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Merel Michealis

"As long as I knew that someone, somewhere, was still there, I would be ok..."

0 · 146 views · located in Stranded island

a character in “Lost in the Wild”, as played by BleedingCrimson


Age: 17

Gender: Female

Status: Single

Orientation: Straight

Merel is a female, that stands at 5'5" with her usual two-inch heels and weighs about 105 pounds with a slim body type, making her look younger than she is and very slight. Her hair is a shocking red and often put up into a loose bun with her fringe hanging in her face and often covering her right eye that she can barely see out of anyway. Merel has a light tan due to her Italian heritage. She has a tattoo that covers her back entirely, tattooed on recently- as her 17th birthday present from her parents.

Merel's normal clothing is a mix of the stereotypical 'punk' style with a twist of her own, she makes her own clothes by hand, if she can help it, and so they are all original and oddities of her mind. She tends to favor things with a Victorian flare or outfits that hold a sense of vintage oldness to it. And because of this quirk, the inside of her room is decorated just like a Victorian bedroom and always clean (though the cleanness might have something to do with her slight OCD).

Music is her passion and she likes a great range, preferring to listen to Heavy Metal, Classical, Choral, Soundtracks and Classic Rock and Metal but not any Screamo (unless it is exceptional) or Country- they make her ears bleed... Her favorite, however, is when bands mix in classical instruments with their electric guitars and drums and keyboards.

Her greatest fear is total and complete isolation from people of any sort, not quite being isolated from outside life but more of a fear of there being no one left in the world except for her. "I could handle solitary, I really could, just as long as I knew other people were there, somewhere. I couldn't deal with being the last one on earth though, but as long as I knew that someone, somewhere, was still there, I would be ok..."


Merel is arrogant in an aloof, smug kind of way and is quite the prick around large groups. She is a very sly and conniving individual who doesn't trust anyone easily.

She words hold meaning to her and if she says something she will do it. Her word is her oath and her contract, and so she never says things lightly.

She is an extremely honor-bound individual and will not engage in a battle with someone who is below her level of prowess unless in self-defense. Though she places deep significance on honor, she is not above twisting the truth to her advantage and often leaves out some of it, if it is to her benefit.

Merel prefers to not talk if she doesn't have to- doesn't like to waste her words or her breath and she has a very cynical and pessimistic outlook on life, which she likes to call realistic and perhaps somewhat cynical.

Has a very cynical and pessimistic outlook on life, which she tends to call a realistic and perhaps somewhat cynical view. Merel's humor often consists of dry, scathing sarcasm and torment of others, in a friendly way, of course...

Merel is not very passionate about anything past her music, either playing, composing or simply listening and appreciating its beauty and nuances. She cannot live without her iPod, headphones or viola (viola is slightly larger than the violin and produces a deeper sound).


Black canvas messenger bag containing:

-iPod Touch and headphones

-Cell phone

-Sketchbook, pens and pencils


-Pocket knife

-Pocket watch

-Unlined notebook, pens, quill-pen, and an ink pot

-Her schoolbooks and accompanying homework

And, lastly, her Viola.


Born and raised as a city girl she has had little contact with the 'wild.' However, she knows a good bit about herb lore and what is alright to consume and how to use healing plants (mainly as teas) because of her Grandmother's teachings. Merel is an orphan but does not usually categorize herself as such because her Grandparents have always been there for her. Her parents had died in a car crash when she was five, leaving her some keepsakes and barely remembered faces and voices.

Merel is interested in linguistics (after all, what is music but another language that transcends language barriers?) and so knows a couple of different languages. Italian and English, both being her native languages because of her Grandparents, and passable Russian. She took Japanese because of its difficulty level and because she likes the country's music... The chance to actually go to Japan- well, that was an off that just couldn't be passed up...

So begins...

Merel Michealis's Story