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Trus Casero

Give me a ship, any ship, and I can fly it. From old clunkers to the newer sleek spacers, I'm your man.

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a character in “LOSS and GAIN”, as played by Black Fox


Name= Trus Casero
Age= 20
Gender= Male
Race= Human
Sexuality= Bi
Nickname= None

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION= Check out the pic I have for him, and picture him black with corn rolled hair.

PERSONALITY= Always moving and constantly learning.

EQUIPMENT= Tool belt and a wrench.

ABILITIES= Pilots a ship as if it is a bike. Smart enough to fly any and all type of ships.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND= Graduated from flight and fighter school at 15. Joined Ryker a year before Ki escaped.

So begins...

Trus Casero's Story


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LOSS Part 5 'DOOM'

The Pirate Ship, Doom shot out of jump and watched as the smaller ship slip into the slipstream before jump. "So Capt. Tallica got here first huh!" murmured Capt Ryker as he sat back and sighed. "Alright! Listen up. Collect what ever Capt Tallica left behind. Leave nothing behind!" he ordered and watched as his men and women hurried to carry out his orders.

"Damn...if she was here, than that means that she took most of the good stuff. Shit!!" he growled and stood, knocking both the beautiful boy to his right and the lovely girl to his left away from him. He stood a good 10" over 6'. Broad shouldered muscular and lethal if provoked. "Get to your place's sluts!" he snapped, glaring at them until they fled from his command deck. Sighing he turned his head, clean shaven with his hair in a thick braid...silver blue...hanging down his back to his hips.

He had a jagged scar from his chin to his right ear and several piercings in both ears. He also had two long jeweled braids down over his ears with a body suite of silver and blue that molded to his muscular form. He wasn't too big nor to small but just perfect. Over the body suit he wore a pair of tight fighting slacks and a white loose blouse and a silver slash bout his hips and thigh high black boots. Strapped to his right thigh was his holstered gun and belted to his waist were two blades.
The only blemish to the silver and blue body suit... seen through the opening of his blouse was three parallel slash marks. As if something had slashed at him. Something that wasn't human.

Turning his head again to bark out an order at a slow henchman, you see three more slash marks, going upward from the on's on his suit to his ear and the idea of him still being alive is mind blowing. Since he should be dead. Yet here he stood, on the deck of his ship and watched as his men and women jetted out towards what remained of the debris. But his mind wasn't on the here and now. But another time and place, and a certain boy he ached to reacquire once again.

"Shiro Ki..." he whispered, fingering the scars on his chin and cheek than his neck before they moved down to the marks on his body suit. A grin slowly curved his lips as he thought of what he would do to the boy when he got his hands on him.
Sitting back down, he leaned back crossed his knees and laid his head in his right hand and watched. His grey green eyes glittering as he watched and waited, the curve of his lips growing until a full smile showed through. Soon Shiro...soon." he said softly, coldly, unmindful of the shudders from those still on deck with him.


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LOSS Part 8

"Aaa...ahh...ahhaaa..." cried Sev, as Master Ryker slammed into him the pain mixing with his rising pleasure. Only to cry out as he came, soiling the sheets under him before Master Ryker cried out and came. Sighing with relief when he pulled out and flopped down beside him only to smile when he pulled him close and soon Sev slept.

Ryker lay with Sev held against him and sighed as his loins still burned. '*'As beautiful as he is, he can't take his place!'*' he thought as he looked down at the sleeping boy before sighing. Slowly and gently he disentangled himself from his slave boy and rose from the bed and headed for his shower dome.

"Damn you Shiro!" he snarled as he stepped under under the water, just as the ships comm blared.

*'Captain Ryker, the hauling has been completed and we've found something that might interest you. Please come to docking bay 4.'*

Ryker sighed as he finished his shower and quickly toweled off than dressed in a loose blue blouse and black slacks and boots. His damp hair hanging loose, he left his room and headed for docking bay 4.

"Trus..." he called out as he entered the bay and smiled when the handsome young man of twenty turned and smiled back at him. "What did you find?"

Trus smiled as he waved Ryker towards him and continued to clean off several pieces of the metal he had found.

Moving smoothly Ryker made his way over to Trus and crouched down beside the young man and frowned when he saw what he was doing. "What type of metal is that?"

Trus' smile widened even more as he laid the metal flat. What Ryker saw made his eyes widen even as his body flushed. Reaching out he ran three of his fingers through the slash marks that had a large void in it and knew instantly where it came from.

"Shiro Ki!!" he breathed feeling his body harden. Standing he looked at the other debries and knew that all of it was also from Shiro's ship and a cold smile curved his lips even as his eyes glowed red.

"Found you..." he said softly and began to laugh. His laughter ringing through out the cargo bay.


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LOSS Part 10

Captain Ryker sat in his seat and watched as the small speck grew larger until it resembled a ship. Frowning slightly when he saw a badly damaged silver ship.


Trus' fingers flew over the console and watched as the data came up. "Unknown ship...and lifeless Capt. Wait...!" he reconfigured the data...twice...before he looked back over his shoulder at the Capt. "It's molicles register as the as the haul we made an hour ago, Capt."

Ryker's head snapped from the image to Trus, his grey green eyes wide as he stared at him for several minutes before he looked towards the ship on the screen and felt his body heat rise even as his gut tightened and his groin ached. "Shiro..." he breathed only to grin and stand.

"Trus, head straight for the S'FADI! It's time to get back what fled from me four years ago."

"Understood Capt." replied Trus as he redirected DOOM towards the helpless ship. With in minutes the ship dwarfed the smaller one and Ryker stoo staring at the sleek silver ship. "Patch me through!"

"Ki, we're being hailed!" replied Lav as he punched a button and stared at the ruggedly handsome man that appeared on screen, only to frown when he heard a frightned gasp behind him and looked back at his younger brother. "Ki ar..."

"Hello Shiro! Long time no see, huh!" replied Ryker as he looked at the beautiful exotic boy with his hair in braids down his back and perked ears suddenly laying flat in them as his lovely but deadly tail curled bout his waist. "I've been searching for you, Shiro and you suddenly show up and helpless. I am so pleased, love!" he said smiling as he ignored the others on the bridge of the ship with the male.

"I'te..." choked Ki as he shook his head, braids singing with his shock and rising fear, as he stared at Ryker Sevra, Captain of the Pirate ship DOOM! Shivering at the gleam in his eyes and unconsciously stepped back. "Lav! Stat! Shields now!"

"Trus, teleport now!"

Lav and Stat both flung up their hands, but watched stunned as a pale blue light surrounded KI who than disappeared and the image went off line, but the man's laughter echoed bout the room. Both looked at each other their shock turning to anger.

"Mom!!" "Gran!!" both shouted as they rushed from the meeting room with the bad news.

"Hello Shiro!" replied Ryker smiling at the boy when he materialized before him and reached out to gently caress the boys soft cheek.

"No..." whispered Ki as he shuddered with dread, only to hiss and strike his arm, knocking it away from him. "Don't fucking touch me!!" he spat. Only to cry out with pain as he hit the floor and struggled to stay conscious, only to whimper and struggle when Ryker lifted him up bridle style.

"Oh, I'll be doing more than just touching you, Shiro. You know that!" Ryker said as he laughed and left the deck, heading for his quarters. "Trus get us out of here. Time to go!"

"Ai Captain." replied Trus as he did as he'd been ordered and ignoring the pounding of his heart he hit light jump and DOOM leaped forward. And yet he couldn't forget the raw fear on the beautiful boy's pale face.