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Hazel Miki

{History Needed}

0 · 275 views · located in Yamamura

a character in “Losing Your Memory”, as played by Anraee


"I wish I could have said goodbye..."

Full Name:
   Hazel Mimika Miki
Nicknames and Aliases:
Mimo || Hazey
Association With Hayato Miki:
    Younger Sister
Sexual Orientation:

Hair Color:
Brownish Orange
Eye Color:
Bright Blue
Ears Pierced
Several Scars on her back and arms from a dog attack
Right by her right ear she has a birth mark of a heart near the corner of it.

{Awkward, Social, Kind Hearted, Two Faced}
Hazel is an awkward person, until you get to know her. It can't really be explained in a really good type of way. Majority of the time she seems to be really awkward when she is talking with other people. Mostly due to her not being around many people her age. It isn't always a bad awkward, but she isn't that good with works. Especially when it comes to talking with new people. She may just sputter words out without meaning to and it becomes really awkward when she has to explain it to the person. From the outside she may just look awkward but there is a lot more to her than just that. Once you really get to know her, you can see everything about her.
When you actually start to know her it becomes setting different. You see that she is always talking and has something to say. Even when she knows it is really weird, she still decides to keep on talking. She never really knows when she needs to stop talking for the sake of herself. When she someone she doesn't like talks too much, she would be one of the first to tell them to be quiet. But when someone says it to her, she gets really hurt and upset about it. Although she won’t stop talking at all. Hazel never knows when to really stop.
Hazel normally is a smiling and bubbly person overall. She loves to have fun and is normally always finding a way to have fun in some type of way. She doesn't like to stay in one place at all. Then she also isn't afraid to go off on her own and do something by herself. Hazel doesn't like to rely on someone to have her happiness. She isn't afraid to stalk off when people are being a downer and do her own thing. She is a free spirit whenever you let her out on her own. Sometimes people find it really irritating and she may be labeled a loner because of it. But she doesn't like to be held back from doing something she wants because of someone else.
Hazel tends to put up a front in front of people when she is hurt. Thats her way of not showing her emotions. Showing emotions is something she actually doesn't like much. Its not the fact that she hates emotions in general. Its that, when people show their emotions they tend to get hurt. So in order for her not to get hurt, she builds up a wall around herself. She only likes people to see her good side. Because her bad side isn't all that pretty. When she isn't at her brightest moments. Literally almost everything she says comes out in a sarcastic way. Arguments at that point are just a waste of time to other people. She will get what she wants and will argue someone don til she gets her point across, or is proven right. She has a slick tongue and she knows how to use it when she wants to. Hazel knows her way around things, its that she chooses not to show that side of her. Most of the time…   


    Who knows if this is really a hobby. But its something she tends to do a lot especially during the hotter moments of the year. Majority of the time you would find her going on camping trips every weekend for fun. She was a very Earthy person and loved to be around it most of the time. Her mother has actually taught hr when she was young o camp and survive in the wilderness. It wouldn't really be anything she needed, but it was one of the things her mother liked, so of ourse she wouldn't let her mom down by choosing not to participate in with her mom.
    This another Earthy thing she does a lot but, she loves to garden. She absolutely loves it to another point. Majority of the time she loves to garden sea plants in her fish tank. People think that it isn't possible, but she made it possible. But she does do outside gardening too. Something with her and nature she tended to like. Just being outside and having fun was the best thing in her eyes. She could be outside all day and wouldn't have a care in the world, most of the time.
    She is a very artsy type person so when it comes to art and doing creative things, she’ll do it in a heart beat. She likes to feel the clay between her fingers and in her mind its really cool. All the designs and options you can do with it intrigue her. She practiced doing it when she moved in with her father and didn't have many options over wasnt she was and wasn't allowed to do. But if you catch her early in the morning, most likely she is working on her pottery. It also helps hr relieve some of her stress at times

  • Nail Biting
  • Doodling
  • Punching Someone for Good Luck.
    This was one of her favorite things to do in her free time. Her mother would always take her out into the wood and practice her aiming with tree's as a child. It was one of the mom and daughter moments they tended to share all the time during her younger years.
    She gets this type of rush when it comes to competing with others. She always wants to win as that is her aim every time she gets challenged. She's never the type to back down unless she has to. Don't get her wrong though, she not a sore loser. Losing only makes her think of what she needs to work on in order to be better than before.
    In general she always has loved water. But when she was at the beach it was even better. She would enjoy herself to another level and would stay in the water for hours on end. Just the thought made her really happy. It was her favorite place to be.
    •Furry Animals
    Who doesn't love a tiny little fur ball to play with. Animals were pretty friendly if you're not being a threat towards them. She often played with baby bears in the forest when she was younger since they never seemed to harm her. Only once she had gotten hurt but one. It wasn't that scary in her opinion though.
    She has a large collection of fish that she got over the years. She managed to keep them alive for years on end. She has fish that are common and ones that are rare to find. Her whole room back home as surround with fish tanks. It was basically the wall surrounding her room.

    In her mind books are something you shouldn't waste your time on. Whats the point in getting all caught up in a book when it isn't real. She likes to face real thing, not something in books.
    Its not that she doesn't find ignorance completely hilarious at time, its the fact that some people may act ignorant at the wrong moments. She finds it's really irritating when they choose to be ignorant instead of opening their eyes and seeing what's actually going on.
    •Smelly Things
    This may sound really weird, but she can't stand abnormal smells. It completely grosses her out to another level. She doesn't know how some people can tolerate things that don't smell nice at all. She’d rather just not breathe since it will bother her so much.
    This is the weirdest thing about her, but Hazel can't stand to have shoes on. Its something with her not liking to not touch the ground. But it makes her even more happy when she doesn't have any shoes on. But if it was up to her, shoes wouldn't be legal at all.
•String Willed- She doesn't give up easily on anything. When she believes that something is right then she does it.
•Independent- Hazel doesn't need to depend on anyone in order to do things by herself. She stand on her own and doesn't need someone to help pull her up.
•Social- Hazel would consider this a strength. Not everyone has the guts to go out and really socialize with other people, to a certain degree. But she can socialize with anyone without having trouble doing it.
•Sewing- This was one of the things she does every once in a while. Every year at the camp she would make shirts and bandanas For her group of friends she hung out with the most.
•Painting- This was one of the rarest of her hobbies. She normally painted during the school year or early in the morning at the camp, but it was secret.
•Video- This had to be the most frequent hobby she does. Hazel loved making videos of everything. Most of the time it was videos with her friends or something old and classical.

Hazel doesn't like to believe that someone is lying to her. So instinctively she likes to believe them. it may just be something that is bad, but she can't help it. This is where most people actually take advantage of her.
She doesn't really know when to stop. When someone gets her riled up she continues to go on until she has won. Its more likes he has a silver tongue that tends to get her into the most trouble. A lot of people get annoyed with her, when they have to deal with that.
•Right Leg
Due to an injury as a child she isn't able to move her right leg too much. Its slows her down, especially when she needs to get somewhere fast. thats why when she is in a group normally she is the last one walking behind. She doesn't mind it too much. Just don't make fun of her about it.
This does not apply to herself. Its for others. When she sees others being hurt she like to take away their pain. She doesn't like to see other people hurting when they could be smiling. This is another thing thing that people take advantage of her for. When they don't get their way and are hurt, they run to Linette to get something out of her to make them happy.

The more detailed and the lengthier, the better; at least two detailed paragraphs.

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So begins...

Hazel Miki's Story