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Sarah Jones

Sarah moved to LA just to find out she is not welcome...

0 · 141 views · located in Los Angles 2012

a character in “Love Me, Love Me Not”, as played by kdovy97


Name: Sarah Jones
Age: 16
Appearance: Sarah always dyes her hair crazy colors to stay different in a way. She piants her nails all different colors, and she always wears eyeliner and mascara. You would think that she'd fit in, but nope. She wears geeky clothes like dinosoars, and anime stuff. The dinosoars usually say RAWR! on it.
Personality: Sarah is fun-loving, colorful, friendly, and most of all, very, very, geeky.
Likes: Dinosoars, anime, suspenders, skinny jeans (multi-colored), basketball players, and good grades.
Dislikes: Bad grades, dull colors, jerks, and mean girls.

So begins...

Sarah Jones's Story


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#, as written by kdovy97
I walked into my dull new home. I still thought it was a bad idea to move to LA; I was never going to fit in here. My mom can only fit in at a flower shop around here, and my dad could care less about me and my mother's well being as long as we were bringing in money and he had someone to cook for him every night and someone to pretend to love him.
'I'm so gonna love this place...' I thought.
The loading people were told where everything oes and started putting our bed up in the specified rooms. I got done wiht some packing but, never enough. When I was so tired looking though boxes, I lied down for a little arm rest and ended up falling asleep.

~Next Day~
My alarm woke me the next morning with the sound of roosters. I opened my eyes and felt so groggy from not enought sleep, and from sleeping in my clothes and on top of my covers. 'Great... Today's Monday... First day at my new school filled with boring, dull people.' I got up slowly, cracking my knees and back along the way.
I brushed and teased my flourescent purple hair, and put a bright blue bow in it. I threw on some denim shorts, a brihgt blue shirt with splattered paint on it, and flourescent pink suspenders. My bright blue converse added the last touch to my outfit. I, then, went to the bathroom and put on thin, blue eyeliner, and black mascara. The black mascara always made my eyes pop.
I went downstairs to grab a poptart and rush out the door to walk to school. It wasn't too cold, but I crossed my arms over my chest. My backpack only had the essentials so it wasn't heavy enough to slow me down. I got to the school and everyone was wearing dull colors on a few pops of color in some of the girls' hair and accessories. But anything other than that was dull and boring.
I walked in with a frown on my face, head down, looking at my schedule and map, and walking 'till I bumped into someone in the hallway. "I'm so sorry!" I said to the back of the boy's head.