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Lost in The Pulse

Lost in The Pulse


The Pulse is a club, well, the only club, in Rosewood, North Carolina. Thing is. . It's ran by vampires. And the hunters there? Well, they're starting to get suspicious. .

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The Pulse

|| The Plot ||
Bad Things - Jace Everett
The town in this role-play is completely made up.

The Pulse is the only club in the small town of Rosewood, North Carolina, and therefore, it is well-known. When the sun starts to sink in the sky, that’s when the club comes to life. The Pulse is wildly popular with most humans, because, unbeknownst to the mundane who enjoy the club, it is ran by a mischievous coven of vampires. The owner of the club started it a few years ago when she grew tired of hunting down her “prey” night after night. The club seemed an easy, convenient idea, almost like herding in cattle to one location, and her coven seemed to enjoy getting to mess with the humans. The Pulse has been around for almost ten years now, fairly new, and in the ideal location; Rosewood doesn’t have much around you can do for fun, so what do they do? Go to the club. Those new to town or visiting always seem to be drawn to The Pulse. You don’t make it out without going there at least once. However, what will become of said club when a few hunters start catching on and becoming suspicious? When they start snooping around? Will the vampires be able to handle them or will the hunters get the best of them?
That. . . Is a very good question.

I’m leaving the plot for this fairly open. A good “sandbox” sort of role-play. I just wanted to give a basic plot. A small town, a club, vampires, hunters. You get it? I’m open to ideas and suggestions. Have fun with this! If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. I don’t bite too hard. Scouts’ honor.

All You Need to Know about these Vampires

Their abilities, etc. A lot to read, I know, just do it!
• Vampires are immortal and do not age anymore physically once turned. They possess speed and strength much higher/greater than that of a human. Their grace is incomparable. The older the vampire, the greater speed and strength they have.
• Vampires have improved sense much greater than a humans’; their hearing and seeing surpass even that of a dogs’.
• They have heightened endurance and resistance. Regular bullets will hardly slow them down and they heal nearly instantly. Silver will not kill a vampire, but if wounded with it they will heal almost with near-human slowness.
• A vampires’ beauty has been described as “unearthly,” being one of their main ploys to drawing in their victims (they all are not pale).
• With direct eye contact a vampire can mesmerize a human, hypnotizing them. A vampires’ voice is also alluring to most humans. Vampires usually use direct eye-contact and voice-tricks to temporarily control a human where they do not know what is going on or cause them short-term memory loss.
• Vampires have the ability of something called “memory thief” where when they look into the eyes of their victim they can “read” their most intimate memories. Most vampires use this to use against said victim.
• Direct sunlight cannot kill a vampire, but it can weaken them to a certain extent. If they are out in it for too long their skin becomes painfully blistered. Due to this, most vampires stay inside, especially on sunny days, waiting to come out in the evening and during the night.
• When in need of blood, angered, in pain, or “aroused” a vampires’ eyes turn the color of liquid silver. Older vampires can do this at will.
• Along with that, a vampires’ fangs are exposed when angry or in pain. They can expose their fangs (where in canines are) at will as well.
• Vampires do not have a heartbeat, however, they do still have blood. Some vampires have been known to feed off of each other, because another vampires’ blood sustains them more and also tastes better. However, this is looked down upon by the Vampire Council.
• A vampire must feed at least four times a week, the younger the vampire, the more often. Their bite (and the feeding process) can be either one of the most painful or pleasurable experiences their victim faces. It is up to the vampire. They can eat regular food, but it does nothing for them and is tasteless. If a vampire does this, it is only for show/to blend in.
• The only way to turn someone is by draining them of most of their blood and having them drink from the vampire. The vampire (now known as their maker) must then stay with them through the transformation process. A lot of humans do not make it through this; it is extremely painful.
• The only way to kill a vampire is by beheading them and then burning the body (along with the head, naturally).

The Characters
Age || Face Claim || Job in the Club (vampires only) || Status (open, reserved, taken)

The Vampires

Vampire One; The Coven Master
Age:: (700-1,300) || Jessica Alba || Club’s Owner, she oversees everything and makes sure it’s running smoothly || OPEN[/b]

Vampire Two; Second-in-Command
Age:: (600-1,100) || Chris Hemsworth || He works security outside the club, watching everyone who comes in || OPEN

Vampire Three
Age:: (600-1000) || Amanda Seyfried || She’s one of the dancers at the club || OPEN

Vampire Four
Age:: (500-900) || Tom Welling || He’s a bouncer. You know, the person who kicks people out when they get a little too rowdy? || OPEN

Vampire Five
Age:: (400-850) || Sophia Bush || Another dancer || OPEN

Vampire Six
Age:: || Amber Heard || A Waitress; she brings people their drinks and things they order from the bar || TAKEN by Me aKa the GM

Vampire Seven
Age:: (200-600) || Kellan Lutz || The Bartender || OPEN

Vampire Eight
Age:: (150-450) || Emily Browning || Another Waitress || OPEN

Vampire Nine
Age:: (150-450) || Marlon Teixeira || The DJ || OPEN

The Hunters

Hunter One
Age:: (21-29) || Colin O’Donoghue || OPEN

Hunter Two
Age:: (21-29) || Kat Graham || OPEN

Hunter Three
Age:: (21-29) || Chris Pine || OPEN

Hunter Four
Age:: (21-29) || Jensen Ackles || OPEN

Hunter Five
Age:: (21-29) || Mila Kunis || OPEN

Hunter Six
Age:: (21-29) || Jared Padalecki || OPEN

The Humans
Human One
Age:: (18-29) || Arden Cho || OPEN

Human Two
Age:: (18-29) || Chris Evans || OPEN

Human Three
Age:: (18-29) || Alexis Bledel || OPEN

Human Four
Age:: (18-29) || Aaron Tveit || OPEN

Human Five
Age:: (18-29) || Emma Stone || OPEN

Character Sheet
Like a lot of things, I’m leaving this character sheet open. I’m giving you the basics that need to be on the sheet (you can switch up the order), but I’m not coding it for you; you do all of that yourself. You can add things if you’d wish. Remember to use plenty of pictures (no “red carpets” ones), gifs and so forth. Also, be sure to make it descriptive and pretty. The nicer your character sheets looks, the more likely I am to accept said character. Impress me!!

Full Name:
Profession: (for the humans, mostly)
Theme Song:
Face Claim:


This is an advanced role-play. That means: no text talk, proper grammar, punctuation, and so forth. No one-liners. If you can only post one sentence per post then this role-play is not for you. Be able to post at least three or four good, solid paragraphs per post and per character, unless posting is slow or you have the dreaded writers’ block (I get it often myself, so no worries).

With Rule One being said, this is also a mature role-play. If you cannot handle some violent scenes, blood, and other things that come along with maturity, then this role-play isn’t for you.

Keep in check RPG rules. I don't mind cursing frequently, this is a "Semi-Realistic" role-play, and after all, cursing is to be expected. Along with that, romance is also to be expected. However, once the clothes come off you need to do “Fades to Black” or something like that. You know the rules guys and gals.

Please do not join then vanish the next day or after a few posts. If you must be gone a few days or so, please let me know through OOC or through PM. I will do the same. You don’t know how many role-play I’ve been in where people just vanish and then it dies. Not cool! There are other people to consider who are excited about this. So, keep everyone updated. STAY ACTIVE IN OOC CHAT!

Reserve characters through OOC before submitting them, please and thank you! You have a 48 hour reservation period before your spot is open back up for grabs. I know there will be questions about face claims, so here we go. To be honest, I am fond of the face claims I have. They aren’t exactly overused and I like that. However, if you MUST have a different one at least run it by me first AND provide me with another gif. When you go to reserve a character please put the title of your favorite TV show somewhere on the post of your reservation where it will CLEARLY be seen, so I know you read EVERYTHING! If you do not have that on your reservation post I will simply ignore it. I am sorry ahead of time. Reading everything is important.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me either through OOC/PM/IM. I’d prefer PM but it doesn’t matter. Also, if you have any ideas shoot them at me. I’m up for whatever!

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Re: Lost in The Pulse

Thank you so much! One more thing real quick. I am throwing my friend a surprise birthday party so I won't be on my laptop tonight but I'll be able to get my wips in and hopefully complete both of them tomorrow. Just letting you know! I really do want to be apart of this.

Re: Lost in The Pulse

Well human 3 is up and ready! I had to keep editing to make sure all the gifs were good. It kept messing up on me. But she's in now!

Re: Lost in The Pulse

Face-Off is my current favorite since everything else is out of Bones. Ugh. Lol.
But may I reserve Vampire 8?

I really love this idea. I love sandbox role plays since it allows flexibility with the story! And to be honest, anything that has Chris Evans in an FC has me hooked...haha.

Re: Lost in The Pulse

May I reserve Vampire Five?

My favorite tv show...erm I don't watch tv a lot but I'm quite fond of Face Off

EDIT: If doubling is an option could I also take on Hunter One?

Re: Lost in The Pulse

[/size]Sherlock, definetly.

May I take human one, but change her face claim to Daria Sidorchuk? She's even more underused then Ardent Cho, I'd say and I've been itching to use her. :)


Re: Lost in The Pulse


Yep! Reserved for you! Good shows. ^^


Hello! Thank you. :) Sounds good to me.. Both are reserved for you!

I love those shows! Supernatural is definitely my favorite. :D

Re: Lost in The Pulse

Hey there! Awesome roleplay idea. Could I reserve Human Five and Hunter Six? I like to play a male and a female if that's alright. If only one character is allowed, then just Human Five.

My favorite TV show would have to be Supernatural and Vikings.

Re: Lost in The Pulse

Hello! May I reserve human 3? And my favorite TV show? If a Web series counts I'd say Red Vs Blue. If not, Gillian's island.

Lost in The Pulse

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