Ashely Moore

She has longish blonde hair and blue eyes that look silver. She is on the search for her lost sibling and will stop for nothing to get there.

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a character in “Lost and Looking”, as played by Bella Enchated


Ashely Moore~She has blonde hair and blue/silver eyes. She is always silent and shy around new people never knowing if it's someone that took her brother/sister. She tells no one anything about herself unless she knows she can absolutely trust them without a second thought. She will never forget the day someone broke into her home at midnight and took the only person who could help her through her hard times. She would cry herself to sleep at night and wake up from nightmares at the break of dawn. When she runs she always has music playing loudly blocking any sound coming from around her so she can focus on finding her brother/sister. She will not rest until she finds them no mater how long it takes.

So begins...

Ashely Moore's Story