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Lost Boys

Lost Boys


3 rebellious boys are sent away by their society but a mistake is made somewhere in a short exchange on the phone and the 3 lads are sent to an institution where detentions are the last of their worries!! (places to be filled)

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Lost Boys

Too wild for your parents?
Too wild for the school?
Too wild for society...always breaking the rules?

Hell yeah you're a rebel! Infact the chief saves you a cell! You're not a criminal though- you're a wild child just having some fun.

The society around you has had enough. They call...them. A private hot-line that requires a healthy sum of money before you even connect to the person on the other end of the line. The society name you 'the lost boys' and require you to be removed. To be disciplined. Anything...anything at all.
The hot-line ask the society if 'you're special' they society spitefully say something like that.
Its agreed and arranged- a taxi comes to pick the you up- you don't mind. You like the attention. You relish at the lengths the society have gone to just to see you love the nickname 'Lost boys'.


The society really stitched you up boys. You arrive at your new boarding school intrigued and eager to let rip your reputation on this place just like the last to prove your indestructable! -not quite- The Ivy hall boarding for 'special' individuals and by that i mean...not your average human.

As the 'Lost boys' you've been tossed into an establishment for otherworldly creatures...and when you finally realise...thats not the problem...its when the students realise...!


MAIN PLOT: Boys go into the new school not realising they're the only humans. Its not long before they realise they are! They must do their best to blend in with the monsters surrounding...
Will the other monsters realise somethings not quite right?
What will happen when they do realise as you boys will some of these kids...humans are a delicacy!!


Lost Boys
1: Taken
2: Lost boy
3: Lost boy


1: Shapeshifter ***
2: Werewolf *
3: Vampire **
4: Imp (*)
5: Maenad **
6: Witches/Warlocks *

Helpful information (should read)

Maenad's: Their name literally translates as "raving ones". They're mysterious things, a little wild they're fairly sane and a party drive until you give them an alcoholic drink or too. Tendancy to dance with drunken intoxication. When drunk they lose all self-control, begin shouting excitedly, engage in uncontrolled sexual behavior, and ritualistically hunt down and tear to pieces animals β€” and sometimes men and children β€” devouring the raw flesh. They wear something made of animal skin and some have hippy-like bands of ivy-wreaths around their heads. Also have a liking to snakes.

Controlled within Ivy hall, they're allowed pet snakes kept in tanks in their rooms. They're fed normal food but are also provided with small slabs of raw animal meat. They are seriously cautioned not to drink alcohol but thats like telling human boys they shouldn't smoke on school premises. Though the school if full of students who can handle themselves and the Maenad's are merely put to bed and tied down like over woozy friends at a party.

Shapeshifters: They can shift into one preferred animal at a time. In order to shift into an animal though they must consume that exact animal- example- they want to shape shift into a cat- They must eat cats for one meal each day for 3 days. Want to change animal- They stop eating the previous animal, wait for a day, then begin consuming the new animal ready for shifting.

Controlled within Ivy hall, Shifting is restricted in the day time to prevent students from skipping class unless the student is asked to shift by a member of staff. Not all students heed the rule all the time but it is taken into serious consideration. Shapeshifters must apply to the dinnerladies for a new animal to be prepared if they wish to change what they shift into.

Werewolves: Shifting is entirely controlled by temper. A werewolf can't shift if his temper/ heart isnt in it! Usually playful and friendly werewolves have large circles of friends and remain loyal to most of them unless there is some sort of obvious betrayal. They eat whatevers put in front of them and more! The moon doesnt triggar any cycles but it does make them alittle randy!!

Controlled within Ivy hall, Werewolves have report cards that keep ontop of their moods/ tempers. If its put on the report card that they have lost their tempers, had a recent stressful time etc they are sent to a cool room to...well cool off?

Vampires: Slight skin irritation towards intense heat due to having fair skin. They have a ravenous appetite for blood- usually pretty rock and roll vampires are material types. Vampires need to consume at least a litre of blood a day to stay satisfied. They have fangs that are sensitive and protude further than their other teeth. Usually tall and willowy, slightly over average reflexes, fantastic hearing and sight.

Controlled within Ivy hall, Vampires are served a soup for every meal that contains a healthy amount of blood to satisfy their hunger. They are given tooth paste for sensitive teeth to help with their fangs in cold weather and plenty of sunscreen and heat rash cream.

Imp: Little like an elf...similar to a pixie..kinda a demon. Imps were often mischievous rather than evil or harmful. They often petite and short not overly attractive creatures but fairly quirky...there's something about them. Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable. Fond of pranks and Misleading people. Imps are lonely little creatures always in search of attention. They often use jokes and pranks as a means of attracting friendship, which often backfires as people get tired or annoyed.

Controlled within Ivy hall: Restricted from annoying and harrassing over students Imps take yoga lessons to try and unwinde the energy within them that urges them to commit so many tricks. Also have report cards to keep onto of serious pranks they play in case there is need for disiplinary action.

Witches/Warlocks: Those closest to the human, they are a curious race always making new remedies and experimenting with mixtures they are talented in producing 'potions' capable of abnormal things. They are also capable of causing things to move upon their own accord. -example- wants a broom to sweep the floor- broom will sweep the floor. Using potions they tend to be quite pretty/handsome. (potions do not last forever though)

Controlled within Ivy hall: Restricted from drugging over students unless they consent to experiment upon them. Also it is frowned upon to use their abilities to move things to hurt or cause unhappiness..but they're kids! Nothing quite like moving a chair before someone sits down!

Toggle Rules


*= Number of spaces left avaliable for that species.
(*)= Reserved.

Below is the character skeleton- please follow it.
Code: Select all

Image: Picture (Not real)

Description: Anything missing from the image.

Age: 16-18

What are you: Race/lost boy

Personality: Chunky paragraph at least please

Any relationships: Can pm other players and arrange relationships before boys arrive

What would your character do on discovering the true identities of the Lost boys:

RULES: I suspect you know the basics if not...TOUGH...go look them up :D!

1- Try to be literate. Spell correctly and give decent sized posts.
2- Dont be rude and wreck things for others...i.e dont be a loser :P
3- Romance would spice things up. If the Lost boys invaded friendships and relationships.
4- Dont join and then buggar off! :D

5-No guessing the Lost boys are human within 5 minutes. You dont have human sensors!! It'll trash the plot.
6- Same goes for the Lost boys immediantly guessing Ivy hall is crammed with monsters!

7-Plot hints are always great and we can come up with more and more plots etc in the OOC! Woo! Dont hesitate to ask me questions or send a PM if you're shy.
8- Lastly. I am your GM...hello...i hope you enjoy this rp...please be chatty no need to be shy. Im no shark..:D

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Rules were made for breaking! :)
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"Yeah.. Oh okay..''

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Re: [OOC] Lost Boys

>still Mousie< How comes?
Tbh if we dont get some more characters it wont be starting at all! But in the meantime i discovered this rp below and it'd be great to rp with you guys somehow if this doesn't take off so if any of you fancy joining i reckon it'd be good. ((its not my rp someone elses i just spotted it on the new rp tab))


Re: [OOC] Lost Boys


Is this roleplay starting any time soon? I'm just curious because if it starts I wouldn't be able to reply for some time..

Re: [OOC] Lost Boys

>stil Mousie on her other profile< Hmm, i'll leave that up to you! :P

Re: [OOC] Lost Boys

Good question, what do werewolves turn into wolves or the man beast?

Re: [OOC] Lost Boys

Well Beth the Vampires can drink any kind of blood, so human, animal, whatever...i guess they could sense human blood in the humans but- presuming the humans are 'special' like the rest of them the vampires could presume that the 'humans' have consumed human blood thmselves and thats why they can sense it in them.
Vampires have no way of sensing 'amount of blood' only that 'there is blood' so they wouldnt be able to tell that the human's are infact humans down to blood alone..

I hope that made sense :D it'd be great if you could join! x

Re: [OOC] Lost Boys

Hey, I might slip in a vampire profile but I need to know, do Vampires drink Human blood? And if they do, wouldn't they be able to sense it? :D
So yeah
-Beth or Gizmo (Whichever you prefer to call me :D)
xx <3

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

Well well well look who dropped by :DD Its going okay...things are going slow for me too on my other profile so i popped back on here to sling up something new :3 I dont mind at all if you want to slip in a profile :P

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

look at what i mousie hows it going might drop you a profile if you dont mind, carnes is in a momentary stall for the next month and everything else im in IS SLOW.....

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

All reservations are made.

Just like to say i was looking for some real characters that will stick so that this roleplay can be something good that will continue with new plots and ideas even after the main plot has be pretty much carried out!

>ValsaMusetta< Well i was new once, we all were so i'd be glad to have you join this RP. At least you''ve done more than me, i didnt read any of the rules (didnt realise there were rules!) just learnt it all on the way. You've RPed before havent you so it should be fine. This RP is for people who at least know how to write and produce decent sized, fairly literate posts and are willing to make this good!
Id be happy to have you :P

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

can i have a witch pleeeeaaase :) ?

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

I'm very interested in this^^ I just have a question. I'm kind of new to this site. I have read all the basic mechanics and rules, but I want to make sure if this story is for advanced players or you are accepting new users. Though I have read pretty much everything this site has about getting started, it's always best to join and gain experience. (Just saying, I have rp before, but not on this site)

Thank you^^

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

Can i reserve the Imp please?

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

I'm done, If anything needs to be changed just say so :DD

Re: [OOC] Lost boys.

Save me a spot as one of the Lost boys, ;DD

[OOC] Lost Boys

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