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Lost the Tropics

Lost the Tropics


A small cruise ship has crashed on a remote tropical reef!

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i got the idea for this rp from swiss family robinson, however, this is not a sfr based rp. so even if you have not seen any of the movies or read the book, come on in and join us!



It has been a long voyage thus far on a trip to a tropical paradise, but wait? You haven't reached your paradise at all! As the small cruise ship, The Moyrinia, was drifting along a huge storm struck. Waves crashed over the top of the small boat and it was rocked from side to side, sending beds and furniture toppling all throughout the rooms. Passengers were thrown from their beds as they slept, some being crushed by the heavy wooden beds that were not properly bolted to the floor. Some fell from the boat while other clung onto whatever they could for dear life.

By morning, the Moyrinia was in ruins, having crashed into a tropical reef not too far from shore. A short swim from what was left of the deck would take a passenger to sand a shade... but what lay in the crystal clear water? Sharks? Stingrays? Who knew? And who wanted to know? To reach shore, one would have to either brave it and swim, or build a raft. What will you do?

The island is large, and tropical of course. There are many trees and the brush is incredibly thick. Upon doing some wandering a small fresh-water river can be found, when following it deeper and deeper into the forest it become less narrow and clear... forming a very dangerous and roaring brown death trap. What to do... what to do about food... well, various types of nuts and fruits grow on this island. There are plenty of bananas and coconuts for sure! And lets not forget about bamboo, cut a slice and drink the sugary liquid inside!

Bats, possums, tree kangaroos, New Guinea Singing Dogs, Northern cassowarys, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, and frogs. The Island has a vast amount of wildlife. Some in particular to watch out for... cassowary, are one of the world's most dangerous birds, they can take down a human with one blow of their foot... poisonous snakes, get bit by one of these and it will be time to say goodbye, not to mention all of the constrictor snakes as well... and don't even think about picking up one of those cute little frogs, no, stop, or you WILL die!

Sound like your cup of tea? Well, come join the fun! Er... frantic-ness!

Below is the character sheet...

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1. No god-modding
2. No surviving after being bitten by a poisonous snake...
3. Please post a minimum of five sentences at a time...
4. Use real life photos for characters please. Normally I would prefer fake pictures, but not in this particular rp...
5. Please keep it pg13!
6. Please keep it realistic as possible... this is set in the real world...

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(Please do not post OOC here :) ~Alappassi )

The setting changes from A remote tropical island to Moyrinia


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Bryn rubbed the top of her head as she sat among a pile of broken wood, in what used to be her bedroom... The place was a mess. Her window had been broken along with the bed. Her luggage had been strewn every which way and her roommate lay dead on the floor, underneath a overturned dresser. The sound of waves lapped against the side of the ship, making Bryn queezy. She just sat there, trying to take it all in...

She remembered going to bed and then waking to the sound of the pouring rain and then she had been thrown this way and that. The next thing she knew there had been a loud crashing sound and the boat had begun filling with water... but Bryn's room had not been submerged, the side of the ship she was staying in was the side that was resting on top of the coral reef. She had been saved by the very thing that had killed many. Though she hardly considered herself lucky at this point.

After sitting on the floor in a daze for what seemed like hours, Bryn managed to get herself to her feet. She stood and leaned against the wall, trying to catch herself from falling over. She was not injured, just in a bit of a shock. After she found herself able, she set out into the hall. Bryn had to climb over several broken shards of glass and even a few tables and chairs. She studied the damage before returning to her room.

Once there she grabbed her suit case and stuffed it with clothes, and then even some of her roommates clothes. She felt a bit guilty about this... but well... she had read many survival stories and one had to get past the feeling of guilt if they truly wanted to survive. She packed some toothpaste, but could not find her tooth brush. She also made sure to grab one of the sheets and a pillow case, who knew what she may need!

After packing, she picked up the suit case and headed back out into the hall. Once there she grabbed the first aid kit that had been flung from the wall and dragged it out onto the deck.

Bryn took this moment to observe. She was immediately blinded by the sunlight and had to shade her eyes to see. Not far off, was a tropical island, which meant life! She almost smiled with joy. After a closer inspection of the ship she noticed that one of the dinghies was still in a salvageable condition. It had a chunk missing out of it's side, but so long as she didn't try to take too many heavy things at once the gap shouldn't go under the water and sink, or so she hoped. She dragged the suit case over and loaded it into the small boat, then threw the first aid kit in as well.

After, Bryn went back into the boat to see what she could find... or who she could find...

The setting changes from Moyrinia to A remote tropical island

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Danielle couldn't bring herself to open her eyes. All she could hear was the sound of the waves hitting what was left of the ship. She knew there couldn't have been much left after what had happened the previous day. The light from the sun pierced through her eyelids as she lay there soaking wet and freezing. Danielle could only imagine what she would see if she opened her eyes.

After a few moments of laying there, she finally decided it was time to examine her surroundings. Everything was a mess. Pieces of the ship were everywhere. She shuddered. Her body felt too cold and weak to move. Every muscle in her body felt like it had been fighting... well, a storm. She didn't care to recall her survival of the wreck. Her mind was much too tired for that. As far as she knew, she was alive by pure luck.

Danielle heard someone moving. She lifted her head with the hope that she'd be able to see them. By the sounds of it, the person was going through the stuff that was left of the ship. Her throat was sore from having swallowed a terrible amount of sea water. "H-help," she whispered. She struggled to push her voice through her throat.

Danielle closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She forced her upper half to rise into a sitting position. From there, she could see even more of the damage done to the ship. "Hello?" she asked quietly. Danielle couldn't get her voice to be any louder. She hoped that whoever was around would be able to hear her.

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Bryn was rummaging through more items, and as she was passing one of the rooms a faint noise caught her attention. it was a voice, a very raspy and tired sounding voice. No louder than a mouse. She raised an eyebrow and hurried back the way that she had come, entered the room. When she spotted Danielle her eyes widened.

Bryn hurried over to her and knelt down in front of her. "Are you alright!?" She asked as she quickly began examining her. She mostly looked shook up, and Bryn was thankful for that. While fear wasn't a good thing it was still better than any serious injury. "My names Bryn, I will help you however I can. Does anything hurt really bad?"

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Faith saw things in flashes. Waves splashing over the side of the boat. People yelling at her telling her to get in her room. Her boyfriend holding her closely and telling her not to panic. A loud crashing noise. Blackness.

At this, she forced herself to open her eyes, launching herself out of the peaceful state of sleep that she really wanted to stay in. At least there she wouldn't have to deal with reality. Upon opening her eyes, she saw that she was lying on top of Devon. His eyes were shut. He appeared to be sleeping peacefully. She shook his shoulder.

"Wake up asshole, we need to get a fire." When he didn't move, she lightly slapped his face. "Come on, I know you can hear me." Still he didn't move. Now she was panicking. She rushed to stand up, only to feel a sharp pain in her abdomen that caused her to fall backwards onto her ass. She lifted her shirt to see a puncture wound that was bleeding pretty badly. Looking at Devon, she saw the source.

When he fell backwards, he had been stabbed by a broken piece of wood that happened to be sticking up. She must have gotten some of it, but he clearly had it worse. Slowly, she crawled to him, placing two fingers to his neck. There wasn't a pulse.

Holding her injury, she forced herself to stand. She let out a loud cry of pain. She had to find people. She needed to get help. But most of all, she needed to get away from his corpse.

With a deep inhale, she began walking towards some noise that she heard. She hoped it was real. As she grew nearer, she heard the exchange of voices. Picking up her pace, she began heading towards them, desperate for help.

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Danielle released a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. Relief washed over her when a girl spotted her. "Are you alright!?" She nodded and sat up, wincing at the pain the shot through her stomach. "My names Bryn, I will help you however I can. Does anything hurt really bad?"

Danielle looked at the girl for a moment. "I... I don't think so. Just my throat and my stomach. I don't know how I swallowed so much of the water." Her mind was going through a bit of shock. It was finally beginning to hit her that the ship was destroyed in the middle of nowhere. Will I ever be able to see my family again? A tear slid down her cheek at the thought of never seeing the people she loved again.

A loud cry tore her from her thoughts. She looked at Bryn with wide eyes. "Did you hear that?" She got up on her feet. A sharp pain went through her stomach again. Her muscles complained and her head throbbed, but she temporarily pushed it aside. Someone else was alive and they were moving toward Bryn and Danielle. She headed toward the doorway and leaned against it for support. It was a little weak, but she wasn't heavy enough to make it matter. "Hello?" she said to the girl heading their way. She looked back at Bryn. "Please tell me I'm not crazy."

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Moyrinia by Alappassi

The remains of the crashed cruise ship...

The Shore and the ocean

The Shore and the ocean by Alappassi

The shore is sandy warm...

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