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Love is Love


Clara Hunt is left alone in the dark by her family, blind and disabled. That's when her doctor steps in to take care of her.

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Your family should always be there for you … shouldn’t they? Well, in some cases, this isn’t true.

Of the estimated 4.5 million people that are bitten, about 800,000 of them had sought medical care. The total direct medical costs for dog bites amount to $165 million.

Children are the usual victims, as they account for the majority of the total number of dog bite victims. 77% of all dog bite injuries in children are inflicted in facial areas.

There are about 20 people every year in the US that die as a result of a dog attack. Majority of those are children as well.

When 15 year-old Clara Hunt is attacked by an animal, almost all her muscle is torn from her left arm. Clara’s family begins to stress when they have to send her to physical therapy. That’s were she meets an attractive young doctor who helps her with her therapy. After a few days of seeing him, she has another accident with an animal, making her go blind. Clara proceeds with seeing the young doctor for physical therapy. He sees what a hard time Clara is having with going around school, so he decides to stay with Clara during school and help her around. Clara feels that she is falling more and more for the doctor, months pass by. Finally, Clara’s parents are sick of paying her bills and having a useless person like her around the house, so they toss her out. The doctor comes to her rescue and asks her to live with him and his elderly father. She is hesitant to accept, but does in the end. How does their story end? Who gets in the way of the two? Will the doctor choose to show his love for her, even though she is younger?

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1. You have to post at least 1 paragraph a day. If you aren't going to be able to post for a certain amount of time, please notify me.
2. Writing and grammer is important. Don't cuss like a sailor either, all I want is correct spelling and grammer, please.
3. No shirt, no shoes, no service. In other words, please keep romance to the site rules. Anything dirty, take to PMing please.
4. No god modding. This is a RP about normal life, nothing super about it. You can be good at something, but you can't be the ultimate master at it.
5. Please enjoy this RP with all yor might! ^_^ I try to make sure everyone is part of it. Be quick to make a character or characters. I hope to get this started in a few days.

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I hope you all take a liking to my RP. I have the girl Clara Hunt, and I hope we get a really good doctor.

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