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Yuko Yamazaki


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a character in “Love In A Manga”, as played by xLevesquex





Yuko Yamazaki



็งใŸใกใฎๆ„›ใฏ็ถšใ‹ใชใ„ใ ใ‚ใ† (Our love will not last) ~ Story of a girl who has a terminal illness but she doesn't want to tell her girlfriend, because she doesn't want to hurt her.
ๅฟƒใง่ฆ‹ใฆ (See with the Heart) ~ A popular boy stops being popular because he's dating a blind boy and because he's gay, which leads to bullying.
็งใฎ็ด ๆ•ตใช็Ž‹ๅญ (My Lovely Prince) ~ A Yaoi manga about a knight and a prince, that simply cannot be together because of arranged marriage.

My Life
Yuko and her twin sister, Natsume, were born in a completely horrible way. Yuko's mother, Hana, was raped by her older brother's friend. He was 18 and she was 14 at the time. Hana's older brother and his friends had formed a secret group were they sexually abused young women for the fun of it, but her older brother didn't expect for his friend, Takeshi, to go after his innocent younger sister.

Hana Yamazaki ~ Alive ~ 36 years old
Natsume Yamazaki ~ Alive ~ 22 years old
Takeshi Kiseki(The way he looked last time Hana seen him.) ~ Unknown ~ 40 years old

โ™ฅ Food ~ More like she loves food.
โ™ฅ Sleep ~ Yuko could seriously sleep all day if she wanted. Hell, she does all the time.
โ™ฅ Cosplay ~ Yuko will spend hundreds of dollars on cosplay, she loves dressing up!
โ™ฅ Anime & Manga ~ Well, I thought that one was pretty obvious.
โ™ฅ Studio Ghibli ~ Yuko grew up watching this, it's something she'll treasure for a long time!
โ™ฅ Cross dressing ~ This isn't something Yuko is serious about, she'll sometimes wear boys clothes for fun. She basically looks like a major shota while cross dressing.
โ™ฅ Matchmaking ~ Yuko loves putting two perfect people together! Having relationship issues? Come to Yuko!

โœ– Waking up ~ It's not only waking up early, she hates waking up in general.
โœ– Being clumsy ~ Yes, Yuko is extremely clumsy, there's no denying it.
โœ– Having to hand things in on time ~ Yuko's editor is most likely always chasing her everywhere, because she'll just take her sweet time to get it finished.
โœ– Blushing ~ Whenever something embarrassing happens, Yuko's turns redder than a tomato. She hates this because it's even more embarrassing.
โœ– Homophobes ~ She doesn't hate them, she simply dislikes them. But they're still human, so why?
โœ– Being an adult ~ Yuko is so immature, that if you didn't know better, you'd think she was a kid! All Yuko wants is to be a child again.
โœ– When people comment on her chest ~ Yuko gets very offended and annoyed when people talk about how flat-chested she is, and thus is how she began cross dressing.

Naoi Akisora ~
Victor Vandyke ~
Cael Ishigo ~
Hoshi Takahashi ~
Luka Crosszeria ~


So begins...

Yuko Yamazaki's Story


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Naoi Akisora

Naoi sat outside his home, letting the fresh air keep his ponytail float just above his shoulder. It's so peaceful. Why can't we just stop time here and now and capture this tranquility. Naoi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, standing up. Naoi was sure his deadline was going to just float behind him and poke him in the shoulder- suprising him. He didn't want Ciel to yell at him, though he never really raised his voice.

Exhaling, and letting the breath out he slid open the door to his traditional japanese house. He trodded down the hallway, into his 'library' or atleast thats what he nicknamed his favroite room. It was the one room in his house that wasn't always spotless. He slid open the door and gave a soft smile at the disarray, he'd been working so hard on a new character to introduce he'd ended up wit paper everywhere and the sketchbooks that were usually nice and lined up on the book shelves thrown out along with a few anatomy books.

"Well, I'll just clean up the room.." Naoi picked up a few sketch books and shelved them back in order, they were all in place by date, "And then I'll start..." . Naoi went to work peacefully cleaning up the mess and organizing it. After he was done he sat down on a swivel chair infront of his desk. This new character... she's no good. I'll try again, maybe she should have longer hair... Naoi started drawing in his most recently aquired sketch book, trying to figure out what the new antagonist for 'love prism' was going to look like.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Yuko Yamazaki Character Portrait: Hoshi Takahashi Character Portrait: Naoi Akisora Character Portrait: Luka Crosszeria Character Portrait: Yuuto Mizashima Character Portrait: Nikolai
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Luka Crosszeria

Luka sat down at his desk, facing the wrong way in his swivel chair and typing at his laptop. He'd noticed lately that for some reason their companies manga-ka's just had something against turning in anything on time. In fact Luka was sure they were doing it on purpose just so editors like him had to yell at the printers and tell them to move back the printing date.

He'd finished drafting up something to sell Yuuto's manga better, a book signing where everybody could dress up as their favroite character. He was sure Yuuto's loyal fans would eat it up and it might draw in newbies to Yuuto's work. He sighed and stetched, picking up his cell so he could call his manga-ka and schedule it. Of course he had to take the thing through the finances department and whatnot but he was sure they'd go along.

"But I'm done. That's what counts." Luka stretched out, talking to himself.

He picked up the cell and dialed the guy's number, The real question is if he's actually going to finish in time. Actually that's not even a question. Knowing him he's probably daydreaming about something outrageous or flirting. I'd be shocked If he was actually getting his work done