Ling Zhao

"Wow, you honestly think you can win? Please, I can read you like a book; and you aren't a good one either."

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a character in “LOUD”, as played by Lightningflash


Name: Ling Zhao
Nickname: N/A
Gang Affiliation: Key
Personality: Ling is your average joker. He can find a way to turn nearly any situation into a jest, and has been known to accidentally spark fights between himself and other gangs because of some snide comments he made. He rarely ever loses his temper (you don’t want to be there when he does), and tends to be cool as a cucumber even in the midst of battle.

Despite his mischievous and somewhat childish attitude, Ling is a true strategist at heart. He possesses an eidetic memory, which allows him to absorb a limitless amount of information about rival gangs, fighting styles, and other useful topics. He often will not expend any more energy than necessary in defeating an enemy, and tends to use his techniques to disable an opponent rather than kill.
Background: Ling grew up in a respectable upper middle class family. He was always a bright kid, and excelled in all aspects of school. He also seemed to have a knack for music: his memory allowed him to pick up the violin easily, and master it within months. His parents loved him dearly, and it seemed that they had a perfect life in the midst of a crumbling world.

However, the good times could not last. When Ling was thirteen, his parents were mugged and killed on the way home from the grocery store, leaving him an orphan. Ling had no place to go, no way to support himself. Unable to pay the rent for his family’s apartment, he was kicked out onto the street with nowhere to turn. Promising himself that he would become strong enough to quell the ever growing violence around him, Ling joined the Key gang, and trained to become the best tactician the group had ever known.
Weapon: Ling’s main combat weapon is his trustycane sword. Although the blade is sharp and battle ready, Ling rarely draws it, usually fighting with it sheathed as an insult of sorts to the enemy. He also carries around a variety of small explosives, including smoke bombs, flash bangs and “mini molotovs,” an incendiary grenade of his own invention.
Outfit: Ling usually wears black. He wears black dress shoes, black slacks, a black shirt and vest, and a black overcoat to top it all off. His black fedora tops off the outfit.
Playlist: Symphony No. 5: Finale- Dmitri Shostakovitch
The Blue Danube- John Strauss II
Far East Suite-Akira Senju
Anything Else?
Ling's favorite food is the pomegranate; he can't get enough of it!

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