin College with a full scholarship, she doesn't know if she should accept the offer or not. But, if she does than that means saying goodbye because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting; forgetting the memories that she shared with family, friends, and the Los Angeles Neighbors' Club. If she were to turn down the offer she is afraid that she may miss her chance to make something of herself, and help her family along the way. So, the acceptance letter to Oberlin College remains on her desk untouched with a choice still lingering.

          Today, she allows life to go on. She works as a Record Store clerk doing the things she loves, like writing songs and making music alongside her brother, Finneas. (x,x,x,x,x,x,x).

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