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Calliope "CJ" Jenkins

"I've shut myself away from the world for so long, but now I have to throw myself at it head on."

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a character in “Lost Heaven”, as played by pipzel


Age: 14
Appearance: CJ has shoulder length, red hair that was formerly white. She is rather short at about 5 foot and has a slim build. Quite small in general, her hands and features are also rather petite. Covered by dark Wayfarer sunglasses, she has striking red eyes that stand out from her pale complexion. Generally she covers up well, wearing a thick black and red striped jumper and dark jeans with red boots.
Personality: Residing in a hair salon of an old department store, CJ has tried to shut herself out from the world and it has been a long time since she had human contact. Her mother died giving birth and her father was killed by one of the monsters when she was 10. Since then, she has tried to avoid meeting others as she is scared of making herself vulnerable with emotional attachments to people. She is rather fearful of this and rather fearful in general which is why she tried to shut herself out from the outside. CJ is quite intelligent and has managed to survive well on her own, making good use of the resources she has in the department store. Although she has tried to shut herself out, deep down she is terrified of disconnecting completely with humans so always has a radio on.
Equipment: An old machine gun remains in the old salon from when CJ's father was around. Although it is now out of bullets, CJ has found it useful for clobbering. The weapon she mostly uses is a katana that she has with her at all times in case of an attack. Finally, she always has her worn down leather satchel ready(Filled with food, spare clothes, water and a radio), in case she needs to flee suddenly.
Theme Song: 80's Life by The Good, The Bad and The Queen

So begins...

Calliope "CJ" Jenkins's Story


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#, as written by pipzel
CJ was half asleep when she heard the radio message. She had been looking around for any scraps of food that she had previously overlooked, when she decided she had earned a lie-down on her 'bed'. However, it was not long before she began to drift off. Luckily, the radio message interrupted her doze and brought her back to her senses. She instantly sat bolt upright at the sound of another voice, which caught her brain off guard so she took a few seconds to realise what was happening. Once she had, she ran over to the radio on the table and listened intently.

Food? Water? This was too good to be true and CJ had to take a moment to make sure she wasn't dreaming. But then the words "Beyond the city" echoed in her head. She hadn't left the old department store in years. It felt safe there and there was everything she needed; food, water, shelter... even some old clothes remaining in some of the shops. Admittedly, the food was very old and a lot of the time she ended up eating dead animals lying around that she was able to cook on a shoddy fire.

But was it really necessary for her to leave? As previously mentioned, there was everything she needed there... Though it wouldn't last forever. CJ had noticed recently that the old water supply that she had been using was drying up quickly. The more she thought about it, the more appealing the prospect of this 'New Heaven' sounded. It was a big decision to make, but she knew she couldn't wait around forever and at some point she would have to face the big, bad world.

Breathing in deeply, CJ rummaged through her satchel to make sure it had everything in it before slinging it over her shoulder. She walked over to the door and took hold of the handle. Thoughts raced through her mind as she closed her eyes briefly. 'This is it...' She thought, slowly opening the door. 'This is my chance for a fresh start.'