Nathaniel Crosby

"I'm the crazy one because I like to start fires?"

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Nathaniel Crosby


Name: Nathaniel Crosby 'The Sociopath'
Age: 17
Crime: Arson
Physical: Brown hair. Deep Blue Eyes. 5' 9" in height. He has a decent build, not athletic.
Personality: He can come off as charming or a complete jerk, depending on the day. He likes to play and mess with other people's heads. He enjoys to have dominance, or the upper-hand, in every situation. He feels absolutely no remorse for his wrong doings.
History: Nathaniel was adopted at the age of twelve years old. His mother had abandoned him and his father. Then his father was in jail by the time he was five for murdering someone. He went around from foster home to foster home for a few years and he liked it. He didn't have to stay long and he could always have a fresh start if and when he messed up. He's into art and music. He's dropped out of school, but when he was there he was always the top of his class. Though, he isolated himself from his peers and was always the loner. His adoptive parents don't pay him any attention. They give him food and a place to sleep, that's it. He's not into drugs or alcohol like every other teenager his age. He enjoys the thrill of real danger. He does anything and everything that he can do to get into trouble with the law; stealing cars, breaking and entering, etc,. He never has gotten caught before, until he set fire to his adoptive parent's home after an argument. They pressed charges and since no one was hurt in the fire and there were minor property damages, he was let off with community service.

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