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{"To Days of Inspiration, Playing Hooky, Making Something out of Nothing...
-La Vie Boheme".



|Full Name|
Estella Belinda Magdelina Esperanza Prieto
Stella, Essy, Bee
June 24
| Cuban | English |
Struggling Singer | Bartender
The Hot Mess
Miami Florida

{"I Guess You Could Say that My Life's a Mess, but I'm Still Looking Pretty in this Dress
-Marina and the Diamonds".

|Quirks & Habits|
|She says "Whatever" when she knows she's wrong | She almost always is chewing bubble gum | She raises her eyebrows when she's judging you | She hates being wrong |
|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |
⚘Cooking ⚘ Playing Piano⚘Singing ⚘Running ⚘ Writing⚘ Winning⚘ Debating⚘Getting Dressed Quickly ⚘ Mediating⚘ Juggling ⚘ Calling people's bluffs⚘ Spotting lies⚘ Getting people to talk without actually sharing anything about herself⚘Dodging personal questions ⚘ Confident ⚘ Speaks Spanish fluently⚘ Bartering⚘Serving Drinks ⚘ Holding her alcohol ⚘

⚘Impatient ⚘ Blunt ⚘ Forceful ⚘ Easily Restless⚘ Lies her way out of trouble⚘ Sucker for innocent people ⚘ Holds Grudges ⚘Forms opinions on people quickly ⚘ Sadistic ⚘ Can't whistle ⚘ Bad at baking ⚘ Terrible at French ⚘ Flinches when approached by men ⚘ Get's angry when she's scared ⚘ Cries easily ⚘ Temperamental ⚘


Playing Piano
Working Out
Long Boarding

Writing song lyrics
Counting Calories
Reading romantic novels

øNever succeeding as an artist
øLosing someone she loves again
øGoing back to rehab
øNever falling in love

She was anorexic
She was abused by her ex-fiancee
She used to have prescription pill addiction
She saw her father die

If she's completely honest her biggest dream is to become a famous R&B/Pop singer but she wants a family too. Even though she puts on a big front of the poor little rich girl she really wants the husband and the kids and the white picket fence too.

{"The Biggest Mistakes Make the Best Stories". }

Estella is very complicated she may come off as the wild party girl but she's really not. Estella does love a good party but the truth is most of her time is spent writing lyrics or curled up with a good book. Estella really just wants somebody to love her for who she is.

Estella is a secret romantic. You'd never guess by her flirty comments and I don't care attitude but she's really into romance. She loves the idea of getting swept of her feet by her prince charming. She loves romantic gestures. Even if she blows them off, she secretly is touched deep down. Alot of people assume that she's slutty but Estella has only had sex with her Ex-Fiancee Grant. He was her first and she had sex with him when she was nineteen. She takes it pretty seriously even if she acts like she doesn't . But she wants a passionate romance because she's a passionate person. She doesn't want some sweet boring love. She wants a love that sets her on fire. Some would say she's temperamental and she might be, but she never lives life half way.

Estella really is a good friend. She'll always be there for you but she'll never sugar coat anything. She will give it to you raw because she's not going to lie to you. So expect her to always have your back but if your wrong then your wrong and she's not going to make you feel better by lying to you. That's how she's always been. Even as a child she always said what was on her mind. This has led her to be a sort of defender of more soft spoken people. She's always had a soft spot for the little guy. She's always protected those who can't or won't protect themselves.

Don't be surprised if she gets you in trouble too. Estella is very adventurous. She always says try everything once. So you may have to run from the cops occasionally and you may end up god knows where, but it'll be alot of fun. Which is why she is known as the hot mess. Her adventures tend to get her in alot of trouble. But she'd rather live a life full of amazing memories than a boring life with no purpose.

|Passionate| |[color=#Color]Outspoken[/color]| |Adventurous| |[color=#Color]Romantic[/color]| |Loyal|

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Early morning runs
Long Showers
Funny People

Her large breasts
Pervy Guys
Being told what to do
Talking about her past
Her mom
Being fussed over

{"The Freshmen Generation of Degenerate Beauty Queens
-Lana Del Rey ".


|[color=#Color]Place of Origin[/color]|
Miami, Florida

|Current Residence|
Los Angeles, California

|Family Tree|
| Mother |
Angelah Dannis
A spoiled woman who only became part of her daughter's life in her late adolescence. Estella has a very strained relationship with her mother. Anjelah often tries to force herself into Estella's life but is unsuccessful.

| Father |
Ricardo "Ricky" Prieto
Selfless and kind. Ricky was loved by all who knew him. He adored his daughter and did everything he could to give her a healthy and happy childhood.

| Adoptive Father |
Mack Shaw
Mack pretty much saved Estella's life. He was the one person who always had her best interest. Mack is very passive and often stays out of Estella's life but is always there to give guidance

| Step Mother |
Elsie Shaw
Elle and Estella are very close. Estella regards her less as a mom and more as a friend. Mainly because Elle is pretty young. Elle is very bubbly and flamboyant.

| Ex-Fiancee |
Grant Taylor
Estella and Grant had a passionate relationship. It was full of ups and downs that eventually ended because his drug abuse led to him abusing her. Grant has since been in rehab but Estella won't take him back. Grant is the lead singer in a multi platinum rock band.

|Happiest Memory|
Her Happiest Memory would have to be going to the beach with her dad. He had this great muscle car and he'd have the top down and her hair would fly in the wind. They'd stay there all day. He'd yell from the shore when it was time to go "Mi Princessa! C'mon before you turn into a mermaid"

|Saddest Memory|
The day her mom came and took her from her grandparents. Her mom had to drag her away because Estella kept fighting and screaming and her Abuella was yelling at her mom. It was complete chaos. Estella screamed at her mom for half the car ride and cried for the other half.

{"We must live today, and never regret about the past, Which often brings nothing but melancholy
-Brigitte Bardot".

Estella was born on a hot June day in Miami Florida. Specifically Little Havana. A heavily populated town home to many Cuban and Central and South American immigrants. Too many it's a beautiful place with festivals all year long and cheery buildings. But to Estella it's full of bad memories Her father's family had fled Cuba and settled in the U.S. Her father, Ricky, came from a respectable family. His father was Cuban and his mother was English. They settled down and opened a bodega. Which when his father got older her father inherited. Her mother, Anjelah, just wanted a thrill. She was a college student from England. Her mother was Spanish and her father was English. They had their little whirlwind romance. But Estella's mom never planned on being with the bad boy. All that changed though when a month later Estella was conceived. Her father wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to marry her mom and start a family but Estellas mom didn't want that so she ran away. A couple months later her mother dropped her off at his mothers house and didn't look back.

Estella had a pretty good childhood though. Her family was strict but loving and very protective. Though you imagine it would be growing up with five uncles. Her father was the oldest and the only one with a child so Estella was spoiled. She was a total daddy's girl through and through. Her family did a good job of shielding her to what was around her. But even they couldn't protect her from everything. She was ten when her father died. He called her that evening to say he was working late. Estella thought it would be nice to bring him dinner. So after dinner she packed him a plate and rode her bike to the bodega. Her father was counting the profits of the day. He smiled when he saw her then glanced at the window and frowned. Estella asked him what was wrong but he ignored her. Instead he told her to hide in the storage closet. He told her not to make a sound no matter what she heard. Then he locked her in. She still remembers the sound of the two mens voices as they robbed him. Then the loud pop of a gun going off. The ring of the bell above the door chimed so she knew they left. She began screaming for her father. I guess that's how the neighbors knew something was wrong. She wasn't sure how long but a while later a man opened the door. He helped her out of the closet. That's when she saw a body on the floor with a sheet covering it. She screamed and fought to get near him but they wouldn't let her. Losing her father was one of the hardest things she ever went through. Especially since her mom showed up a year later to force Estella to live with her.

Her mom married some rich guy and they moved to the rich part of Miami. Apparently she remembered she had a daughter when Estella's father died. Either that or her new husband Mack made her do it. Estella hated her mother. She hated living in her mothers house and found the best revenge was to rebel against the perfect life her mother made for herself. Her rebellion hit a peak in high school. Estella developed faster than most girls. She was a B Cup in middle school and by tenth grade she was a solid DD Cup. Her confidence and banging body made it easy for her to rise in popularity. By tenth grade she was dating a senior and partying hard every weekend. But her friends were super skinny and could wear and eat whatever they wanted so she envied them. She tried diets but they didn't work. So she stopped eating. She'd take protein pills and she drank juices but that was it. Mack caught on though and put her in rehab over the summer. Which only made her more popular. When she got out of Rehab she found out that Mack and her mom divorced. Mack ended up adopting her and she moved in with him.

Estella always loved to sing. She had a great voice too. She always had a sort of breathless deep voice that guys found hot. But when she sang her voice was soulful and with the training her step dad bought her she gained a broad vocal range too. So when she graduated high school she decided to go to college for Singing. Which she loved for the post part. But she hated her other classes so she dropped out. Mack offered to set her up with producers he knew which she accepted. That's how she met Grant. Grant was a singer too but he was a rock singer. Which really wasn't her scene. She was more of a Christina Aguilera girl herself. But Grant was the ultimate bad boy. And she loved him. So when he asked her to marry him two months into the relationship, she said yes. But they lived a hard lifestyle. Grant's drug of choice was cocaine and Estella's was prozac. But as Grant got deeper into drugs he got more aggressive. At first it was just aggressive sex which she was fine with but then he started throwing her around and hitting her in front of people. Estella knew she had to get out but knew he would find her if she just moved so she went to rehab. She knew he couldn't get her in there. A couple months later when she got out she moved to Los Angeles and went off the grid. She sings at bars and does the occasional music video but she wants to do it on her own this time.

She was on her way home from a gig when she saw a post up on one of the boards about the show. She signed up thinking what the hell?

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