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Saga James

{WIP}"Stay strong. Make them wonder why you're smiling."

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a character in “Lost At Sea”, as played by SilverHarted


Saga Lexi James

Stay strong. Make them wonder why you're smiling.
тнємє: Chess by SEAFOAL

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #FF0033

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #330033

fαcє clαiм: Tara Lynn


Saga Lexi James

αgє, biятнdαy αиd zσdiαc:
27 years old // April, 25 // Aries

иαтiσиαliтy αиd єтниiciтy:
Austrailian, Caucation

First language: English // Second language: Sign Language//


Panromantic // Bisexual

яσмαитic iитєяєรт:


яєαѕσи fσя gσιиg σи ςяυιѕє:
To get away from the rumors about her.


|| Confident || Sassy || Survivor || Extremist || Self Conscious || Guarded || Kind ||

♥ Acting ♥
♥ Singing ♥
♥ Music ♥
♥ Talking ♥
♥ Reading ♥

✗ Weight ✗
✗ Rumors ✗
✗ Rude individuals ✗
✗ Drama ✗
✗ Fears ✗

☠ Thanatophobia - Fear of death ☠
☠ Claustrophobia - Fear of small spaces ☠
☠ Spheksophobia - Fear of wasps ☠

Extreamist: Saga will do anything to survive
Book Worm: She reads a lot, so therefore knows a lot
Listening: Saga listens to the people she talks to, if she really cares that is

Fears: Small spaces, death, and wasps are a big no for her
Guarded: She will be very fake until she absolutely trusts you
Dramatization: Saga can over react sometimes when emotional


нєigнт & wєigнт:
Height & weight

bσdy тyρє:
Body type

єvєяydαy αρρєαяαиcє:
(Clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, accessories, etc.)

รcαяร, biятн мαяkร, тαттσσร, єтc.:
scars, birtmarks, tattoos, etc. or just none



Name // Family member // Age // Status
Name // Family member // Age // Status

ѕнєєт ςяє∂ѕ тσ:

So begins...

Saga James's Story


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тнємє: All My Friends by Snakehips
(ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #258A5B

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #44C488

fαcє clαiм: Antonia Thomas

Adelaide Bailey
Adelaide smiled softly at her reflection in the mirror of her cabin and pulled back, shutting her peach colored lipstick with a slight pop. She moved a strand piece of flat ironed hair from her eye and blinked her mascara coated lashes a few times before, chuckling at herself in the vanity and spinning around on the bench she was seated on. The brown haired girl grabbed her black heels an buckled them on her feet giving her the appearance of being three inches taller than her normal five foot one self.

Adelaide stood in front of the vanity and flattened down a few random creases on the tight short sleeved red dress she wore. She inhaled, exhaled and walked over to the night stand in her cabin and grabbed her hand purse. She unplugged her phone from the wall and walked out of her cabin. Outside, it was sort of chilly but she'd be going inside soon enough anyways so all would be fine. The moon reflected beautifully on the open sea and she couldn't help but let out a soft laugh. Things were going so well that whole and sadly the trip would be finished in a few more days but she'd enjoy herself until then.

Adelaide pulled her hazel eyes away from the beautiful sight and walked confidently down the deck. There was a sort of "ball" happening that night and it was a free for all event, so Adelaide and her parents were attending. She walked past a group of men and women in dark clothes holding very expensive looking cameras in their hands and raised her arched brow at them. They were either perverts or paparazzi and she hoped for the latter. But why would there be paparazzi on this ship? Adelaide wondered to herself as she walked by them, but shrugged and continued.

After walking for a while down a flight of stairs, her and a handsomely intimidating man made eye contact and smiled at each other. The man open up the door for her into a huge ballroom and she flashed him a pearly white smile.
Thank you so much.
she thanked and walked inside and somehow immediately spotted her parents amongst the big crowd of formally dressed people. They saw her as well and waved her over, so Adelaide walked up to them happily.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The night was running smoothly, Adelaide was mingling, dancing, laughing and drinking with her parents and even some new people. While she danced with her father, there was a sudden loud booming sound followed by all the lights flickering and the boat jerking roughly to the side. Many people fell over, including Adelaide, but her father was luckily there to catch her and prevent her from hurting herself. The music stopped and the mindless chattering stopped and for a few brief moments, there was complete silence. And then there was chaos.

The boat jerked to the side again except this time the fall was much harsher and both Adelaide and her father took the tumble. People began to yell, panic, run and shove and Adelaide's body just happened to be a carpet for many passing people. She covered her head and squeezed her eyes shut while people trampled her short self. Adelaide felt herself beginning to have an anxiety attack and she couldn't breathe properly. Luckily, her father finally managed to get up and to pull her up as well, taking her out onto the deck where everyone was running and screaming while the boat rocked, jerked and began tipping.

Adelaide leaned against the wall and her chest heaved painfully, her breathing becoming a chore and standing even more so. The young woman could feel the bruises from being trampled forming all over her skin, but that was the least of her concerns for the time being. Her father had ran back inside the ballroom to try and find his wife, so Adelaide was left alone. A small child came by crying and she shakily held out a hand to the little boy, trying to offer some sort of help but couldn't even form a proper sentence without breathing heavily and stuttering.

The boy ran past her, still crying and alone and she gripped her chest, shutting her eyes tightly and fearfully.
she cursed under her breath and that was the last thing she said before another jerk in the boat caused her to slam her head painfully against the wall behind her, knocking her unconscious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adelaide's cheek was pressed up against something... Moist? A sudden splash of water in her face jumped her into action and she sat up, coughing and hacking out salt water. For a few moments, she coughed but that cough soon turned into violent vomiting of purely water. She groaned in disgust and fell back on her sore behind, rubbing her eyes rapidly. Adelaide slowly peeked her eyes open and found herself blinded by the sun, so she tried again but even slower. Once her eyes were finally open and clear, she took in her surroundings. What the hell? Where am I? she wondered fearfully and tried standing up, but ended up falling right back down on her sore butt.

The teacher cringed and held her tailbone in pain, then looked down and saw that she had heels on. She groaned and quickly unbuckled them then threw them behind her, hitting a palm tree. She slowly got up and took in the sight of herself. Adelaide had bruises all over her arms and legs and she had a throbbing horrible headache. When she touched the back of her head and felt dried blood behind her damp curls, she finally recalled the night before. She blinked and looked around in fear, wondering if she was all alone on this island.
she screamed to no one in particular while limping painfully down the beach.


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#, as written by Mackamp

The crooning of Michael Bublé's, “You and I, ” filled the ballroom air with a whimsical
romantic feeling. Chris tentatively placed his hand on the small of his wives back, as she
placed her hand on his shoulder, and their free hands finally met mid-air, although their
fingers did not intertwine. They slowly danced to the music, but their bodies were miles
apart. He leaned in to nuzzled her hair and deeply breathe in her scent. The sweet
honeysuckle and intoxicating jasmine made his heart beat faster. Sadly, she pulled away
with a nervous laugh. Chris leaned in and whispered,“ I love you Ally, I always have."

The moment was tender and touching. Chris couldn't resist and picked Ally up in his arms
and swung her around. Her floral dress was fanning out like a peacock's tail, while he
twirl her. Ally looked down at him, as the lights of the ballroom spun past her, their
thousands memories flooded her heart. In the moment she put out her
arms and shouted to the air in Chris' direction,"Ditto babe, ditto!" Chris' human twirl

Dialogue #2D2DA3
Thought #D79325
Ally's Dialogue #FE2EC8

slowed while Ally slid down his body and wrapped her arms around his neck as he gently set her on the ground."Chris I am so, I don't know where to begin...I....He touched his finger to her lips to silence her, then pulled her close and tenderly kissed her.

The gala was a magnificent event, although Chris and Ally hardly noticed anyone beyond themselves. They were in a world all their own, created by the charming atmosphere and the champagne bubbles swirling in their heads. Whatever it was, they danced, held hands, kissed and chatted like they were at their senior prom.

Running low on bubbly Chris went to fill their champagne glasses, while Ally pulled out her mirror to reapply her lipstick. A loud thunderous sound echoed throughout the ballroom, the flickering lights didn't seem to cause concern, until the ship violently jolted to one side. Chris stumbled, spilling the champagne down the front of his suit. The ship again lurched sending many people toppling to the dance floor. Chris looked in Ally's direction she had fallen hard to her knees. Tears started welling up in her eyes. He threw his glasses down and began to run towards her, but the chaos was ensuing throughout the ballroom stopping him in his tracks.

What was delightful a moment ago, was now a dangerous scene of running panicking people. The soothing music was replaced with wails and screams. Chris hurriedly tried to help the people around him off the floor, but instead he was being pulled down. The ship continued to violently jerk to one side. He got up once again and jumped over the people on the floor making his way to his love. Ally was holding on tightly to a pole, as mascara ran down her cheeks, with an alarming look on her face. Their eyes locked. She reached her hand out towards Chris. He tried to grab it, when suddenly the ship forcefully threw anyone standing upright to the floor The lights flickered, then dimmed, and finally there was darkness.

Face down the hot sand was suffocating Ally. She fought to roll over but her body denied her. She tried to slow her breathing and remain calm. Every time she breathe the sand would shift into her nose, threatening to snuff out her life. She struggled to moved her face to the side, but her entire back was in excruciating pain. So she laid still and listen intently to the people further down the beach, hoping someone would notice her and help.

He slowly drugged his water soaked body to the shore. His face had a gash across the cheek and his head hurt like an elephant stomped on it, but all in all he seemed okay. Sitting on the warm sand he took a moment to warm up and energize. All he could remembered was reaching for Ally's hand, then the ship tipped on it's side. He recalled going under the water several times and fighting his way to the surface. The debris from shipwreck was scattered for miles. People were scrambling for anything to hold onto before the next wave pushed them under. Finally, an ornate chest floated his way, he draped himself over it and passed out before he could yell for Ally.

What was once a beautiful white beach was now a junkyard for the cruise ship's broken items. Sitting among the debris Chris struggled to his wobbly legs. He surveyed the shore, down one side in the distant he saw what he assume were castaways, but they were too far away to hear. Turning he took in the devastation of the shipwreck as endless debris washed up on the shore. Squinting to see if Ally or anyone else was in that direction, but all he saw was the broken up cruise ship. Chris called out for Ally, but his voice was barely above a whisper, because the salt water had made his throat raw.

Walking towards the castaways he saw movement on the beach. With what energy he had left he slowly jogged towards the movement. Once there, the shock caused the bile to build up, until he turned and puked. This person's back was mutilated. There was very little skin left and the spine was exposed from neck to tailbone. They looked like a voodoo doll with debris and bone sticking out all over the red infected flesh. "Lay still. You are going to be okay. I'll be back in a minute." He mumbled. He quickened his pace to a wardrobe closet grabbed some cotton shirts and ran back to the victim. He knelt down beside the person, blew as much sand off their back as he could, then swiftly pulled out what debris and bones he dared. Low moans came from the person with every removal. Chris took the shirts and laid them gently across their back bandaging the flesh from more injury. The shipmate's irregular breathing was his next concern. Chris knew he have to turn them or they would suffocate. He cautiously rolled their back towards him, then he stuffed some shirts under their side so they would not roll back into the sandpit or on their back. Scooting to their face side, he brushed the hair back off their face....tears streamed down his face, as he recognized his own beloved. Ally's eyes fluttered open, she tried to speak but words could not form. Chris tenderly took her in his arms and held her till she closed her eyes never to open them again."NOOOO OH my Ally"wailing and cursing at the sky, Chris stooped over in despair.


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#, as written by Mackamp

Dialogue #2D2DA3
Thought #D79325

ImageHis pain hung in the air, like a dense fog on a cold winter's night. Waves of sorrow hit
Chris like a thousand knives continuously stabbing his heart . He couldn't breathe.
He couldn't think. At least, not about anything but his loss. His throat thicken from
the salt water and wailing, making his verbal sadness subsided, leaving him silently
clutching Ally to his chest.

The doctor in him understood he was obligated to check on the other castaways.
His husband side knew the moment he got up, it would be the last time he would
ever hold her in his arms again. "I don't know how to leave you Ally,"he whispered
through his tears.

He closed his eyes.............
Meadows of orange poppies dance softly in the wind while Ally frolic among them, skipping and
spinning merrily. Occasionally her flowy white dress clung to her baby bump. She radiated beauty.


Summer after their junior year Chris carved their names in old
oak tree for their second anniversary. It was under the same tree
where they first confessed their love for one another the year before.
They lingered on a plaid blanket under the their symbol of devotion,
kissing and slowly making love under the stars,for the first time.

Chris breifly smiled remembering their
graduation present from their folks, a week
at the beach with no grueling deadlines.
After their vacation they would pack-up
their lives and move across country to the
West Coast, as Doctor and Lawyer. Until
that time they danced on the beach
every evening at sunset.

Valentines Day was always a competition for Chris and Ally. It was all about who could outdo who. In the beginning of their relationship they would exchange handmade gifts; then they had a money cap, but as they grew in their careers the sky was the limit. On one such Valentines Day, Ally gave Chris a treasure map that lead him around town from clue to clue. Finally he found her with a picnic breakfast by a creek. They ate bagels and drank sweet juice. Afterwards they walked hand and hand over a steep hill right into the backyard of this beautiful storybook house. Ally wanted to peek in the gingerbread windows but Chris kept pulling her away. They walked to the front of the house where there was a huge heart across the front door. There was a note on the heart, "Welcome home Chris." Chris was speechless with delight. She had won that year. It was the best gift he had ever gotten for Valentines Day.

He stopped his loop of memories when felt a shadow blocking the sun. He struggled to open his eyes. A petite brunette stood before him.She reached out and cupped his cheek in her hand, raising his head just a little so he would look at her."Hun, she's gone. You need to let her go." She released his face and continued, "And by that I mean physically. You can hold on to her here," she poked a finger at his chest where his heart was."as long as you need to."

Chris shook his head with understanding, kissed Ally's forehead and gently laid her down in the sand. " I need to bury her. Will you help me?" He asked with a quivering voice. Chris left her and began looking around for something to dig with. He found a dented up metal teapot. Cleared a spot not far away and began to dig.


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Saga Lexi James

Image тнємє: Chess by SEAFOAL

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #FF0033

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #330033

fαcє clαiм: Tara Lynn

Saga looked in the mirror with a small smile. For once in her life she was able to pick out her own clothing, she didn't need an assistant to help her. The Australian woman fixed her dark blue dress, giving her outfit another once over before grabbing her small clutch filled with nothing but lip stick, and some perfume. Walking out of her luxury cabin Saga decided to take the outside walkway to get to the ball, which was the main event she was looking forward to. The wind was a bit chilly, causing Saga to shiver and hold her exposed arms across her chest, rubbing them slightly. However she smiled wide, saying hello to whoever she passed, giving little waves. She stopped smiling, however, when she noticed the paparazzi waiting outside one of the doors to the ball. She stopped walking, her face dropping into a annoyed look. 'They seriously bout an expensive ticket to a cruse just for some pictures?' Saga thought, glaring. After a few moments she decided that maybe walking outside wasn't the best idea.

Back tracking a bit, she walked into one of the hallways, and into the ballroom. Her smile was back as she looked around the elegantly decorated room. There were a lot of people, some recognizing her while others were too drunk or busy dancing to notice her. Thankfully there were no paparazzi, only guests allowed. Saga mingled around for a bit, grabbing some punch and sipping it. Hopefully it wasn't like in the TV shows where the punch was always spiked. After a while of just smiling at people who made eye contact with her, Saga started to feel a bit lonely. No one went up and talked to her, other than to confirm that she was in fact Saga James, from all the movies. Most of the people were drunk, and the others just awkwardly nodded before walking away. She frowned into her drink and started to move through the people to get back to her cabin. She stopped, however, when a man suddenly came up and stopped her by stepping right in front of her. He was tall, three or so inches taller than her, and he had the most handsome grey eyes. Saga stared up at him for a moment before her eyebrows furrowed together. "Excuse me," She mumbled, trying to slip past.

The man stopped her by holding a hand out. "No, no! Sorry, I froze, I didn't realize you were even more beautiful up close. I saw you standing alone, you looked upset," The man said. Saga stopped and looked up at him. She didn't know how to feel, the pick up line bothered her, and the fact that she visibly looked so upset that a stranger from across the room could tell bothered her as well."Well I'm okay. Sir can I please get past, I want to leave," She mumbled. The man frowned, and didn't move. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you... Here, let me get you something stronger," He took Saga's drink from her hand, "I thought maybe we could hang together, seeing as I'm rather alone as well." Saga looked at the man a bit longer, confusion in her eyes, but nodded. "Okay, but if I feel like you're trying to get into my pants, I'm leaving." The man smiled, and held out his hand. "I promise I'm not interested in that... My name's Derik, by the way, and you must be Ms. Saga James. I love all your movies, by the way." Saga shook his hand, smiling at the man. "I'm glad."

There was a clashing of glass as Saga laughed hysterically at on of Derik's jokes, taking a sip from her glass of whisky, which she'd been drinking the entire night. "I'm still astonished you're a whisky girl! Are you sure you're not a sixty year old man?" Derik asked with a wink. Saga laughed more, shaking her head. "I like a bite to my drink, what can I say? Isn't there like some saying that a girl likes a drink that's the opposite of her?" Saga thought for a moment before shaking her head. "No, there's not, but that's a creative saying you just made up there," Derik laughed. They went silent for a while, both of them taking a sip from their drinks. Suddenly there was a very noticeable shudder, and a loud boom. Saga put her drink down, her eyebrows furrowing in confusion as she looked around. "What was that?" Derik was also looking around. "I don't know... Turbulence?" Derik joked, his voice one of the only sounds being heard. Saga frowned and looked at Derik. "That's on planes, Derik, this is a boat. We shouldn't be able to feel a-" Saga was cut off by another, much more powerful, shudder. The entire boat rocked, and soon everyone was screaming and running. Saga was holding onto the edge of the bar, trying to avoid anyone who was blindly running.

"What the hell?!" Derik exclaimed, getting up. Saga watched as people got trampled. She gasped, putting a hand to her mouth in shock as one man fell, no one stopping to avoid him, he just kept getting run over. Quickly Saga got up, shoving through the screaming crowed, and grabbing the man. He didn't even say thank you, just shoved Saga away and sprinted. The only reason Saga didn't fall back and end up just like the man was because Derik had followed her, catching her and pulling her out of the sea of people. "Stay here, I'm going to go see what's going on!" Derik said, rushing away without another word. "Derik, no, don't!" Saga yelled, reaching for him, but he was already gone. Cursing, Saga ran out of the ball room, and out onto the deck. It was even worse up there. People were rushing around, some fell into the pool, some fell over bored. Freaking out, Saga turned and tried to go back to the ballroom, not sure what to do. However, there was a sudden jolt sending Sagas head flying into a door frame. Her vision blurred, and she could instantly feel the blood pouring down her face.

Saga groaned, holding her face, stumbling backwards. The pain was distracting and burning, causing her to not even realize she was falling off the side of the boat until she landed on one of the life rafts, which were hanging about fifty feet below the deck. Saga grunted, her back now screaming in pain as well. Saga looked up, listening to the people scream before her vision went blurry, the last thing she remembers is Derik calling down to her from the deck before she passed out.

[center]It took Saga hours to wake up. And when she did the only thing she saw was the bright blue sky above her, some birds circling the boat. The only thing she felt was pain. Her lips were cracked, her face was sunburned, her temple probably had a massive gash on it, and she could tell her back was going to be soar and bruised for a long time. It took her a while to realize that she was actually moving, kinda. Saga could tell the boat she was in was hitting up against something, rocking backwards before moving forwards and hitting a hard surface. Slowly she sat up, groaning and wincing. Looking around, Saga saw that she wasn't even close to the boat. In fact there wasn't even a boat. Just a bunch of debris floating on the water. Saga looked in back of her to see something she totally wasn't expecting. An island. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she stared at the land mark for a while.

Slowly she scanned the shoreline, she was hitting a gathering of rocks only a couple of yards off of where the waves break. Saga couldn't see any sign of anyone, causing her heart to pick up with anxiety. There was no way she was staying in the boat, that was pointless, but she didn't want to jump into the water either. The first thing she tried was going to the front of the boat and pushing it away from the rocks. That, however, didn't work. If she even tried to get close to the front of the boat, it wobbled dangerously, threatening to throw her in. She then tried to paddle with her hands. Of course no such luck, the only thing she succeeded in doing is getting her hands wet. Frowning Saga stared down at the water for a long time. After careful consideration, she simply jumped into the water. It, of course, was cold, causing Saga to break to the surface gasping in shock. She freaked out for a split second, getting pushed away from her boat by the current, and the water kept splashing her in the face.

Soon, though, she was past the area where the waves broke, and on the shore, stumbling onto the soft sand, falling to her hands and knees when she was a good distance away from the water line. There was washed up shrapnel everywhere, but no sign of people. Huffing, Saga took off her heals and started to walk. For a hour or so Saga had managed to start to think that she was simply walking on the beach for fun, but that idea was thrown out the window when she noticed there was someone laying face down on the sand. Saga froze, and ran over to the person. She crashed down, kneeling next to them, quickly rolling them over. Instantly she pulled away, and threw up all the whiskey she had drank before. The person, a young woman, had her entire chest and stomach ripped open, all her organs mysteriously gone, no sign of them anywhere on the beach. She'd clearly been dead for multiple hours, her skin pale and bodily fluids leaking out of her, such as puss and other unmentionable messes.

Getting up in a hurry, Saga stumbled away from the woman, tears starting to flow down her sunburnt face, trying to ignore the image that was now burned into her memory. She then walked for what felt like days, although it was only a few more hours, when she suddenly realized she could hear something, aside from the constant movement of water, and birds chirping. She could hear... Crying? Saga's eyes went wide as she broke into a fast jog, running around the corner of the island to see a man, alive, holding a person on the ground. Around him were a few people. Saga's heart skipped a beat seeing that there were other people, alive and with their organs still intact, with her. "H-Hey!" She called out, her voice hores from the salt water. Breaking into a sprint Saga rushed down the beach, over to the people, starting to slow when she realized that the person the man was holding was dead. Her face dropped as she slowed to a stop, eyes wide as she stared at the dead figure. The people were talking as the man set the body down, and started to dig a grave. Saga stood there, her mouth open as she just watched.


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Dialogue Color: #318237 ||Thought Color: #2C14E5 ||Face Claim Ryan Reynolds

People were just popping up left and right. While Anthony was kinda glad so many people mad it, he was still highly annoyed. Three other live men and three live women. Plus one dead girl. 'Well this sucks...' The CEO couldn't help but think, 'I wonder if there's actually a chance of us getting off of this place.'

To say he didn't care about the death of the girl was only... Partially correct. He knew she meant a lot to the guy. And people all had loved ones. But he didn't know her. Or him. So he wasn't sad. Plus... Hundreds of other people are probably floating along the sea floor dead by now.

Anthony kept his mouth shut while he watched the guy bury the girl, even though in his opinion it would have been easier just to push her into the ocean. Burial at sea was still a thing, right?

He decided to let the guy bury his... Whatever she was. Loved one. And turned his attention to the people standing there gawking at the dead body. "If you ask me. Funerals aren't my thing. So I'm going to go either look for other alive people, because there seem to be a lot of them. Or a way off of this island. Any of you are free to join me. Or stay here." Anthony stated simply. Deciding not to sound entirely like an insensitive ass to the upset man, he turned to say a simple, "Sorry for your loss." Even if he didn't exactly care, he still knew how to be polite.

Fuck. He really hoped he wasn't going to be stuck here.
And that's kinda how it was looking...


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Carrie Fable
Dialogue Color | #996633 | Thought Color | #bf80ff
Face Claim | Hannah Snowdon

Image Carrie smiled softly at the man, a little impressed at how well he was holding himself together. She felt a movement to her left and turned. She jumped a little in her skin at the sudden appearance of the woman. "Uh... hi." Was all she said. The woman was staring at the scene before her and seemed to be in shock. Carrie thought that if they weren't on some strange island, she would've looked for a blanket or towel to wrap the woman in and have her sit. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

After the hours of digging in the sun, Carrie was sure her shoulders would be red and sunburned and her palms stung with possible blisters from digging with the tray. At some point he had commented on her ideas, but it had been so long after the fact that she simply smiled and nodded, but didn't say anything else. Also, she discovered, his name was Chris.

She could tell by the set of Chris's shoulders that the hole was finished and it was time to bury Ally. She thought to offer her help in moving her, but he seemed to be doing alright and he probably figured it was his burden to bare. She took a step back, allowing him all the space he needed to set her inside and say a few words. When he finished, she stepped forwards and said, "I wasn't given the opportunity to meet you, but I'm sure I would've liked you." She glanced at Chris before looking back down at Ally. "I saw the two of you dancing last night and thought you looked very happy. You looked lovely in your dress. Farewell and Fairwinds." She took a step back and allowed Chris another moment. He reached into the hole and plucked a necklace from around Ally's neck. Then he turned and handed it to her.

She stared down at the beautiful locket like ball in her hand and then up at Chris, back at the necklace, up at Chris, back at the necklace, and then back at Chris. "I can't accept this. Don't you want to keep it? Something to hold on to?" Her voice was quiet and confused. At first, he didn't seem to hear her. He was busy finding heavy things to keep Ally's grave protected. Without another option, she attached the chain together around her neck and went to work helping him out.