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Christophe Rincis

"Wait, you're blaming me? Why, I would never do something like that!"

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a character in “Love Me Dead”, as played by RainbowFace


Christophe Rincis


'Are you trying to insult me?

With a love for all things Chaotic, and a hate for all things decent, Christophe is a parent's nightmare. His favorite things to do are: smoking, reading (Yes, He's actually pretty intelligent), or causing minor destruction to the town shops with his breathtaking graffiti. 'Trust me, It's pretty fuckin' good'. His temper is hard to control, and the smallest thing can set him off. He has a knack for flipping people to bird, and sputtering profanities. Also, he's not very trusting. It'll usually take a long time for somebody to pull something meaningful out of him.

'Me? Why, I'm super Gay!

Why are you "un-normal"
Between his explosive temper, and tendency to cause trouble, Christophe is known as a big "Trouble Maker", and isn't afraid to cause a little chaos.

So begins...

Christophe Rincis's Story

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Christophe Rincis

Christophe stood up quickly, only to fall down once more. ' up too fast The brunette tried again, successfully staying on his feet. This is when he realized he had another problem. His glasses were not on. Christophe grunted, getting on his knees to search.

"Oh, For the love of- He stopped, patting along the soft sand beneith him, searching for his wire-rim glasses. I cry of happiness escaped his lips as his hands wrapped around the glasses, bringing them to his face. He looked down at his clothes, only to grimace at the sight. His white, long-sleeved shirt was torn along the side, allowing the cool breeze to reach his stomach. Sighing, He stood up, beginning to inspect his surroundings.

This is when he was faced with yet another challenge. Christophe had no clue where he was, at all. Groaning, he began to walk in a random direction, hoping to find civilization, or something of the sort.

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Remi picked his way through the forest. He moved forward without urgency or purpose, hoisting himself over a fallen tree and landing lightly on the ground, pausing to brush himself off. Both of his hands were fit into puppets. He turned the male of the set toward himself, puckering his lips as he spoke for it, forcing his voice an octave lower.

"Where are we going, Remi?" He wagged his fingers within the puppet to make it move. The young boy replied with a lift of his shoulders, letting the puppet drop back to his side and continuing forward.

After awhile the trees began to thin, and finally gave way to sand. Remi swung his arms at his sides as he walked, but was brought to an abrupt halt at the sight of a person sprawled out across the ground. The person struggled to his feet only to collapse once more, groping for his glasses. The ginger haired child watched as he got to his feet once more and then began walking. Curiously, he set out after him, trailing closely behind him.