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Brody Lee

0 · 304 views · located in Brisbane, Australia

a character in “Love Ain't Easy”, as played by Missie




Brody Noel Lee


The Ocean. Tales of faraway lands. History. Surfing. Food. Sleeping. Skateboarding. Holding hands. Blasting music. Concerts. Aquariums. Airplane food. Space. Stars.
Screams. Dark corridors. Silence. Real life. Falling. Bruises. Boring people. Repetitiveness. Not being able to plan a trip away. Let downs. (even though he is one)
Being trapped. Drowning. Losing someone.

The first time you meet Brody, or perhaps even if you just spot him on the streets, you'd think him lively. Charming, even. That smile. It is so much more than a part of his appearance. It is him - his persona, his strength and flaw. It opens his face, lights a room and closes a door all at once. He uses his smile as a weapon; you would be a fool to think otherwise. Outwardly, Brody is an incredibly social creature, boisterous and chatty and sometimes funny. Even better, he'll laugh at your jokes, even the really bad ones.

I'm just going to come right out and say it. Brody is nice.

Actually, nice is too vague a word. A more appropriate word would be forgiving and helpful, which makes it incredibly hard for him to stay angry at someone for a long period of time. If people can set aside his laziness he is a generally nice person. When you travel a lot anything can happen and you learn to make the best out of a bad situation. You also learn that its impossible not to meet interesting people. The amount of people that you meet is crazy, and hearing some people’s stories can be heartbreaking. He's a listener and a talker. Brody has always been a great conversationalist and listened to other people, tried to help them where he can. People find Brody interesting, though he will never quite understand why.

Lazy might cover him as well. Brody is nothing if not especially apathetic. If there is an easier way to do something, that's the way it'll get done, sloppy or not. This perpetual laziness is an easy thing to blame for his downfall, but it's not the reason that he is skipping school. No, that's a whole other ball game. He has a sort of hippie philosophy he expounds, when given the chance. Life should be about love, about indulgence, about experience above all else. He's found a path to happiness, and he wants to walk on it for as long as he can. He loves travelling. In fact, he's obsessed with it. Nothing gives him a greater rush than watching the beautiful Kenyan sunset, sightseeing in New York, or Snapping a photo of the Pyramids of Giza.

Brody is a thrill seeker, and a little bit of a rule breaker. Often breaking petty rules just to test the water- test people's patience. He never seems to think things through and this gets him into all the wrong places. He just dives right in without a second though, even after the accident.

"I was born around the gold coast of Australia, but that's about all I can remember of the early days. I'm sorry. I have a terrible memory. But from what I remember those were pretty happy days. I loved Australia, especially the blazing sun and amazingly large waves. So when we moved to a remote island somewhere near Scotland, you could say I wasn't exactly thrilled.

Being neither the eldest nor the youngest of four children, I am nothing special. I was actually born third, so my rank among the family kids falls on the younger portion of the spectrum. Born first, the title of eldest goes to my brother Keane. At the age of 20, he's one year older than my sister Emmy. Then there's me at the awkward age of 18, where you're not sure where in the hell your life is going. Following not shortly after, my younger sister of 13, Bella. We're an odd bunch, each uniquely different than the other, but we normally get along well. Or, what I mean is, we kind of stay out of each others way. All of us have our own goals, own lives, and I don't intend to break the fragile balance we have ever again.

I did once. Not too long ago, actually. And, even though it wasn't entirely my fault, I'm still trying to repair the damage. While my parents could never really juggle having four mouths to feed, it wasn't until things got really bad did I ever feel tension between my family. Coexistence was essential. In the kill or be killed vibe of the fish industry in our small island, where far more people drown than those that float, my family's small fishing operation was everything to us. It provided food and money and a place where we all could meet the ocean with open arms. But I'll never forget when the ocean tried to collect its dues for all it had provided over our short lives. That was the day I crossed the lines that separated all of us from one another, the lines that kept our family's equilibrium in check.

All four children had been called to service aboard our parent's boat,tho patently for chores, the day the ocean lurched with illness and groaned with pain. A storm had corrupted the waves, leaving our small boat at the mercy of the sea. "One more haul, guys," my father's voice was insignificant as it tried to overcome the screech of the wind and slap of the water, "Just one." Keane had been working the hardest that day, his toned arms tugging up nets and throwing them back. I'll even admit, he'd done most of my part as well as his own. On the rain-slick deck of the ship, I had stuck to trying to keep my footing while making sure to watch out for Bella.

The waves were relentless as they crashed time and time again against the hull of our ship. It wasn't until when Keane let out a snarl of both pain and determination as he threw one of the last nets over the side that I moved to help. "Let me get the last one," I offered to finally take on the end of the job with a loud voice that still barely made it over the sounds of the storm, "Watch Bell for a sec." My fingers wrapped around the net's rope and let my eyes fall away from my little sister. She was dancing in the rain, her little boots slapping on the deck as she giggled with childish delight that I no longer experienced. Keane stood not too far away, breathing heavy as the cold droplets pierced his sore muscles. Mind consumed with the task at hand, tugging the final net from the ocean's grasp, I let them fall away from my attention. It wasn't until I had finally pulled the last remains of the mesh up did I realize it was a mistake to let Bee leave my sight.

"Where is she?!" my voice was a weak against the storm, a roar that made me shake with anger. I was frantic, consumed with panic as I stared at the space where Bella had just been.
"She was just there," Keane's voice was heavy with the same chaos I felt and mixed with the exhaustion from the day's work. The words barely reached my ears above the wind and rain. Turning away, I lunged for the railing of the ship, my body colliding painfully with the metal. Against the darkness of the waves, I barely saw the fair hair of my sister's head before it was consumed by the water.

I remember hitting the water hard, the cold shocking my form as I reached blindly for Bella, for air, for the ability to swim. Gripping the still arm of my little sister, I burst to the surface and pulled her from the sea's grasp. We were so heavy together. I remember that the most. Combined, our forms weighed more than the nets or the fish we pulled in with them. I don't remember much else, besides waking up on the sand with Keane leaned over me. Mom was crying. Emmy was too, her body shaking as our dad held her. Bella was holding my hand. I could feel her trembling, either with the cold of the water we had just survived or with emotion. "You saved me," her voice was so quiet I still swear, to this day, that I imagined it. I've never had the courage to ask her for the truth.

After the incident we moved far, far away, to the US specifically, no where near the sea. Land-locked. I suspected my parents had had enough. Truthfully, and It pains me to say this, but I missed the sea. I liked North Carolina, but I also liked the danger of the sea, the whisper of death as I sailed into the open ocean. That's when I started to travel, especially on cruises, whenever I got the chance. "

So begins...

Brody Lee's Story