Raine Tallulah

"Oh, wonderful...now what?"

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a character in “Lost in the Wild”, as played by Crystal Flamedance


Name: Raine Tallulah

Age: 19

Description: Image
Raine is a little on the tall side, and slim, almost fragile-looking. She has waist-length hair that is a very light brown, but, in the right light, can appear almost gray. She has gray eyes, and almost always looks like she's staring off into space. Usually she will wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but, in warmer weather, will switch it a pair of shorts with a tank top.


Raine is usually quiet but, when she thinks she can help, will speak up. She likes to help out, and is often a little too trusting. She doesn't like to fight, and will avoid any confrontations that look like they will lead to one. She is in the college for a degree in animals, but took Japanese simply for something else to do. After all, if she focuses too much on one area, she will often become bored, and will no longer be able to focus. She loves anything to do with animals, but knows how to be careful around them. She also likes to write, and has a bunch of stories that haven't even come closed to being finished. Still, she writes any sort of stories come into her head, never with a clear ending in mind, and with almost nothing planned out.

She tried to keep an opportunistic view on things, and to see only the good, rather than the bad, simply because she feels that looking at the bad will upset her too much. She hasn't been upset with anything aside from grades and schoolwork in quite a while, and doesn't think she can really handle it. She can be a little awkward around others at first, but, as she gets used to them, she will become more open. Often, this happens a bit too fast, since she trust others so easily, and has gotten her into a bit of trouble before. She lacks confidence in herself, but will often be very confident in others.

She is very afraid of spiders, and anything that vaguely resembles spiders; she's even afraid of crabs simply because their legs, as far as she can see, are shaped similarly. She can also be very jumpy in the dark. While she won't admit it, she is also afraid of getting lost; she often will lie and say she likes getting lost, because it gives her a chance to explore, though. She loves forests, though, and the view of the ocean. She also likes to explore...provided she has a map of the area that she can read well enough to keep from getting lost.


She carries around her bag which always has a few folders inside, each with two or three stories inside, along with some packages of extra paper, and a handful of pencils. For the trip, she specifically grabbed an extra, blank folder, for taking notes, a book, should she forget any of her Japanese, her wallet, with ID and extra money and a charging cord for her cell phone, in case she finds the time to charge it. She keeps her cell phone in her jean pocket, and a handful of loose change in another pocket.


She grew up in a family of five, with an arrogant younger sister, an overly-talkative younger brother, a nearly silent father, and an over-controlling mother. She went into animals in college cimply because she had literally lived her life with pets; from the day she was born, and even before, her parents kept animals in the house. But she had always had a bit of an interest in Japan, and often wished to visit it, and thought it to be impossible. Until, of course, she learned about the field trip to Japan. She is very excited for the trip, and can't wait to get there, to learn more about the Japanese.

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