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Farrah Nicolai

"Love? Isn't that a fairy tale to give false hope to girls and guys...? I'm not sure..."

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a character in “Love Cafe”, as played by ChildOfNone



Farrah Nicolai
18 going on 19
The Drama Kid
Farrah is a pretty complex person when you first meet her. She doesn’t really let people in that easily and she has slight trust issues. Sometimes it’ll come to where she’s a bit snappy and rude though Farrah doesn’t really mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. This initial attitude is mostly based on her past and what she’s been through. Still, most people stop trying to befriend her half way knowing her. For those lucky and rare people that stick around she’s all hugs and happy smiles. Farrah is a mess of hyper and sometimes crazy energy so you can probably say you’ll never be bored around her. She does have her other little eccentricities, like the fact that her hair is never the same color for longer than a week or that she likes to dress up once in a while because she thinks its fun.
She likes to be dramatic at times, what with her love of acting and all, but not overly so when she’s not on stage. Still, Farrah has her moments when she’s moody or can be serious when the time calls for it. She also has quite a quick temper so watch out. Other than that Farrah is fairly, almost, slightly normal.
Farrah was the last born of her siblings and the only girl. She has 2 older brothers: Gyorg (23) and Jean (25). Her family could be classified as middle class; they have enough to not be called poor but not enough to be called rich. Their father was never in the picture though their mother likes to talk about him all the time. Their mother was a pretty laid back person, very open and free about a lot of things. They all lived together, just the 4 of them, quite happily. Then, when Farrah was around 11 years old her mother started dating a guy. They hit it off pretty well and Farrah and her sibling were okay with him. Then not too long later they finally decided to get married. And that’s when everything just changed.
Her mother’s boyfriend slowly started to grow volatile. He was quick to anger. At first it was simple things he did, like hit the nearest wall or table. Then, he started yelling. Until finally one day he used physical violence. There wasn’t a day after that, that Farrah didn’t hear her mother crying at night. It broke her heart. Her brothers had gone off to college before they could truly witness what was happening so they had no idea. Then it wasn’t just her mother that he would hit. Suddenly, it was Farrah he’d hurt.
That’s what finally made Farrah’s mother turn the guy in. She couldn’t just stand to watch her new found husband hitting her daughter. He was arrested and put in jail. After that they moved and kept pretty much to themselves. Farrah’s brothers never found out; Farrah never wanted to tell them and her mother had yet to be able to speak about it without breaking down into tears. Its gotten better over the years, Farrah’s mother is back to her normal self and Farrah herself has opened up just a bit more than before.
Strawberry Swiss Roll.
All types of coffee, really.

So begins...

Farrah Nicolai's Story


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Arrow had slept in his cat form again. It didn’t really bother him but sometimes the animal instinct to be lazy overwhelmed him. Still, he shook himself and streched out his muscles before jumping off his bed and landing on his feet as his normal self. Well, as normal as you can get with an angel. He blinked away the sleep from his eyes and dragged himself to the bathroom. After freshening up a bit he stepped out, freshly changed into his ever white Bakers outfit. His usual sunny smile adorned his face and his eyes sparkled in clarity that hadn’t been there just minutes ago.

Bounding out to the front of the café Arrow noticed Alex and three customers already sitting and in the “Singles” section no less. “Good day and welcome!” he said sunnily to all of them, throwing them a toothy grin in greeting. He turned then, specifically, to talk to Alex. “Will the regular batch do for today or do you want anything special done on the side?” he asked.

He made a mental list of every regular pastry they sold then another list of the ones he’d made last night and put to cool. He’d have to take those out in a few minutes, lest they get too cold and hard. They would be ready to put out in display and customers could pick from those while he baked the afternoon batch and then another night batch. He wondered momentarily if the chocolate was still rich and decided he’d check on that. Otherwise it would spoil and taste bitter and give awful stomachaches. His focus returned to Alex and he waited for his orders.

Farrah Nicolai

You have been cordially invited to the wedding of:
Violet Hilliard & Jean Nicolai
We hope to see you there in our most joyous celebration of love!

Farrah had read this for perhaps the hundredth time and it still didn’t quite feel real. Her brother, her geeky, lovable, dorky brother, was getting married. Finally after reading it one more time she let her eyes lower to the small message below written in her brother’s chicken scratch scrawl:

Can you believe it!?! :)

No. No, Farrah couldn’t believe it. She knew her brother had no idea about Gage, her mother’s ex-husband, but she couldn’t help feeling slightly betrayed. Her mother had given the invitation to her this morning and had been excited that her eldest son was finally settling down. She, on the other hand, wanted to give her brother a good shake and yell at him, Are you insane!?! What in the world are you thinking!? What drug are you on!?! She threw the card under the bed and quickly got dressed. For today she chooses her black antique dress. She puts on the matching old style lace up heeled boots and then gives herself a good look in the mirror. Her lips quirk and she ties the ribbon at her neck perfectly (from long hours of practice) to make the look more natural. Now she fully smiles, knowing she looks like a girl from a far off past when ladies weren’t supposed to show ankles. This will be her look today.

She hurries out with a “See you later!” to her mom and makes her way down her street. People are staring at her and giggling behind her back but Farrah doesn’t care. She loves to dress up and she isn’t ashamed to show it. Rounding the corner she stops in front of a small café. She’d been there yesterday, oddest thing happened… her wallet had disappeared. Next thing she knows it was still in her pocket. She gives the door a look, shrugs and bounds in walking straight for the “Singles” section. She hops onto the chair and gives a hello to every before turning to the owner of the place. “One coffee, black, really strong please.” She says, then mutters to herself, “I’m going to need it.”


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Zachary Conway
The Troubled

~I feel insane every single time I'm asked to compromise. Because I'm afraid and stuck in my ways and that's the way it staaaaaays! So how long did I expect love to outweigh ignorance? By that look on your face, I may have forced the scale to tiiiiip!!! I'm not insane, I'm not insane! I'm not insane, I'm not- not insane!~

"Huh?" Zachary looked up to see that someone had spoken to him, snapping him out of the 'zone' he had been in. He offered his signature warm smile followed by the pausing of his MP3 so that he could actually completely focus on the man. "Oh, hello....Alex?" he said the name with a question-like tone, as he wasn't sure if that was someone else's name or not. He didn't want to seem disrespectful by not being completely sure of the names and accidently calling someone by someone else's name. He ended up scratching the back of his neck before speaking any further. "It's good to see you too, and...." he frowned. "I'm sorry about yesterday. However, I have come to the conclusion that my wallet might double as a ninja. In any case, I made sure my wallet was with me today, so I will pay for yesterday's previous order,"

Zach wasn't one to leave debts unpaid or kind acts to go unrewarded. He wasn't really sure how to pay them back for being so kind. It actually made him feel even more welcome than he already felt here. In addition to that kindness, there was always--

"Good day and welcome!.....Will a regular batch do or for today or do you want anything special done on the side?"

If he remembered correctly, that was the baker. He had briefly come out yesterday, but Zach never caught his name. The employees seemed a bit too gay for their jobs, and Zach briefly rolled the thought of asking their pay for this job to see if that was the cause. This thought was then replaced by another. "Something special done to the side?" Zach repeated in his head. Were they making weed brownies? He had to admit, these people were a bit too kind for the possibility of drugs to be completely proposterous. However, he could tell this was genuine happiness, and nothing drug-induced, so the thought was merely his bored mind entertaining itself.

"I hope everything 'special' you plan on adding is legal," he said jokingly, a light laugh occuring just after. "I would also like to tell you that I am a fan of your work, sir. I might've teared up when my piece of cake from yesterday was gone," that actually might not have been a joke, as he took carrot cake seriously. His head instinctively turned towards the door as the little bell chimed, betraying someone's entrance into the establishment. She when she ordered a coffee, she seemed a bit too enthusiastic when she ordered. Tense, maybe? Something wrong? Well, he couldn't really know, but he could offer a smile, which was probably the best thing a stranger could do for someone else they didn't know.

"Hmm, if coffee is needed, then someone's not a morning person," he offered the same warm smile from before to her. Then, he paused, remembering something. "Oh yeah.... I would like the same as her, as well as a Dr.Pepper," he said, not breaking his streak. His streak happened to be how many times he could go to and order a Dr.Pepper, even if he had already ordered another drink and finish both. After the work out earlier, he was thirsty as a dog, even after drinking water.

So far, his streak was at 51


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#, as written by Alyx
Theo shrugged, eyeing her smoothie, and sipped it slightly, her nose wrinkling slightly as she detected an odd flavor. A hint of something else. It did taste good though, so she kept drinking it slowly, savoring the taste.
She smiled slightly at the other cafe worker and nodded to the other girl who came in and said hello. And then ordered coffee, probably as a pickup. She did seem a bit grouchy. Theo hated coffee. It made her sleepy and she didn't need things making her sleepy. Narcolepsy was annoying enough as it is.
Speaking of which...she glanced at her phone as it buzzed and growled a little bit. Her mother had sent a reminder that she had an appointment at four to visit the doctor who was probably going to recommend yet another medicine which either wouldn't work or would give her an allergic reaction. A bad one. They'd been trying for three or four years to find something that she could take and nothing worked. Ever.
She stabbed the keys on her phone, telling her mom that she remembered and she'd be back in time. She would always be in a bad mood whenever anyone mentioned her narcolepsy.
She ended up accidentally slamming her phone down on the counter. She winced, looking at the people behind the counter and around her. "Sorry."


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Honestesly, Sebastian hated waking up. Not because he was groggy, or didn't want to do anything with his day, but simply because his dreams where a place where he could control what he saw and heard, make it so it was only the good ones. Well, he would like to think he controlled them, though in reality, his mind probably made the choices itself.
His is awkward for him to think of his Mind and Personality as two separate parts of himself? Even though they were so closely linked? Maybe. Oh well.

Sebastian sat up on his bare mattress- his sheets were across the room again. He was often told by female friends that he slept adorably, though Sebastian didn't see how when he seemed to kick so much.
He got up and scratched his bare chest, wishing his light abs were a bit more defined, then shrugged it off. He was a photographer not an athlete. Sebastian yawned and kicked open his bedroom door, meandering through the living/kitchen/dining area. Already he was beginning to hear music from the familiar sights of his two room one bath apartment. He was able to push them to the back of his mind, being so familiar, but it was still annoying. Unless he closed his eyes, silence didn't exist to Sebastian. And even then there was the dull thrum that nothing ness brought on. He really hated his 'neurological condition' sometimes, though he was glad he could see some beauty no one else could.
Casting aside his morning life thoughts, Sebastian jumped into the shower, quickly scrubbing down before stepping out again in less than five minutes. He really didn't understand why it took girls so long.
He didn't bother drying his hair, just pulled on clothes, grabbed his messenger bag, slung his camera around his neck and set out.
The tall figure, nearly 6', paused, leaning against a post as he winced. He hated walking through town, especially when it was busier like this. It was such a mental strain. Every sight sent a mash of badly matched music in his ears, every honk and yell a splosh of ugly color to frame his vision. Synesthesia was so annoying sometimes.
He moved his shoulder bag and unzipped a compartment, pulling out soundproof headphones. They were meant for music, but Sebastian usually just tucked the plug into his pocket, preferring the silence so his vision was clear. The music from his sight still played, but at least now he could concentrate where he was going.
Not that he really had a plan today. He was on more of a wonder and take pictures mission. Though, he had skipped his morning Latte, so stopping at that little cafe would be a fun excursion. The french boy pushed off the post, tugged his headphones cord into his pocket and set of again with a new purpose for his morning.

A few minutes later, after stopping to take some pictures, Sebastian entered Slice 'o Heaven with a good nature smile. He pulled his head phones around his neck and glanced at all the people in the singles area. They all seemed nice enough, judging by their music, and soft voices from the building spurred pleasant colors on the edges of his vision.
His black hair stuck up everywhere, except some of his bangs that fell over his forehead. He was wearing his usual black v-neck, blue hoody,and skinny jeans. He took up his camera from where it hung around his neck and took a picture of the forms backs sitting at the counter. It'd be a quaint picture if he could edit it.

A girl suddenly slammed her phone on the counter in the 'Singles Area' causing a few people to jump, and she apologized. Better than sitting alone! Sebastian thought cheerfully, moving to the stool next to her.

"Bonjour!" He said happily to the girl and the Waiter. He wouldn't order until he was asked what he wanted, but already did know. Brown sugar caramel latte. Always. Every morning since he was 12. With blueberry drizzle if available. Best drink ever.
He moved his casual lopsided grin to the girl, noticing off-handedly she had an eye patch that spurred a tinge of electric around a lazy harp melody.

"Are you always that cruel to technology, or did it say something mean?" He joked casually, a bit awkward with his English, French lilt all to obvious.


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#, as written by ceh12
Alex heard Arrow walk through happy as always. His name was fitting for the god of love hence his weapons being a bow which was kept in his room. “Will the regular batch do for today or do you want anything special done on the side?” Alex thought for a moment. "Regular for today but just incase make a few cakes with just a dash of Grá." he said then turned to Zachary. "Oh, hello....Alex? It's good to see you too, and... I'm sorry about yesterday. However, I have come to the conclusion that my wallet might double as a ninja. In any case, I made sure my wallet was with me today, so I will pay for yesterday's previous order." Alex smiled and shook his head. "No, no, no it's fine just pay for today's order and we'll be even." he then heard a girl walk in dressed in a nice dress. It was quite pretty in his opinion but she seemed stressed. “One coffee, black, really strong please.” Alex nodded then heard Zachary again. "Oh yeah.... I would like the same as her, as well as a Dr.Pepper." "Very well I'll be back with your drinks momentarily." he said then went in the back. He pulled out a glass and filled it with the strange drink. He didn't care for it but humans seemed to like it. He then poured black coffee into two mugs. He remebered the girl was feeling quite stressed so he decided to help. He opened up a vial from the cabinet and poured half in each. They still looked as black and would taste as so but they would feel elated beyond belief.

He emerged from the back and placed the drinks infront of the boy then put the other black coffee infront of the girl. "Drink up." he said then heard a crash which almost made him jump. The girl with the eyepatch slammed her phone onto the counter. "Sorry" came out of her mouth and Alex shook his head. "It is fine" he said then heard a boy enter. "Bonjour" he said then Alex nodded and began to speak. "Bonjour, mon ami ce que tu veux? " he said in fluent French. He spoke every language for his philosophy. "Love is an international language."


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Aria Christiansen
~The Nerd~

Aria smiled as the owner set the cake before her "One Cacen Brecwast freshly made"
"Thank you" she said softly, and opened her book. It was only moments later that another man came through the doors and sat in the singles section. She could hear the music pounding in his ears and she identified the basic rhythm as Avenged Sevenfold though she didn't really know many of their songs. It was interesting to watch the man and the owner interact. 'So he's been here before' she thought, seemingly entranced by their conversation.

A petite girl came walking in a few minutes later and sat near Aria. "A strawberry smoothie please' she heard the girl say. Aria raised an eyebrow. "May I have what she's having as well? That looks delicious" she said very quietly, almost as though if she said it louder she'd break the beautiful ambiance. Her attention was pulled again by another, what she could only assume, staff member. "Good day and welcome!" Aria smirked at his obvious cheerfulness. 'What do they feed their employees...?' she thought.

Aria picked up her book again and started reading, getting lost in her book once more. She barely heard the next woman come in, something about a strong black coffee, but Aria wasn't paying attention. The only reason she looked up again was because the girl drinking the smoothie slammed her phone on the counter, but even that didn't distract her for long. She plunged back into the pages of her book. She didn't notice at all when the french man came least not until Alex spoke in french. It was beautifully said. ' Je parle français aussi!' she thought, but she didn't dare say anything.

She was staring at Alex as she put her book down and knocked her smoothie over onto her cake and her book. "Crap" she said under her breath. She pulled off her zip up sweater and started wiping her book off. The smoothie was seeping into its pages and she mentally cursed at herself.