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Suta Kokoro


0 · 214 views · located in Kokoro High

a character in “Love is War: Kokoro High”, as played by kailani98


β˜†Suta Kokoro<3 [Su-tay Co-co-row]β˜†

Suta likes the name Star (Suta means star in Japanese too), KoKo, and his regular name. Friends usually call him Koko and customers sometimes call him star.

"I look really tall in this picture! I'm a lot shorter. Oh, that's not a good thing huh...."

"Male all right! Heh..... Wait? You thought I was a girl? "

β˜† Age and Year of Highschoolβ˜†
Age: 18
Year: 3
"Right in between everything!"

"Looks? Pashaa. I go for the personality. Ok maybe I care about looks a little bit."

Suta, well he likes many people. He likes Lenny, Hayato Hina, and has also collected feelings for Shiori. He's a lover....
"Hehe. Why would I tell?"

Suta? He's tough to explain. He's sweet and understanding, very very shy, yet humorous. But he also has a dark side. No one is perfect right?

Suta is adorable and sweet. He will always try to help people out. He takes consideration to others feelings and always tries to make friends. He never tries to hurt anyone and hes very sympathetic. He always tries to cheer people up when they are down. He never insults people and only tries to be sweet. He doesn't even think badly about someone in his head. It's actually quite surprising. He is really understanding. He knows every sweet spot in a girl. He's working on the boys. But he isn't quite there yet. That's more on his flirtatious personality. Anyways if you want to make a friend he would be a nice one to pick. He will definitely make you feel welcome.

Suta? Well he has a shy issue. As well as a jealousy issue. He is only shy around some people though. Otherwise it would be hard to flirt with all of his customers. Anyways, hes only really shy around his crushes. He will get silent, and he will stutter. He also blushes uncontrollably. Its actually hard for him. He really doesn't like being shy. He wants to ask his crushes on dates, but he cant because hes to shy. Many customers think hes just adorable when he becomes shy. Another thing that's hard is that he likes two people in his host club, therefore he has to be around them a lot. But another add on to his shyness, hes a big jealous type. He hates having someone flirt with his crushes. He hates it. He will get jealous and fed up. That's when his dark side comes in.

Suta is also quite humorous. He cracks jokes and is sarcastic a lot of the times. He likes to make his friends and acquaintances smile and laugh. It usually makes him smile and laugh back. It's like a win win. He usually pulls out his humorous side to comfort and make a sad person laugh. It lightens him and it makes him happier. Even if he isn't involved with the problem it makes him happy to make someone else happy. Although hes humorous he wont ever make a joke about someone else. He cant hurt someone. Its not his way of things.

Now, Suta is quite lonely. Even though he seems as if he has a good personality he hasn't made very many friends. Hes social and nice. It just seems as if no one notices him. As if hes invisible. That's why he joined the host club. People started to notice him. Mostly because he came a bit more cute and adorable, as well as flirtatious. He of course still feels lonely, only because the people are customers, not friends. All he wants is some more friends and a true love. Though he never would know ever if he will find someone.

Well the way Suta flirts with his customers is different. He acts cute. Due to his adorableness and shortness he can pull of the cute act. He gets cute and make boys and girls go "AWWWW HES SO CUTE!" That's his way. He also likes to cuddle up and hug people. Otherwise hes not to touchy. Another technique he uses is he makes food for his customers and asks his customers with a soft cut voice if they would eat it. It usually works and it ends up with the customer falling in love with his cooking. It also makes the customer return just for his food. It's quite funny actually how they do that.

Last but not least, Suta has his angry side. If you make fun of or hurt his friends he will get upset. It can end up in many ways. He can give you a lecture with a raised voice and a angry face. He will beat you to a pulp with his karate skills. Or he will yell at you, just in general. That's the main thing he gets angry about. He also gets quite upset if you make fun of him or upset him. He is really sensitive with those things. You just want to be careful with insulting him.
"Is my personality really that long and descriptive?"

β˜†Brief Descriptionβ˜†
Suta is an adorable boy. His sparkling calm and cute hazel eyes. His soft, glistening brown hair. His warm happy smile. Everything. Although he may be short and a bit puny he is quite strong. He actually takes karate. Anyways hes also very slim. Food, it seems, makes him lose weight. It's quite odd. Suta always also makes sure his sense of fashion is great. He loves the color Red and blue. So you will see him where it sometimes. He also always wheres a heart locket. It has his picture in it of him. The other side is empty. Hes waiting to put his true love in the empty side. Hes hopelessly romantic.
"Hey that's my biggest secret!"

Suta is skilled at playing the violin. That's his main skill. He never misses a note and his songs are sweet and calming. He plays like an angel. His music is always smooth and clean. Every note being perfect. He has dreamed to play along with Lennie's piano skills. Other then him being a great violinist he is also a great cook. He usually brings the snacks to the host club. That's his job all right. His cooking is great. It tastes wonderful. Melt in your mouth. He can make anything. Something Sweet, spicy, salty, tangy, anything. It's also his hobby so he doesn't mind cooking. The last biggest talent he has is art. He draws very well. He loves to draw and sketch his customers sometimes. Not in a creepy way. But he usually gets every detail correctly. He also draws and cooks for his crushes. Oh yeah, his cooking is very artsy to since he's a great artist.
"Want to try my homemade cheese cake? I promise its good!"

☯ Flirting ☯
☯ Boys ☯
☯ Girls ☯
☯ Kittens and Puppies ☯
☯ Love ☯
☯ Food (Especially Chocolate Cake and Bon Bon's) ☯
☯ Anime ☯
☯ Reading ☯
☯ Violin ☯
☯ Winning ☯
☯ Nature ☯
☯ Tea ☯
☯ Host Club ☯
☯ The Rain ☯
☯ Clouds ☯
☯ The Snow and the Cold ☯
☯ Cute Things ☯
☯ Hugs and Kisses ☯
"So what if I like a lot of things? Deal with it."

❖ The Heat ❖
❖ Fire ❖
❖ Blood ❖
❖ Sharp Things ❖
❖ Sadness ❖
❖ Loud Things ❖
❖ Scary Things ❖
❖ Losing ❖
❖ Loneliness ❖
❖ Obnoxious people ❖
❖ Facial Hair ❖
❖ Dirty Things ❖
❖ Waste ❖
❖ Swimming ❖
"With many likes comes many dislikes."

β™« Clowns β™«
β™« Being Lonely β™«
β™« Heights β™«
β™« Claustrophobia β™«
β™« Thought of Drowning β™«
"Meh clowns. Makeup and rubber nose! Scary....."

β˜†What they desire mostβ˜†
❀ To fall in love ❀
❀ To live Happily Ever After ❀
❀ To win the host competition ❀
❀ For someone to understand and accept him ❀
❀ To make good friends❀
❀ To become a good violinist ❀
"Dreams.... They have never come true for me."

Suta was born as an only child. Always wishing for siblings. He lived in a poor family. With a drunk mom and a strict dad. His dad always emotionally abused Suta. His mom always drinking and going out. His dad always worked so Suta was always alone. So he wanted a sibling but at the same time he didn't want any one else to suffer. This is when Suta had to learn cooking since he was always alone until about 11:00 at night. He also got good at drawing since he was bored all the time. He would watch TV and draw. Usually the characters he was watching. It entertained him for a while. Then he also started the violin. Then one night his parents went to a date night dinner. That night they never came back.

Suta woke up to find no hung over mom or stressed out dad. He was about 13 and he looked on the news and found out there was a shooting at the restaurant his parents went at. They were shot and killed. Suta had no one else to go to so he was sent to an orphanage. It was actually a happy place for him. The people were nice, he was fed enough, he had someone to actually watch him. He was happy. When he was about 14 he was adopted. His new parents were very wealthy. His new dad worked all the time, so he didn't see much of him. His new mom was a stay at home mom and she was a very sweet lady.

Suta also made a new step brother. It was a coincidence that the brothers name was Tsuki. Which meant moon. Together they were star and moon. They were a happy family. Then his father created Kokoro high and everything changed when he went to that school. He was lonely, he had no friends. That's when he joined the host club. He loved it there. It made him happy. The people of his club were amazing. They were nice and some of them were cute. He is happy for now.
"I Love my step brother. My step dad may notice him more but I don't care."

β˜†Hex Codeβ˜†

β˜† Otherβ˜†
Suta is on the left. The other boy his his best friend. And used to be crush <3

β˜†Attracted to Usβ˜†
White girls (you are attracted to us)

Black girls (you are attracted to us)

Asian girls (you are attracted to us)

Latinas (you are attracted to us)

Attracted to us

Attracted to us

But your never gunna get it

Never never gunna get it

No you're never gunna get it

Because we're shy

We're shy we're shy

We're oh so shy

You're never gunna get it

Because we're sweet and shy


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All you pretty girls

We know you want our bodys

But we're more the introspective type

Yeah yeah yeah

~spoken in French~

But you're never gunna get it

Never never gunna get it

No you' re never gunna get it

Because we're shy

We're shy we're shy

We're nice and shy

Your're never gunna get it

because we're sweet and shy


Nerdy girls (you are attracted to us)

Oh my god girls! (you are attracted to us)

My hiby jibby girls (you are attracted to us)

Shy girls (you are attracted to us)

Space girls (you are attracted to us)

In your face girls (you are attracted to us)

(you are attracted to us)

Cause we are shy

So begins...

Suta Kokoro's Story