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Rose Larkin

"Don't touch me."

0 · 686 views · located in Belfast, Maine

a character in “Love: It Bites”, as played by Horseygirl



Rose Larkin

Rose Larkin





100 lbs

Eye Color:
Golden amber

Hair Color:
Dark brown

Lightly tan

Lithe and delicate

Typical Clothing Style:

Before she was sold, she was in vet school

History/Current Life:
Rose was born to a maternal nurse for a mother, and a drunken gambler for a father. As she got older, her father got clean and became the father she needed. Or so herald her mother thought. She was close to her father, and loved giving her parents trouble. But what really lit the foreign her was her father's betrayal. He had been gambling behind her and her mothers' backs. He lost their money.
Now poor, her father decided to just take care of himself and his wife. They could always have another child. He sold her, sending her her head first into the vampires' world. The hatred she feels only gets worse, the more that time goes on. How dare he sell her to be fed offof like cattle?

-horseback riding
-when she was younger, she used to help her mom at the hospital

-having fun

-being looked down on
-clingy people
-being forced into things
-being confined

-being betrayed again
-being confined for the rest of her life

Rose isn't one who takes to being pushed around well. She's very strong-willed and hates being thought of as weak. It's hard for her to ask for help with things, not wanting for people to think of her as needy. Rose is very independent and determined to do things on her own. If you dare say she's too weak or small to do something, there's no stopping her. She'll try and try and try until she's done whatever it is, ten times better then you ever could. Even if it means getting hurt. 

Rose is very free-spirited and fun, although she tends to have a hard taking orders. If someone demands so,ething of her, often she'll do the opposite just to smite them. When she's around her loved ones, she is very teasing and lighthearted. She loves to laugh, and see others smile. When she's like this, it's often hard to believe that she could take anything seriously. But this is very untrue. 
She is very protective and affectionate towards those she cares about. It may take her a while to admit it, but when she cares for someone she is very loyal and always puts the first.

Rose can't take a hit lying down. If someone hits her, she will hit back. Twice as hard. 

She makes a very gentle, and talented nurse.


So begins...

Rose Larkin's Story


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Nathaniel Townsend

Nathaniel paced around his room, his hands held neatly behind his back. His strides were long, so it didn't take him long to reach the other side of the room. Once he had reached one wall, he turned around and went towards the other. At this time, he payed no attention to Rose, his 'blood slave' that he had purchased from the black market some time ago. The girl had once meant nothing to him but recently he had started to feel certain things. The sort of things he should not have felt towards a human. It was a rule that the head vampire had set for all vampires within his clan. 'No vampire and human relationships’. It was all very confusing to him at the time. He had felt nothing but hatred for humans and then he found himself falling for one. Would he call it love? Definatly not. But there was something between them, something that he couldn't stop. And he certainly couldn't tell anyone about it. For he knew Lucius would not approve. Then again, Nathaniel was not the first of his clan to take a liking to a human. Infact, it was the head vampire who had taken one in. Yes, the orphan girl. Such strange behaviour for the head of a clan. Though, he did not think to question him about it because he knew it would not end well for him if he even showed any signs of disrespect towards Lucius.

He turned to Rose and let an evil grin creep onto his face. "Come, child, I am hungry" Nathaniel said, holding his arms out as if he was about to hug her. See, Rose was kind of like his food source. He would feed on her only when he was extremely hungry and even then he only took small amounts so as not to kill or fatally injure her. His large white fangs poked out of his mouth as it began to water at the thought of her blood. Her blood was the best, in his opinion. His throat began to burn slightly and he cringed, he did not like this feeling at all. Nathaniel wasn't at his best when he was hungry, so he tried his best to take as much blood as possible, although that amount was very limited. He would normally act calm and serious, but when he was hungry he was ill-tempered.


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Rose Larkin

Rose sat against the far wall in Nathen's room, her knees pressed against her chest. She knew he was hungry- he hadn't fed in a while. Well, that and he was crabby. At first, when she had been ripped from her old life and thrust into his, he fed off of her often and didn't care how much it angered her. She would thrash about and claw him, even though she knew he was strong than her. She was just too stubborn to care.
But the strangest thing happened. There was a sort of. . . shift in their relationship. They found a certain balance. He fed from her less often and didn't demand things of her, and she would consent to being fed off of. She learned better the to anger him when he needed to feed, although sometimes her stubborn side still came out. She slowly began to learn he was much more tender and kind than he usually let on, and found herself softening up towards him. Even though he was a vampire, 'owned' her, and drank from her, he still treated her rather well. She rarely lashed out, but when she did she out up one hell of a fight.

Her golden amber eyes followed him as he paced back and forth, without looking towards her. Rose knew he was going to feed from her, but quietly waited. Suddenly he stopped and turned towards her, holding his arms out. "Come, child. I am hungry." he murmured, and she stood. Rebellion flashed in her eyes for a moment, before she consented and approached him, stepping into his arms and tilting her head very slightly to allow him to drink from her. Her body was tense and her jaw was clenched, but she didn't speak.


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Her reaction quite surprised him. Usually she'd be more defiant and ignorant, but now she was actually listening to him. Now he knew something was there. Feelings. He quickly discarded that thought as she walked over to him and purposly stuck her neck out. "Ahh, perfect," he said whilst running a finger over the soft skin of her neck. He could feel her pulse, which only heightened his hunger.

Nathaniel wrapped his arms around her waist and moved his head down so that his lips met her neck. His lips parted to reveal his sharpened fangs. As they pushed against her neck, they managed to pierce the skin, but it wasn't without much difficulty. He found more recently that he couldn't bring himself to draw blood, which was unusual behaviour for him. When he'd had his fill of blood, he pulled his head back and huffed. Nathaniel loosened his grip on her waist, but not completely. He was bored, he needed something to occupy him. "So, how was your day?" he asked, one brow curving upwards in curiosity. He hadn't been home for most of the day and it had always made him wonder what she'd been up to. Although the seriousness locked away within his eyes kind of put out the wrong image, he really did care.