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Momoka Miki

"I don't know why I couldn't see it..."

0 · 985 views · located in Yamamura

a character in “Losing Your Memory”, as played by StarlightKeeper


"Why did it have to be him?"

.:Full Name:.
Momoka Miki
.:Nicknames and Aliases:.
Momo {Accepted}|Moka [{Brother Only}
.:Association With Hayato Miki:.
Twin Sister
.:Sexual Orientation:.
"I'm fine, I promise."

.:Hair Color:.
.:Eye Color:.
Only recent ones from... You know what, nevermind.
She suffers from depression.
"There was a time when I could see his smile everyday."

{Quiet, Withdrawn, Stressed, Obsessive}
Momoka was never the social butterfly her brother was. She had a few acquaintances, but she never really got close to anyone. If anything, people would expect her to be the one that would commit suicide. However, despite her quiet and slightly depressing exterior, Momoka was actually very content with her life. Hayato was her best friend and she didn't think she needed anyone else. When Hayato died though, Momoka became so much worse.

She hasn't talked since then and she refuses to interact with others. She hasn't been taking care of her body very much and at every moment, she feels like she is going to break down. Every time someone tries to talk to her, she runs away. She is still in shock over the fact that her brother is dead and she doesn't think anyone else understands her pain.

However, if someone can get Momoka back to her normal self, they will find that she is kind and caring. She also has a short temper and doesn't much care to be bossed around. She doesn't care what others think of her and hates pity. She was never as depressed as she is now.
Cooking~Piano {a hobby she shared with Hayato}~Tennis
Biting her lip~Tugging on her hair~Staring off into space
Her Brother~Animals~Food~Tennis~Music~Her Family~Learning~Literature~Reading

Pity~Death~Crying~School~Her Fellow Students~Memories~Stress~"Talking About It"

Cooking: Momoka is an immensely good cook; she is able to make something from nothing and puts together some weird, but good, recipes. She still makes a plate for Hayato, more out of habit than anything else.
Piano: Revered as a prodigy, Momoka has always been skilled at playing the piano. It was a talent she shared with her brother, but she hasn't played a single tune since his funeral.
Hand-Eye Coordination: Momoka has always been good at sports involving hand-eye coordination, her favorite being tennis. She also liked playing volleyball, basketball, and softball before Hayato's death.
Animals: Momoka has always had a special connection with most animals and is able to tame them easily. Recently, she has found comfort in her and her brother's dog, Kawaii.

Her Brother: The topic of her brother jars Momoka more than she would care to admit. It leaves a heaviness on her for several days at a time.
Socializing: Before Hayato's death, she could socialize easily, even though she never wanted to. She never really cared for too much company. However, since her brother's death, she hasn't spoken a word to anyone, not even her parents.
Panic Attacks: Since Hayato's passing, Momoka has become prone to panic attacks and bouts of depression, which is why she hasn't started going back to school until recently.
Swimming: Unlike her brother, Momoka is not a very good swimmer. In fact, she can barely get by in a pool and only knows how to doggy paddle and float.

In her family, Momoka was always the quiet child. The studious one. The one that avoided coming out of her room. However, she would accompany her brother whenever he asked her to. In fact, Momo rarely said no to Hayato. As far as siblings go, the two of them were very close. After all, their parents were gone often with work. Their mother worked during the day and their father worked at night so it was rare to see the two of them together if they saw them at all. Often, their parents would be gone by the time they woke up or got home from school. It was okay though. Momoka and Hayato were content with their lives.

They were both prodigies and responsible. When they got older, they found that they were actually pretty well off without their parents. Momoka was a better cook than her mother and Hayato could do bills for their parents easily. And they were never lonely, they had each other. In Junior High, Hayato suddenly became immensely popular, but he never left Momoka in the dust. She appreciated it greatly. They were happy. At least, that was what she thought until January 4th, 2015, the worst day of Momoka's life.

.:Face Claim:.
Himeko Inaba

So begins...

Momoka Miki's Story