Oblio Slayde

"Emotions are almost never anything more than fatigue."

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a character in “Love is spelled P-A-I-N”, as played by Thadine


Name: Oblio Slayde
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Grade: Sophomore
He has a very defined facial structure, with high cheekbones and a sharp, narrow chin. He has dark brown hair, cut in short layers. It just frames his face at the front, and reaches to the end of his neck in the back. He has pale blue eyes, like a pool of water with a drop of color. He has rather pale skin, and is pushing just above average for height with a lean build. Has a bad burn he got years ago that starts on the left side of his neck, draping over his shoulder and down to his hand.
Style: Never really considers having a style, though he often wears baggy, loose clothing. Mostly jeans and long sleeved shirts that are a size to big. Just because he finds it comfortable.
Personality: Oblio is considered, "odd" to some people. Rather than being loud, over-confident, and many other personality traits that most boys his age are, he is quite the opposite. He is very calm most of the time, mellow and laid-back. His attitude is almost like, "devil-may-care", though he really is quite cautious rather than daring. He takes risks in his work, not things that could danger his life. He has an odd interest in poetry, and studies philosophy. Most of the time, he is very quiet. He is always in thought, and can sit still for hours just thinking. Oblio brushes little problems in his life away, like a pesky fly, claiming that small arguments will "have no meaning in the future". Due to generally not caring about things, he can be quite forgetful, and sometimes ignorant. His anger is usually bottled up inside of him, but when it gets out, he will lash out at someone. You could say that he is very mature for his age, but he's anything but boring. With the tendency to not speak very often about his thoughts, he is deemed as very mysterious, and people often get curious about him. He is very bad at lying, and always speaks the truth. He's not much of a joker, yet has a good sense of humor, and takes jokes lightly. He can also say a few when the opportunity arises. One trait that seems to give him a split personality, is that he is very competitive. He gets in arguments very often, and enjoys it too. He can be very jumpy, and tries to hide his fears.
History: He grew up in a rich family, and never connected with his parents much due to the fact that they were always out somewhere. After a huge fire from a careless mistake of his father, his mother died, and he and his father got out with burns, and permanent memories of that day. He got a bad burn, that sticks out against his pale skin. He lives with his father now, in a smaller house, and keeps the two alive, doing most of the work.
Clique: Loner. If you consider that to be a clique.
Other: Owns a motorcycle, finding it faster than a car, and cheaper.

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