Mist Howard

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a character in “Love found in books”, as played by Bloeddorst





β€œOutside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”

Let's Fall In Love | Cole Porter || Perpetuum Mobile |Penguin Cafe Orchestra || Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious | Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke


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[color=#HexColour]{Quirks | Habits}[/color]
✀ Always eats pudding with cookies
✀ Can't eat oreo's without first taking them apart
✀ Always drinks a cup of tea before going to bed
✀ Can't sleep without having read at least 15 pages
✀ Still sleeps with a teddy bear

✀ Watching romantic comedies
✀ Hanging out in the library ( a lot )
✀ Fangirling about books with her best friends

✀ Rap music
✀ Maths
✀ Those tacky romance novels in the dollar bin

[color=#HexColour]{Talents | Skills}[/color]
✀ Spelling!! Won the spelling Bee regionals
✀ Drawing
✀ Vlogging

[color=#HexColour]{Flaws | Weaknesses}[/color]
✀ I'm not rly sociable
✀ I'm not good at sports ... AT ALL
✀ I'm bad with boys

✀ Fear of cats
✀ Fear of falling

✀ I have never ever kissed a boy ever
✀ I sometimes snore


I'm a pretty shy girl and that's just the way my life has been so far. I'm not good with guys or people in general and I'm very clumsy with words when I'm stressed. I get good grades and I love my parents and best friends to death. Sometimes I get angry at myself for not being out there, for not wanting more, because I want a boyfriend. Yes there you have it! I want to have my first kiss and I want it to be damn romantic! I want the prince and the fairytale and the library with thousands of books... I want it all!


I was born... there's not much more to be told tbh. I live with my mom and dad and Golden Retriever James in a quiet and cozy part of town. We're not rich but not poor either. I discovered my love for books when I was 8 and I have never stopped reading ever since. You could say I'm an addict. I love reading in bth, in the garden, in bed, in school, in the library, on the toilet...

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